Are You Talking to Tree?
Season 2, Episode 9
Are You Talking To Tree Title Card
Premiered: May 8, 2015
Short: "Pizza Steve's Killer Abs"
Written and Storyboarded by:
  David Gemmill
Kenny Pittenger
Story by:
  Kelsy Abbott
Tom Kauffman
Pete Browngardt
Audie Harrison
Casey Alexander
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Are You Talking to Tree? is the 9th episode of Uncle Grandpa season 2, and the 61st episode overall of the series.


The gang thinks Uncle Grandpa is crazy when he claims a tree has begun talking.

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Uncle Grandpa walks into the living room to search for an overdue library book, he checks everywhere but no luck finding it and then the tree begins to talk to Uncle Grandpa and he gets very excited that the tree can talk. Uncle Grandpa tries to inform Belly Bag about the tree talking but Belly Bag tells Uncle Grandpa to not disturb him until the end of the episode because he's listening to his book on tape, Uncle Grandpa continues his conversation with the tree by telling him all about himself. Pizza Steve and Mr. Gus both are walking back to the RV with two burgers from the Burger Queen joint since it's the only thing they both can agree on, then they both sing the Burger Queen song.



Nobody does it better than Burger Queen,

Having the dream,

Maybe beats the seams,

Nobody does it better than Burger Queen!

The guys notices Uncle Grandpa talking to the tree and they both are confused that he thinks the tree can talk, Uncle Grandpa says that the tree can talk, but when he tells the tree to say something, the tree doesn't speak. Mr. Gus and Pizza Steve are looking at each other with straight faces until Mr. Gus inform Uncle Grandpa that they're going to go eat their burgers, Uncle Grandpa will tell them when the tree will start to talk again, the guys then proceed to go downstairs while watching Uncle Grandpa as if he's crazy. Uncle Grandpa asks the tree why he was shy to talk to the guys earlier, the tree says he won't be shy if he gets two burgers from Burger Queen. Mr. Gus and Pizza Steve are in a boat prepared to eat their burgers until Uncle Grandpa drops in and takes the burgers and then the guys get angry at Uncle Grandpa.

Uncle Grandpa throws the burgers down the tree hole and throws the wrappers at the guys, the guys are angry that Uncle Grandpa threw the burgers into the tree hole but Uncle Grandpa tells them that they may have lost a hamburger but they're about to make a new friend and he presents the tree to the guys and the tree still won't talk to them. Mr. Gus says that he gets grumpy when he's hungry and he's not afraid to remove limbs, Uncle Grandpa thinks he's talking about hurting Mr. Tree but Mr. Gus was referring to Uncle Grandpa, Pizza Steve tells him that it isn't worth it and Mr. Gus says he's keeping an eye on him. Uncle Grandpa confronts Mr. Tree about not talking to the guys when he had something to eat, Mr. Tree thinks that they all look cool with clothes and he's just naked, Mr. Tree persuades Uncle Grandpa to get him some sweet clothes to get him to talk to the guys.

Mr. Gus and Pizza Steve are in the cockpit talking about how uncool of it was for Uncle Grandpa to take their burgers and throw them into the tree, they check on him and Uncle Grandpa is still talking to Mr. Tree, then Pizza Steve thinks that Uncle Grandpa thinks that trees can actually talk, the they see Uncle Grandpa is taking Mr. Tree to the mall to get clothes. The guys are on the couch discussing about how Uncle Grandpa has always been a weirdo, then the door opens with Mr. Tree all sharp dressed with diamonds, a cane, gold necklaces, a king's robe, and sunglasses. Pizza Steve admires how Mr. Tree looks like with all of his bling and Mr. Gus tells Pizza Steve to not encourage him. Mr. Gus is asking what's going on with Uncle Grandpa, and he says that Mr. Tree needed some sweet new clothes so he'll feel comfortable talking to the guys and that Mr. Tree knew about the everything is free sale at the mall, Pizza Steve gets all excited and tried to motivate Mr. Gus to take him to the mall, Mr. Gus stops him and tells him that "everything is free sales" don't exist and that Uncle Grandpa must've stolen all of that stuff and hung it all over the tree, Uncle Grandpa said he didn't steal anything and he tries to get Mr. Tree to talk about the everything is free sale, and Mr. Tree stays quiet. Mr. Gus tells Uncle Grandpa that the stuff he's doing isn't right, Pizza Steve agrees with him and tells him that it's his job to do that, Mr. Gus states that until Uncle Grandpa can start telling the truth they have nothing to talk about, Pizza Steve tells Uncle Grandpa that he got the big green guy all upset.

Uncle Grandpa and Mr. Tree are sitting on the couch and Uncle Grandpa tells Mr. Tree that he could've told the guys everything, Mr. Tree asks Uncle Grandpa for some money, Uncle Grandpa states that his friends think he's lying to them and now he's asking for some money, Mr. Tree needs some money to buy the guys some gifts to show them how sorry he is for this whole mess. Uncle Grandpa thinks that Mr. Tree is being thoughtful, he pulls out his wallet and asks Mr. Tree how much money he needs, Mr. Tree says that he doesn't want Uncle Grandpa's money (he still took it anyways), he tells Uncle Grandpa to take him by the bank to make a withdraw, Uncle Grandpa says that he has to promise to talk to the guys. Mr. Tree says Uncle Grandpa has his leafy word, then the two continue to the bank.

