Back to the Library
Season 3, Episode 3
Back to the Library Title Card
Premiered: December 18, 2015
Short: "Mr. Gus Live"
Written and Storyboarded by:
  Jason Reicher
Andy Gonsalves
Story by:
  Jason Reicher
Andy Gonsalves
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Back to the Library is the 3rd episode of Uncle Grandpa Season 3, and the 81st episode overall of the series.


Uncle Grandpa has to travel back in time to return a library book.

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In the cockpit of the RV, Uncle Grandpa is reading a book called "Lil' Ducky's Farm", he reads it out loud and enjoys it by laughing extensively, Mr. Gus becomes very unamused. Uncle Grandpa proceeds to read the book and shapeshift into the various farm animals from the book, Uncle Grandpa then finishes the book by saying that all the Animals lived on the farm forever. Uncle Grandpa then asks Mr. Gus that doesn't Lil' Ducky's Farm get's better every time and Mr. Gus suggests to Uncle Grandpa to return the book to the library. Uncle Grandpa gets worried and mad at Mr. Gus, he then tells him to give him one good reason, Mr. Gus points out that he just read the book 300 times in a row along with the fact that there are plenty of children in the community who'll love to read the story.

Uncle Grandpa accepts the facts and he ejects himself out of the RV and towards the Public Library, Uncle Grandpa crashes into the library and lands upside down on the front desk. The librarian asks Uncle Grandpa if she can help him, Uncle Grandpa tells her he's returning the book, the librarian checks the book checkout card and sees that it's a week overdue. Uncle Grandpa gives her attitude and wants to know so what, the librarian tells him that the late fee is $0.12, this makes Uncle Grandpa spit out his drink and cause him to panic, he excuses himself and panics on trying to figure where to get $0.12 or else they'll throw him in jail, Uncle Grandpa then wonders if he can travel back in time and tell himself to turn in the book a week earlier. Uncle Grandpa realizes that he can with his trusty time machine watch, he got it as a gift next Christmas, he then sets a destination for two weeks ago and he leaves.

2 weeks earlier, Uncle Grandpa is reading the book until the future Uncle Grandpa arrives to tell himself to return the book to the library right now. The past Uncle Grandpa states that he's not done with it yet and asks himself who does he think he is, the future Uncle Grandpa states that he's him from the future, he proceeds to tell him if that they don't return the book, then they're going to have a late fee on their hands. Uncle Grandpa thanks himself and tells him that the due date is still a week away, the original Uncle Grandpa states that they should read Lil' Ducky together.

2 weeks later, The Uncle Grandpas are enjoying the book, the past Uncle Grandpa says that the book gets better every time, the future Uncle Grandpa agrees with him. The past Uncle Grandpa believes that they should get the book back to the library now, the original Uncle Grandpa forgot about that.

At the library, the librarian tells the Uncle Grandpas that the book is a week overdue and she tells them the late fee is $0.12. The past Uncle Grandpa freaks out and the future Uncle Grandpa tells him so, the past Uncle Grandpa states that he should've listened to him and moans in disbelief. The past Uncle Grandpa asks his future self if he has $0.12 he can borrow, he then proceeds to say NO! I'M YOU FROM THE FUTURE REMEMBER?! the past Uncle Grandpa remembers now. The future Uncle Grandpa states that they can still fix this, all they have to do is travel back to the past and convince themselves to turn in the book on time. The past Uncle Grandpa states that he's a genius and the future Uncle Grandpa knows, he then sets course for two weeks ago and they both leave.

2 weeks earlier, Uncle Grandpa is reading the book until the future Uncle Grandpas arrive to take the book away, the past Uncle Grandpa states him and what army, the other Uncle Grandpa stands next to him and tells him "this army". They all fight for the book, the past Uncle Grandpa asks for help but Mr. Gus says he's driving. They all got a grip on the book until they tear the book in half, the past Uncle Grandpa gets mad and tells them to take it since they ruined it, one of the future Uncle Grandpa states that at least it's still on time and takes the steering wheel and plows the RV into the library.

