Ball Room
Season 3, Episode 2
Ball Room Title Card
Premiered: December 17, 2015
Short: "None"
Written and Storyboarded by:
  Kenny Pittenger
David Gemmill
Story by:
  Kelsy Abbott
Wade Randolph
Pete Browngardt
Audie Harrison
Casey Alexander
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Ball Room is the 2nd episode of Uncle Grandpa Season 3, and the 80th episode overall of the series.


Mr. Gus warns Uncle Grandpa and Pizza Steve not to go into his ballroom, but a ball with whereabouts interferes.

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Uncle Grandpa and Pizza Steve are breaking things in the RV while Mr. Gus is standing next to them looking disappointed, Uncle Grandpa apologizes to Mr. Gus saying that it was an accident until Pizza Steve states that he doesn't have to be sorry, and that "Mr. Klutz" shouldn't be wondering around in their arena, he proceeds to finish breaking the vase in Mr. Gus' hand. Mr. Gus becomes angered and he throws a fit saying "THAT'S IT!" He proceeds to say that they did it again, and that they "RUIN EVERYTHING!" Uncle Grandpa tries to apologies, Mr. Gus states that he has Foreign Dignitaries coming over tonight, important people, he goes on saying that elegant people deserve an elegant experience. He continues to yell "I CAN'T HAVE THIS MONKEY BUSINESS, I CAN'T!" He puts on a hat and tells them that he has to go out, and pick up some supplies for tonight. Uncle Grandpa and Pizza Steve are cowering in fear as Mr. Gus eats his hat, he proceeds to walk towards the door and thinks to himself that he has to impress the Foreign Dignitaries and that the Ball Room has to be perfect, he walks back towards the guys and tells them to listen closely, Mr. Gus tells them to "NOT SET FOOT IN THE BALL ROOM, IF THEY SET FOOT IN THAT BALL ROOM AND THIS IS YOU." He then proceeds to eat their battle sticks and throw the sharp ends at them destroying their costumes and says "YOU GOT THAT!?" the two are answering him in a worrying tone and Mr. Gus tells them it's all he asks, he then walks through the wall and out the RV. Pizza Steve states that they should find something super chill to do.

Uncle Grandpa is sitting on the floor and he gently puts a red ball down, he proceeds to roll it towards Pizza Steve, Pizza Steve states that it's real nice and that Mr. Gus would approve, Uncle Grandpa panics and begins to look for Mr. Gus, the ball hits Uncle Grandpa and it bounces into the Ballroom. The two walk towards the Ballroom door and Uncle Grandpa wonders what're they going to do now, he speculates that if Mr. Gus sees that ball he's going to think they set foot in there. Pizza Steve tries to tell him that he might not even notice because he can't see it himself, Uncle Grandpa brings Pizza Steve up to a plate and tells him the ball is in front of his face, he doesn't see it until he looks behind the plate, he then panics and asks Uncle Grandpa what're they going to do. Pizza Steve begins to cry like a baby and Uncle Grandpa calms him down suggesting that they have to find a way to get that ball without setting foot in there, Pizza Steve has an idea.

Pizza Steve suggested that Mr. Gus never said anything about setting hand in the Ballroom, they approach the China Cabinet and Pizza Steve tells him to walk two hands to the left, Pizza Steve is in front of the plate with the ball, he picks it up and throws it to Uncle Grandpa telling him to hold it, Uncle Grandpa is confused and the plate falls on his fingers, crushing them and causing him to panic. Pizza Steve grabs hold of the ball and Uncle Grandpa throws his back against the China Cabinet, breaking all the fancy things displayed until they stop and sit on the empty shelves. Pizza Steve is happy that they have the ball and they didn't set foot, the cabinet falls while he's talking, and the ball bounces all the way to the grand piano, Uncle Grandpa is worried that Mr. Gus will see it. He questions how are they going to get over there, Pizza Steve doesn't know and is glad that their feet didn't touch the floor, Uncle Grandpa checks his feet and then Pizza Steve's, he asks him how isn't his feet not touching the floor, Pizza Steve states that he's riding the rubble bubble and this gives Uncle Grandpa an idea.

