Aunt Grandma
Season 1, Episode 34
Aunt Grandma Title Card.png
Premiered: October 2, 2014
Short: "None"
Written and Storyboarded by:
  David Gemmill
Myke Chilian
Story by:
  Tom Kauffman
Kelsy Abbott
Peter Browngardt
Audie Harrison
Casey Alexander
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Aunt Grandma is the 8th episode of Uncle Grandpa season 2, and the 34th overall episode of the series.


The gang must stop a nefarious imposter from rendering Uncle Grandpa obsolete.

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The episode starts by Zack playing on his guitar and Uncle Grandpa pops in and comes out of the mirror and tells Zack how to become a better rock star, he tells Zack that they're going to space, first they get their space suits on and fly to the nearest star (not the Sun, Uncle Grandpa is banned from there for a while), Zack tells Uncle Grandpa says that he already has what he needs, a sweet electric guitar. Uncle Grandpa examines the guitar of all of it's features and asks Zack how did he get it, then a mysterious woman who claims herself as Aunt Grandma says that it was a gift. Aunt Grandma introduces herself and says she's everyone in the world's practical aunt and grandma, much like Uncle Grandpa she helps kids with their problems, except she's faster, smarter, and cuter, then Uncle Grandpa says he's cute too. Aunt Grandma says that she helped Zack without dragging him on some pointless adventure, Zack didn't have to learn a thing, and then Uncle Grandpa is disappointed in Zack. Aunt Grandma is in her convertible and says she's off to help more kids, she says "Beautiful Morning" and backs her car into the RV and drives off. Pizza Steve and Mr. Gus questioned about her saying who is she? and how could someone be everyone's aunt and grandma, then Uncle Grandpa tries to foreshadow about her but Belly Bag says he has a 2:00 with Helga in Sweden.

In Sweden Helga wishes to play hockey but she doesn't have a hockey stick, the RV crashes from beneath the ice with Mr. Gus, Pizza Steve, and Uncle Grandpa crashing out of the windshield, Uncle Grandpa says that he heard Helga wanted to be a hockey star, Helga says that she doesn't really want to be a star, she wants some equipment to join a game of hockey. Uncle Grandpa tries to get a candy cane out of his mouth, and says he has a perfect plan to get her a new hockey stick, then Uncle Grandpa tells Helga that they're going on an adventure, first they'll climb to the top of the tallest ice mountain, then fight a professional hockey star polar bear, and then Uncle Grandpa asks Helga if she's ready to start the adventure, until Aunt Grandma comes and gives Helga a new hockey stick. Aunt Grandma says it was a simple problem and a simple solution, something like a simple-minded man like Uncle Grandpa just doesn't understand, Uncle Grandpa says "well I wouldn't say you solved her problem, well I mean" then Helga scores a goal and thanks Aunt Grandma, then Aunt Grandma skates to help more kids. Then Mr. Gus says we'll make it up when we help little Gregory.

Gregory is sad because he has the perfect fishbowl but no pet fish, until Uncle Grandpa raises the wall and tells Gregory that they're going on an adventure. Uncle Grandpa asks Gregory if he's ready to board his ship, the S.S.U.G, and sail as his first mate and make the catch of the century. Gregory stands in shock and confusion, and then Uncle Grandpa starts to sing.


Uncle Grandpa:

It's time to cast away your fear,

Cause Uncle Grandpa is here,

Let's set sail for the seven seas,

We will find a remedy ,

and if you don't believe us just ask Mr. Gus!

Mr. Gus:


Uncle Grandpa:

Well a little bit of magic,

could sure of fate would have it look,

Fishing is so fun,

take it from me,

and me!

Don't you worry,

It won't be boring!

We'll find you a new fish today!

Then right away when Uncle Grandpa finishes singing, Aunt Grandma comes and give Gregory a pet fish and Gregory thanks Aunt Grandma, and decides to name the fish Aunt Grandma after Aunt Grandma. Aunt Grandma see Uncle Grandpa and says she didn't see him there, then proceeds to Uncle Grandpa's stage and pulls the plug on him, and his giant inflatable deflates, and she says "ta ta Uncle Lamepa" and drives away.

