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• 7/7/2018

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• 7/31/2017

Uncle G's Design

Since what episode Uncle G ha change its animation, because every time I see episodes from season 3-5 (The 70%, not all) Uncle G's design has change to be everybody Fat...
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• 8/24/2016

Now is the salvation for Uncle Grandpa

Guys I have them very good news
I just found a petition that manages to save the series, I come to tell everyone to sign for the series to be saved from cancellation, I leave the link: https://www.change.org/p/cartoon-network-continuity-for-uncle-grandpa
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• 8/24/2016

Now is the salvation for Uncle Grandpa

Guys I have them very good news
I just found a petition that manages to save the series, I come to tell everyone to sign for the series to be saved from cancellation, I leave the link: https://www.change.org/p/cartoon-network-continuity-for-uncle-grandpa
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• 7/17/2016

"Lets go to SPACE!!" ??

which episode of Uncle Grandpa had the promo spot where they said, "Lets go to SPACE!!" ?? Thank you.
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• 5/6/2016

The Lepre-Con and what we should do with it

Hello again! I probably should have made this sooner, but anyways. As we all know, the Lepre-Con episode was leaked on the internet, and still is up. I, of course, have the means of completely screencapping entire episodes to post them on here. With that being said, should I screencap this episode and post it on here despite it not being aired? 

Support: {{Support}}

Neutral: {{Neutral}}

Oppose: {{Oppose}}
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• 4/15/2016
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• 4/6/2016
Hello! I'd like to reorganize the seasons again. Why? Because apparently, Uncle Grandpa is getting the shaft from Cartoon Network . So basically, that season 4 and 5 it was renewed for is just them stretching out season 2 and 3. As stated in the article, we will be getting 156 11-minute episodes for the entirety of Uncle Grandpa. I didn't really keep track of what we are on now, but if we reorganize it in the following way it could help see what episodes we have left and when Uncle Grandpa's finale will be.
Here is how I propose we re-organize:
Season 1- 52 episodes (keep the same volume 1 and 2 to lessen the load on the galleries
Season 2- 26 episodes
Season 3- 26 episodes
Season 4- 26 episodes
Seasn 5- 26 episodes
This is how the network is canonly organizing it, so I think we should be organizing it this way now.
The only thing I can say is I'm glad it's been able to go on this long and it should still have a pretty good life left even with it's inevitable end of production when we roll into Season 5. At least it wasn't an SMFA deal where it gets 2 seasons and is cut off half way thru season 2. 
you know the drill:

Support: {{Support}}

Neutral: {{Neutral}}

Oppose: {{Oppose}} </p>
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• 4/1/2016

Your depiction of the Burgerzoic Era

After watching the short "Time Burgers", I began to imagine what the Burgerzoic Era would look like, and what would've happened had Uncle Grandpa sucessfully went there. Maybe you guys would like to give your own explanations.
I'll give you my depiction first:
It would be like the Mesozoic Era, only with giant burgers in certain parts of the land.
As for what I think would've happened, I think Uncle Grandpa would've asked a dinosaur where he could find a burger, and the dinosaur would chase him, and he would find a burger and leave after tasting it.
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• 3/31/2016

Uncle Grandpa renewed for season 5

Uncle Grandpa was renewed for another 2 seasons along with Steven Universe!!! Proof here
Very exciting I am so hyped for these new seasons!
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• 3/26/2016

New episodes for April!

Hello everyone! Luckily, it looks like we have some new episodes coming for April! However, these new episodes have strange airing times, so please pay attention to the following times these new episodes will be playing:
April 1st- Uncle Grandpa Movie (HALF HOUR SPECIAL) 6PM EST
April 2nd- Lamestation 9AM EST
April 2nd- Space Oddity 11:30AM EST
April 9th- Relaxation Land 9AM EST
April 9th- Land of Lost Shadows 11:30 AM EST
April 16th- Pizza Eve 11:30 AM EST
April 23rd- Return of Aunt Grandma 11:30AM EST
April 30th- Messy Bessy 11:30 AM EST

More could possibly be coming, but that's all I have for now. Be sure to tune in and check your local time zones!
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• 3/12/2016


OMG you guys according to toonzone there's gonna be an Uncle Grandpa movie in April???? WHAAATTT
It's probably too early to tell but this will MORE than make up for the long hiatus if this is true! I hope no one is pranking! Cross your fingers hope we get some more details soon!
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• 2/28/2016

Uncle Grandpa to Return from Hiatus?