The two are climbing the wall of paintings by using forks to dig into the wall to stay up, they see the ball from up high and they both land hard on the piano's keys. They look inside the piano and Uncle Grandpa believes it's worse than he thought, the ball is jammed in the piano strings. Uncle Grandpa states that they're doomed, Pizza Steve puts on a black jumpsuit and says "Not on my watch". Pizza Steve slides under the stings and makes his way towards the ball, Uncle Grandpa says it's taking to long and decides to pick the ball out himself, Pizza Steve tells him not to because he's almost there. They both grab hold of the ball, Uncle Grandpa is pulling the ball while Pizza Steve is trying to pull it towards him, Uncle Grandpa yanks hard enough to slice Pizza Steve through the cords and toss the ball into the curtains, Uncle grandpa apologizes to Pizza Steve. Pizza Steve pulls himself together and he asks Uncle Grandpa where the ball went, Uncle Grandpa points the ball out to him and tells him how noticeable it is. They're both sitting on the piano bench, Uncle Grandpa tells Pizza Steve they need to find a way to get up there, Pizza Steve is thinking and he screams, he grabs Uncle Grandpa's leg and stops it from swinging, he tells him he's got to be careful with his feet, Uncle Grandpa apologizes. Pizza Steve moves Uncle Grandpa's feet away from the floor and he notices that the piano bench has wheels, he tells Uncle Grandpa and this excites him, he grabs the stick holding the piano up and it crashes the whole thing, the two start sailing for the ball until they crash into the wall making a huge hole.

At the wall Uncle Grandpa points out the ball while Pizza Steve is figuring out a way to get up there, Uncle Grandpa tells him he did it again. He informs Pizza Steve that the rusty pipe in the wall is just the thing, Uncle Grandpa asks Pizza Steve if he's all strapped in and he says yes, and Uncle Grandpa begins to climb the pipe. Once at the top of the Ballroom, Pizza Steve grabs Uncle Grandpa's propeller and he cuts a hole through the roof, Uncle Grandpa tells him it's all his and Pizza Steve goes ahead and tries to grab the ball but it's too far away. Uncle Grandpa tries to lower himself gently, Pizza Steve almost has the ball until the pipe snaps, Pizza Steve demands Uncle Grandpa to tell him what happened, he explains that they broke the RV's grape juice pipe. The Curtain fills with grape juice and the ball floats up, Uncle Grandpa tells Pizza Steve that they have to go in after it, they jump in and see that the ball is heading towards the edge. They both desperately swim towards the ball as grape juice is spilling out the curtain, before Uncle Grandpa can grab the ball, it falls out and bounces in a bouquet of roses. Uncle Grandpa sees it at the other side of the room, Pizza Steve tells him how noticeable it looks in the bouquet of roses, they slide down the curtain and Pizza Steve tells Uncle Grandpa to swing him to the ball and he does so. Uncle Grandpa continuously swings at the table while Pizza Steve tries to get it, Pizza Steve grabs the table cloth and brings the bouquet closer to him, Uncle Grandpa tells Pizza Steve to hurry as the curtain is about to break, just as Pizza Steve is going to grab the ball, the curtain falls down and brings the guys down with it. Uncle Grandpa jumps high into the air and smashes the table launching the ball up into the chandelier, the bouquet smashes on the floor and Uncle Grandpa holds onto the rim of the table. The table crushes his fingers and he screams as they ride the table all around the Ballroom causing more destruction until they ride out of the room.

Pizza Steve is on his speed cycle and he asks Uncle Grandpa if he remembers the plan, he tells Pizza Steve yes, he's going to drive them in while he cuts the chandelier down with the saw fish and they get the ball, Uncle Grandpa wonders what can go wrong. As they drive into the Ballroom, Uncle Grandpa breaks some wall from the door, Pizza Steve tells Uncle Grandpa there's the chandelier and the speed cycle loses control from slipping on the grape juice. Uncle Grandpa is launched off and he uses the saw fish to ride around the room sawing anything thing that comes in close proximity, Pizza Steve splashes more grape juice every where. Uncle Grandpa is sawing at the wall and he tells Pizza Steve to meet him at the chandelier, Pizza Steve says no problem as he drives leaving a grape juice track behind him until he goes into the fireplace spreading ash everywhere. Pizza Steve comes out and the two are on the ceiling and they crash once they get to the chandelier. The speed cycle crashes and makes a huge explosion on the ground, Uncle Grandpa apologizes about the speed cycle and informs him that they have the ball.