The two future Uncle Grandpas rush out the RV while the past Uncle Grandpa wants to see what happens now, they both run to the front desk and scream return with parts of the book. They tell the librarian that they would like to return this and one of them looks back at them and is happy that their late fee problem is solved. The librarian sees that the book and tells them that it's damaged, she tells them the cost is $12.00, one of the Uncle Grandpas are is shock and another tells him it could've been $0.12 if he didn't rip it, and the other Uncle Grandpa tells him he should've turned it on time in the first place, they all get into a big argument until a fourth Uncle Grandpa arrives. One of the Uncle Grandpas asks the new Uncle Grandpa who is he and he states that he's them from the future, one of them states that if the first two are him, then who's the third?, he states he's him. The new Uncle Grandpa states that the only way to stop this problem is to go back in time and stop them from ever checking that book out, one of them agrees and sets a course for three weeks ago and they all leave.

3 weeks ago, Uncle Grandpa is browsing the kid's corner of the library and spots Lil' Ducky's Farm and he enjoys it instantly, the four future Uncle Grandpas arrive to take the book away from him and the past Uncle Grandpa runs for it as the four Uncle Grandpas split across the library. The past Uncle Grandpa comes to a dead end with another Uncle Grandpa running towards him, the past Uncle Grandpa finds a ladder and climbs it. One of the future Uncle Grandpa demands for him to give him the book and the past Uncle Grandpa refuses, he proceeds to stomp on the future Uncle Grandpa's fingers causing him to fall to the floor, the past Uncle Grandpa apologizes and proceeds to run across the bookshelves. Two future Uncle Grandpas are in a motorcycle tying to shoot down the past Uncle Grandpa while demanding for the book, they continue to chase him and shoot the book out of his hand and onto a book cart, the past Uncle Grandpa then jumps onto the cart and races away from the two future Uncle Grandpas. The past Uncle Grandpa begins to pull books out of the cart in hopes of finding Lil' Ducky, he pulls a book about laser beams until the future Uncle Grandpas shoot the book with a laser beam, they continue to shoot the past Uncle Grandpa and demand for the book. The past Uncle Grandpa pulls out a book about self defense until the other Uncle Grandpas shoot darts at him. The past Uncle Grandpa pulls out more books hitting the others behind him and knocking the driver off, the past Uncle Grandpa pulls out a book about horrific motorcycle accidents and drops the book on the ground crashing the motorcycle behind him, he then finds Lil' Ducky and crash lands by the front desk.

Before he can check out the book, the last future Uncle Grandpa grabs him and they both begin to fight for the book. The future Uncle Grandpa tells the past Uncle Grandpa to not check out the book, he then states that no one tells him what to do especially him, the future Uncle Grandpa gets knocked back to the bookshelves causing them to topple over. The past Uncle Grandpa finally then gets a chance to check out the book until another Uncle Grandpa arrives from the future to tell him the other Uncle Grandpas were right and he has evidence to prove it. The new future Uncle Grandpa has video proof of what will happen if he checks out the book and don't return it on time, The past Uncle Grandpa freaks out and the other Uncle Grandpas catch him before he falls to the ground and he thanks them for warning him. The past Uncle Grandpa now knows what to do with that book, he puts it in the "trash" (book drop), another Uncle Grandpa puts some trash in the book drop and the librarian sighs.

Back at the RV, the Uncle Grandpas are seated on the couch talking about how they'll never set foot in that library ever again, another Uncle Grandpa says he can say that again and they do. Mr. Gus walks in and tells them that he's heading to the library to check out a book and asks them if they want to come, and they all happily agree.


  • The title of this episode is a reference to Back to the Future.
  • This is the last episode aired in 2015.
  • Every time Uncle Grandpa travels back in time, he tells his past self that "There's no time to explain", this is another reference to Back to the Future
  • There is a section of books in the library titled "Teen Vampire", this is refrencing the Twilight series.
  • At the end of the episode there was a total of six Uncle Grandpas.
  • The episode could be also referenced to Kick Buttowski episode, Shhhh! as well as the another episode, If Books could Kill (due to the librarian as well as book drop).
  • Another referenced is based on Spongebob Squarepant's timecard 2 weeks later.
  • Running Gags:
    • Uncle Grandpa reading Lil' Ducky out loud and transforming into farm animals and objects.
    • Uncle Grandpa freaking out about the book's fee.
    • The librarian explaining the book fee.
    • Uncle Grandpa going back in time.
  • Errors
    • When the Uncle Grandpas are arguing about paying 12.00 for the ripped book, the book is perfectly fine on the desk.
    • Uncle Grandpa pulled the Laser Beams book from the book cart twice.




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