Mr. Gus believes that Uncle Grandpa has gone completely out of his mind, then they see him with Mr. Tree along with a whole lot of money bags and Pizza Steve thinks he's insane. Mr. Gus asks where did all that money come from and Pizza Steve asks if he robbed a bank, Uncle Grandpa expects Mr. Tree to talk until Mr. Gus cuts him off to stop with the talking tree nonsense and demands to return all the money before the police arrive, then the police arrive at the door. Uncle Grandpa believes that the police are here for his overdue library book and he runs away with Mr. Tree. The police officer knocks down the door and tells Johnson to get the leaf to forensics and he tells Johnson about the leaf trail, and the police officer follows the trail downstairs. Uncle Grandpa and Mr. Tree are in a white room with nothing to do, Mr. Tree suggests them to hide in the armoire by the wall, then Uncle Grandpa says that he doesn't speak French. The Police officer is at the door and Uncle Grandpa gets the idea to hide in Mr. Tree while Mr. Tree hides in a giant Uncle Grandpa. Uncle Grandpa states that it's dark while a burglar states that it's cramped, Uncle Grandpa notices that the burglar talks like Mr. Tree and then the police officer knocks down the door, the burglar then pushes Uncle Grandpa out of the tree hole blowing his cover. Uncle Grandpa lands on the police officer and he tells Uncle Grandpa that he's under arrest for robbing the First International Bank, for shoplifting all that sweet bling from the mall, and Pizza Steve joins in and says for stealing several hamburgers.

Uncle Grandpa tells them that he didn't do any of that stuff and that he has some unfinished business with a certain Mr. Tree, Uncle Grandpa proceeds to slam the tree on the ground, punch the tree, kick the tree, bend the tree with his knee, kick the tree from a distance, body slam the tree, punch through the tree, karate chop the tree, roundhouse kick the tree, tear off the bark, jump kick, punch it some more, throw his head, swing a club at it, donkey kick it, kick it multiple times, chew off the bark, throw the tree at a wall, drop a sack full of bricks, cement the base of the tree then throw it in a pool, use woodpeckers, chop down a bigger tree onto the smaller tree, put his stinky foot in the tree hole. Uncle Grandpa yells at the burglar inside to see if he had enough, he didn't get a response and then Uncle Grandpa decides to fart in the tree hole until the burglar gave up. The burglar falls out of the tree hole and the police officer was able to identify the crook as Spruce Oakley, America's most wanted, mater thief, 347 counts of grand larceny. The police has heard about him and he never knew he had partner, Uncle Grandpa is shocked and tells him that he's not his partner and he thought that the tree can talk, The police officer isn't buying that story and only a half witted peanut brain would believe that an inanimate object could talk. Uncle Grandpa receives a phone call from Belly Bag to quiet down while he's listening to his book on tape. The police Officer finally believes Uncle Grandpa and lets him off the hook and then he yells at Spruce and that he deserves to get beat up by a man who talks to trees.

Uncle Grandpa plants the tree in it's original place and says it was pretty silly of him to think a tree can talk, Mr. Gus tells him to not sweat it and that he's glad that uncle Grandpa hasn't gone cuckoo. Mr. Tree finally talks and complains about the day he had.


  • Belly Bag breaks the fourth wall when he asks Uncle Grandpa not to bother him until the end of the episode.
  • Burger Queen is a parody of Burger King.
  • Uncle Grandpa makes a reference to "How I met Your Mother" when he says "That's just one of the stories of how I met Mr. Gus and Pizza Steve."
  • Mr. Tree lies to Uncle Grandpa by saying that there's an everything is free sale at the mall, where they can take anything they want and walk out without paying.
  • Uncle Grandpa believed that the cops wanted him for the overdue library book.
  • Pizza Steve that it's his job to steal and deceive from his friends and not the tree's.
  • Uncle Grandpa shouts out the whole entire population of Eureka California, which is a population of 26,961 people.
  • Mr. Tree turned out to be Spruce Oakley, one of America's top wanted criminals.
    • At the end of the episode it turns out that the tree really could speak.
  • Running Gags:
    • Uncle Grandpa looking for his library book.
    • Mr. Gus and Pizza Steve not believing Uncle Grandpa.
    • Mr. Tree being quiet when Uncle Grandpa tries to introduce him to someone.
    • Mr. Gus and Pizza Steve getting mad at Uncle Grandpa.
    • Mr. Tree lying to Uncle Grandpa by saying that he needs stuff for various reasons.
    • The cop acting in charge.
    • Uncle Grandpa beating the tree.
  • Errors:
    • The curtain to the RV cockpit is seen opened from the middle, when it's usually opened from the side.
    • The giant Uncle Grandpa wasn't seen when the cops busted through the door.
    • Several scenes where Uncle Grandpa beating the tree are show cutting the tree in half, which should've revealed Spruce.




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