As Uncle Grandpa is holding the ball, he gets a phone call and he drops the ball (Pizza Steve catches it). Mr. Gus is at the ice cream shop and he feels real bad for yelling at them earlier, he wants to make it up to them by getting them some delicious ice cream. Uncle Grandpa thinks it's very nice of Mr. Gus and he tells him it won't be necessary, Mr. Gus tells Uncle Grandpa that he should be home in about five minutes. Pizza Steve wants to know what did he want, Uncle Grandpa tells him he'll be home in FIVE MINUTES! If they don't get the ball out of the room before then, Mr. Gus is going to think they set foot in there, and he tells him what that means, Uncle Grandpa proceeds to show his finger slicing his neck. Even though they have the ball, they have to get it from there to the door without setting foot on the floor. Pizza Steve says "We must act fast bro!" Uncle Grandpa misinterprets it as another great idea by Pizza Steve to use a "Mustache Lasso". Uncle Grandpa extends his mustache into a long rope, breaks it off, ties it to the chandelier, and swings the other end to the doorknob. The two begin climbing down the mustache towards the door, Uncle Grandpa tells Pizza Steve to hurry, Pizza Steve states he's going as fast as he can, he gets the idea to use one of his pepperonis to make like a zip line, the pepperoni won't go and Uncle Grandpa yells a muffled PIZZA STEVE! The pepperoni breaks and Uncle catches Pizza Steve with his feet, Uncle Grandpa asks Pizza Steve if he's okay and Pizza Steve says yea, he tells Uncle Grandpa to get to the door. Uncle Grandpa continues to climb down, Pizza Steve tells him to hurry because Mr. Gus is at the door, Mr. Gus is looking for his key to get in. Towards the end the door begins to close, Pizza Steve tells Uncle Grandpa to do something and Uncle Grandpa spits the ball at the door to stop it from closing. The two almost touch the floor and Uncle Grandpa is relieved that they were saved by the ball, Uncle Grandpa does a flip in the air and Pizza Steve nails the landing, Uncle Grandpa puts the lasso back into his head and he tells Pizza Steve get a move on.

Pizza Steve looks back at the Ballroom and sees that they left irrefutable evidence that they were in the Ballroom, Uncle Grandpa doesn't know what he's talking about and tells him that Mr. Gus is about to burst through the door any second now, Mr. Gus finds the key to the RV. Pizza Steve tells him to look at it, Uncle Grandpa yells MUSTACHE HAIR, the RV door opens and the two grab the hair while setting foot in the Ballroom. Mr. Gus sees them and Pizza Steve tells Uncle Grandpa that they just set foot in the Ballroom, Uncle Grandpa knows. Mr. Gus wants to know what are they doing in there, the two begin to cry as Uncle Grandpa apologizes to Mr. Gus, he explained how the ball bounced in and they tried to get it without setting foot because he told them not to. Pizza Steve tries to tell him that they really tried not to and he plead for Mr. Gus to not kill them, the two then continue to cry. Mr. Gus states that he wasn't talking about that Ballroom, he was talking about that other Ball Room, the guys are confused. Pizza Steve wonders what's in the other Ball Room and Mr, Gus tells him it's a ball pit, Mr. Gus explains that he was picking up some extra balls for the party. Mr. Gus puts the balls in the room and Uncle Grandpa wonders when did they have this room installed, the doorbell rings and Mr. Gus welcomes his guests, the Foreign Dignitaries make their way into the Ball Room as well as Mr. Gus, the guys are confused, Mr. Gus tells them to have a goodnight, he then asks them if they mind if he borrows the original red ball, he takes the ball from them and thanks them, he closes the door and the guys are still shocked and confused.


  • The episode title can be interpreted in three different ways. One way as in Ball Room, meaning both ball filled room, and ball in the room. The other way is as in formal and elegant room.
  • It is unknown how Mr. Gus knows the Foreign Dignitaries.
  • Music from Uncle Grandpa Babies, Internet Troll, and Food Truck is heard in the episode.
  • The Ballroom's design is very detailed by having little to none outlines.
  • The RV has a pipeline especially for grape juice.
  • This episode uses a lot of visual gags.
  • Uncle Grandpa can extend his mustache and put it back in his head.
  • This episode reveals that there're two separate rooms in the living room of the RV, these two rooms were never there before.
  • Uncle Grandpa doesn't know when they had the Ball Room installed.
  • Running Gags:
    • Uncle Grandpa getting his fingers crushed by something.
    • Pizza Steve coming up with ways to not set foot on the floor.
    • Uncle Grandpa and Pizza Steve destroying parts of the Ballroom.
    • Uncle Grandpa and Pizza Steve thinking that wherever the ball lands, Mr. Gus might see it.
  • Errors:
    • The curtain doesn't fill with grape juice after the guys go towards the table.
    • When the guys look at the mustache hair, they're setting foot in the Ballroom and back out again in the next scene, before setting foot in the Ballroom again.


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