Hello! Finally got some (hopefully) good news for Uncle Grandpa. It's set to come back in March according to Toon Zone. However, it is still unclear if the only airing is supposed to be March 25 or if it'll come out sooner. The reason I say this is the episode The Lepre Con looks like a St. Patrick's Day special, which may have been why they pulled it from the original February premier date. Since it's still a little early to tell, the schedule isn't complete, and St. Patty's day isn't until March 17th, we'll have to see as that date draws near. I will keep my eyes peeled for it and get back to everyone. In the mean time keep up the good work and I'm hoping to get some Uncle Grandpa back in my life because it's been a very sad Uncle Grandpaless 2 months now. Need a nice Uncle Grandpa pick-me-up with new episodes soon!
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• 12/29/2015

List of Voice Actors and Actresses - Info Section

I've Been Thinking That We Should Add To The List of Voice Actors and Actresses page information About Them. I Did Add Some Wikipedia Links, But It Would Take A While To Finish.
Please Use

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Neutral: {{Neutral}}
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• 12/28/2015

Wallace T. Germbug getting his own page

Should Wallace T. Germbug, the blue alien in the Xarna shorts, get his own page on this wiki?

Support: {{Support}}

Neutral: {{Neutral}}

Oppose: {{Oppose}}
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• 12/22/2015

The Little Mer-Tiger Character Seperation (PLEASE READ AND VOTE)

Hello, I was about to sort The Little Mer-Tiger screencaps, but I am running into a dilemma.
I am debating on if we should seperate them as the main characters or if I should make seperate pages for them. GRFT is obviously the same character mermaid or not, but Bubble Grandpa, Eel Bag, Pacific Cod Steve, and Mr. Crustaceous are not. Yes, they are parodies of the main characters, but they also EXIST in the same time line and dimension as the main characters.
So what I am trying to get at is, should we:

Support: Give Bubble Grandpa, Eel Bag, Pacific Cod Steve, and Mr. Crustaceous their own pages

Neutral: Leave all of the "parody" characters on their respective main character pages, but make a note within the main page and gallery that they are different versions of the character

Oppose: Put the "parody" characters on their respective main character pages and do NOT make note of the differences
Please vote and let me know what you think I should do, thanks!
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• 11/3/2015
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• 9/4/2015

Another hiatus :(

Figures. We get an entire month of new episodes each week and now we're back on hiatus :(
Ah well
Lots of work needs to get done (I know I say that alot)
Refer to my blog post for a list (which will be updated frequently)
A Pizza Steve book will be getting published in October and is available for pre-order on Amazon. Be on the look out for that. 
And that's pretty much it. Very slow month for Uncle Grandpa in terms of airings and merchandise. I'll be sure to keep a vigilant eye out for new episode airings and other stuff.
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• 9/2/2015

Weirdly Awesome Character Bracket Tournament

From talking animals to vampire queens, who is the most weirdly awesome character in pop culture?! Fans from across Wikia can nominate and vote on characters from movies, TV shows, and games until the final head-to-head battle to determine which is the ultimate fan favorite!
Visit the SUBMISSION PAGE now to nominate a character, then start rallying your fandoms to crown the all time favorite weirdly awesome character!
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• 8/4/2015

Wikia Food Fantasy Food Tournament

Hey guys! The Wikia's Third Annual Fantasy Food Tournament is here! The top four foods end up being created in real life and will be available at New York Comic Con!
Vote for your favorite fictional foods here!!!!
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