Uncle Grandpa is depressed that he can't compete with Aunt Grandma, just the thought of helping kids weighs me down, Uncle Grandpa helps Mr. Gus lift weights, Uncle Grandpa continues to say he'll just probably screw it up, then he helps Pizza Steve unscrew the lid to a pickle jar, Uncle Grandpa then says he can't solve anyone's problems, then helps Tiny Miracle with a math problem, he continues to say that he's a tangled knotted mess inside, he then helps Giant Realistic Flying Tiger make a dress, and Uncle Grandpa says it's time for me to hang up my suspenders. Belly Bag makes Uncle Grandpa realize that he just helped everyone in the RV, then everyone thanks Uncle Grandpa, Belly Bag says that he can't help but help people and that it's in his nature. And for Uncle Grandpa to deny his nature would mean he would no longer be Uncle Grandpa, and Uncle Grandpa is who he is, so if you've got a problem with that, you would have to deal with Uncle Grandpa, and he helps kids the only way he knows how, and that is the Uncle Grandpa way, then Uncle Grandpa goes to go help some kids.

Tommy is in his room trying to come up with the perfect story but he believes that he has hit a writer's block, and he needs some new inspiration and adventure, Aunt Grandma tries to help Tommy but giving him a new Power Max Pro Laptop, Tommy is confused because he doesn't know how this has to do with adventure, Uncle Grandpa crashes the RV into Tommy's Room because Tommy wants an adventure, but adventure happens to be Uncle Grandpa's middle name, in his wallet it actually says this on his driver's license:

Uncle Larry Grandpa

Height: 4'3"

Weight: 150

Eyes: Lovely

Hair: Awesome

Sex: Male

Uncle Grandpa jumps and crashes through the new laptop and asks Tommy if he's ready for an amazing expedition with his favorite Uncle Grandpa, Tommy says "Heck Yeah!", and Uncle Grandpa throws Tommy through the windshield. Aunt Grandma is getting mad and saying what does Uncle Grandpa think he's doing, Uncle Grandpa says he's going on an adventure and he tells Aunt Grandma she could come with, Aunt Grandma says fine. then Uncle Grandpa backs the RV out of Tommy's room and they start the adventure.

Uncle Grandpa tells Tommy that adventure all starts with imagination, there's the world you live in and there's the world inside your mind, why would you be an ordinary rock star, when you can rock on a star rock rock star in outer space, Uncle Grandpa puts Zack on the star rock and Tommy begins to be inspired. He continues to say have you ever seen a hockey game between a girl a professional hockey playing polar bear man, Uncle Grandpa puts Helga playing against the polar bear and she scores another goal and Tommy is being inspired even more. Uncle Grandpa continues to say that when it comes to pets that live in water why think small when you could have the biggest fish in the sea, Uncle Grandpa brings Gregory and he catches a whale, and Uncle Grandpa say that it takes a mind-bending experience to see the world in a all new way, and that's the Uncle Grandpa way, Tommy then thanks Uncle Grandpa for all of his help. Uncle Grandpa is happy that he is good at helping people, until Aunt Grandma says the he never helped her, then Uncle Grandpa realizes that Aunt Grandma was little Priscilla Jones, and asks why he never helped her, she said when she needed Uncle Grandpa's magic the most, he rejected her.

Priscilla says the year was 1993, and she was putting the finishing touches on her science fair project, when suddenly Uncle Grandpa crashes into her room and starts to hacky sack and Uncle Grandpa kicks the hacky sack too hard and the hacky sack lands on Priscilla's project, chipping a small piece off of it. Uncle Grandpa knew how to help Priscilla with her project, but instead he took her to Mars to play hacky sack with Martians, and with the project left unfixed Priscilla had gotten 2nd place for the science fair. After that Priscilla hated Uncle Grandpa and says it was all his fault, which is why Priscilla decided to actually help kids as Aunt Grandma, so they won't have to go on pointless adventures, Uncle Grandpa claims that he was actually trying to help her, by showing her that all work and no fun is no way to live a life, that or teaching her how to hacky sack, he was real into hacky sack.

