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Species: Human
Eye color: Green
Personal Information
  Aunt Grandma
  Uncle Grandpa
Crazy Baby
Mr. Gus
Pizza Steve
Giant Realistic Flying Tiger
Belly Bag
Tiny Miracle
  Helping Children with their problems in a practical way
Ice Skating
Uncle Grandpa (Uncle and Grandpa)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  "Aunt Grandma"
Voiced by:
Lena Headey

Aunt Grandma (Character) aka "Aunt Grandma" is a character that appears in Aunt Grandma. She claims to be the Aunt and Grandma of everyone in the world, similar to how Uncle Grandpa is the Uncle and Grandpa of everyone in the world. However, she is actually an imposter and possibly the series' main antagonist. She is voiced by Lena Headey.


Aunt Grandma has red hair pulled into braided pig tails, green eyes, and full lips. She has a similar outfit to Uncle Grandpa's outfit. Her outfit includes a red fanny pack that resembles Belly Bag and a fez with a propeller similar to Uncle Grandpa's fez propeller.


She is a practical woman who likes to help children by solving their simple problems with simple solutions, which is quite the opposite of what Uncle Grandpa does. She also doesn't seem to like Uncle Grandpa and considers him a simpleton and a loser. Her negative opinion of Uncle Grandpa stems from her belief that he failed to help fix her science project (a Paper Mache Volcano) after he cracked it with a hacky sack and instead took her on one of his pointless adventures resulting in her being awarded second place. As a result, she resolved to actually help children with their problems as Aunt Grandma.

However Uncle Grandpa points out he was only trying to help her learn how to have fun (or teach her how to play hacky sack as he was really into it back 1993), claiming that all work and no play might cause her to snap and go crazy, which she actually did after hearing his explanation (possibly because she realized that Uncle Grandpa actually did fail to help her as she failed to learn how to have fun do to being so focused on her science project being perfect and winning first place) and attacked Uncle Grandpa. However Uncle Grandpa managed to beat her and she admitted defeat (by literary saying Uncle). However even after admitting defeat she refused to accept she had lost and catching him off guard, tore off Uncle Grandpa's mustache, putting it on her face and declaring the she is now Uncle Grandpa and flies off laughing, showing how insane she had become.


In 1993, Uncle Grandpa unintentionally ruined her science fair project. Rather than actually help her, he took her on an adventure that she rendered pointless which gave her no time to actually work on her project and she ended up not getting first place in the science fair like she wanted. This sparked a thirst for vengeance inside of her, and she decided to become "Aunt Grandma" so she can help kids with their problems without forcing them to get stuck on some crazy adventure with Uncle Grandpa. After she and Uncle Grandpa brawled it out, she stole his mustache and made her escape. Then Mr. Gus had a suspicion that they will see her again. 

She returns in Uncle Grandpa Retires, as one of the racers in the Big Fat Race driving her Convertible Cruiser. At the starting line, Crazy Baby throws a bottle at her before Belly Bag starts the race. During the race, she laces the street with thumb tracks in front of Uncle Grandpa's RV (which he ended up successfully dodging with the help of Tiny Miracle). Later, Crazy Baby throws another bottle at Aunt Grandma, which irritates her enough to ram into his car and throw him out of the race. She is later knocked out of the race when Charlie Burgers leaves his Wagon to chase after Uncle Grandpa's nose (thinking it was a ball), which T-Bones her Convertible, knocking it out of the race.


Aunt Grandma

Uncle Grandpa Retires

The Return of Aunt Grandma

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