Uncle Grandpa said that the whole point is to have fun once in a while or you'll just might snap, Priscilla starts to get angry and then her pigtails snap off. Priscilla said she'll show Uncle Grandpa some snaps and starts to kick Uncle Grandpa in the face, she then throws Uncle Grandpa with her legs across the room and Uncle Grandpa starts to get mad. Uncle Grandpa charges towards Priscilla and curls into a ball hitting Priscilla and putting both of them in a vending machine, Uncle Grandpa calls time out because there's a vending machine in Tommy's room. Priscilla throws Uncle Grandpa to the side of the vending machine, and Uncle Grandpa said he called a time out, Uncle Grandpa crawls to the back of the vending machine before Priscilla kicked a hole through the vending machine, Uncle Grandpa tries to cover his face with a bag of chips, but Priscilla punches through the bag and hits Uncle Grandpa in the face, Uncle Grandpa then sprays Priscilla with some grape cola and Priscilla kicks Uncle Grandpa out of the vending machine. Priscilla says no more Grandma nice guy, Uncle Grandpa fixes his face and says bring it on, and Priscilla punches Uncle Grandpa in the face, Uncle Grandpa says it again and gets punched again, then he says it one more time and gets punched one more time, Uncle Grandpa had enough of that and said if she want to hit his face, how do you like this, he then uses his head like a bat and swings and hits Priscilla. Both of them are pretty tired but they continue to fight, Mr. Gus says that someone should stop this fight, and Pizza Steve agrees with him and they continue to eat snacks from the vending machine. Priscilla thrown Uncle Grandpa on the ground but he bounces back like a basketball and he lands and bounces on Priscilla, then she gives up and says "Uncle." Uncle Grandpa stands in victory and Priscilla asks to shake on it, but before Uncle Grandpa shakes her hand, she steals his mustache, and she then claims herself to be Uncle Grandpa. Priscilla goes insane, grabs an umbrella, and jumps out of the window and flies away. Uncle Grandpa says "There goes a troubled woman" and he grows back his mustache, Mr. Gus says that this won't be the last time we'll see her, Pizza Steve states out that Uncle Grandpa kicked her butt and asks for a high five, but Uncle Grandpa can't since the fight broke every bone in his body.


  • This episode will be aired with Grounded and is advertised as a half-hour special, similar to the season premire with 1992 Called and Bezt Frends.
  • Although there have been multiple episodes previously without any shorts at the end, this is the first episode not to have an intermission.
  • Uncle Grandpa states that all rock stars come from outer space and that's why they're spaced out all the time.
  • Uncle Grandpa wanted to take Zack to the nearest star, not the sun since he's banned from that for a while, the closet star to the solar system is Proxima Centauri.
  • Aunt Grandma's catchphrase is "Beautiful Morning", she even has a convertible that looks like the RV.
  • Mr. Gus asks how somebody can be somebody's aunt and grandma when Uncle Grandpa is everyone's uncle and grandpa.
  • Belly Bag breaks the 4th wall by telling Uncle Grandpa that there's no time for foreshadow.
  • Helga being from Sweden and also being blonde is a common stereotype of Swedish people.
  • This episode uses music from Treasure Map and Food Truck.
  • Tommy has a disturbing poster in his room that reads "READ OR DIE".
  • This episode reveals Uncle Grandpa's middle name is Larry.
  • The whale that Uncle Grandpa fishes for Gregory is a reference to "Moby Dick".
  • Aunt Grandma is not really everyone's aunt and grandma, Uncle Grandpa didn't help her with her science fair project in 1993. Uncle Grandpa was trying to teach her that all work and no fun is no way to live life and to have fun once in a while or you'll might snap.
  • The reason that Aunt Grandma does what do is so that kids don't have to go on pointless adventures.
  • Aunt Grandma's real name is Priscilla Jones.
  • The Power Max Pro Laptop shares a similar name as "Apple's Macbook Pro Laptop".
  • Uncle Grandpa says "Time to unleash the beast", this is the slogan for "Monster Energy Drink".
  • Aunt Grandma escaping by umbrella is a reference to "Mary Poppins".
  • Running Gags:
    • Uncle Grandpa crashing into children's homes only to find that they're problems are already fixed and outmatched by Aunt Grandma.
    • Uncle Grandpa getting hit with the items given to the children from Aunt Grandma.
    • Aunt Grandma solving children's problems in a simple manner.
    • Aunt Grandma punching Uncle Grandpa when he tells her to bring it on.
  • Errors:
    • When in Sweden, Uncle Grandpa states that they'll climb the tallest ice mountain, the tallest mountain in the world is Mt. Everest in Nepal.
    • Uncle Grandpa's performance for Gregory is shown to be in a studio, where when the song ends it changes to an outside landscape.
    • Aunt Grandma's pigtails snap off, in the next scene, they're back.
    • Uncle Grandpa and Aunt Grandma's sizes change when they're fighting in the vending machine.



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