Bezt Frends
Season 1, Episode 28
Bezt Friends Title Card.png
Premiered: August 21, 2014
Short: "Ghost Math"
Written and Storyboarded by:
  Ryan Kramer
Marc Ceccarelli
Story by:
  Dave Tennant
Peter Browngardt
Audie Harrison
Casey Alexander
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Bezt Frends is the 2nd episode of Uncle Grandpa season 2, and the 28th overall episode of the series.


Uncle Grandpa goes to extreme measures to surpass Pizza Steve as Pizza Steve's best friend.

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Uncle Grandpa makes best friend necklaces for everyone in the RV. Unfortunately for him, Pizza Steve did not accept the necklace, claiming that he is his own best friend. Uncle Grandpa believed there was another Pizza Steve present that was Pizza Steve's best friend, so he went through extreme measures to get rid of Pizza Steve so he could become Pizza Steve's friend. After every single one of those backfired, he ended up sending Pizza Steve to the moon.

He tells the others his plan to become Pizza Steve's best friend. The others explain to him that Pizza Steve actually meant that he was actually his own best friend and that Uncle Grandpa accidentally sent actual Pizza Steve to the moon and not a duplicate. So Uncle Grandpa has the RV drive up to the moon so he can go save Pizza Steve. They find Pizza Steve who informs them that his new best friend is Mooon Man. Uncle Grandpa challenges Mooon Man to a Pizza Steve trivia game where the winner is Pizza Steve's best friend.

Pizza Steve makes himself the host and begins to ask loaded questions that Uncle Grandpa can't answer. After Mooon Man gets all the questions correct, Pizza Steve asks one more question that he says renders all the other questions useless. Uncle Grandpa was able to answer this one correctly, so Pizza Steve takes Uncle Grandpa back as his best friend and goes home with him to the RV and accepts his friendship necklace.


  • This episode and "1992 Called" aired back-to-back as a half-hour episode.
  • Pizza Steve's best friend is himself, making Uncle Grandpa believe that there's another Pizza Steve who Pizza Steve is best friends with.
  • Everyone who sees Pizza Steve on the ground believes he's trash.
  • The clown that was in the cabinet that Uncle Grandpa opened is a possible parody of Pennywise the Clown from the Stephen King movie It.
    • The same clown shown in the cabinet is also shown in a cabinet in this picture except he is all blue.
    • It is possible that this clown may be Pogo the Sad Clown who was mentioned in Funny Face.
  • The wolf that returned Pizza Steve to the RV after Uncle Grandpa left him in the forest is not only identical in appearace to the night wolves in Belly Bros, but the wolf also has the same voice as Festro from Secret Mountain Fort Awesome.
  • It took 3 weeks for Uncle Grandpa to learn what it means to talk in the 3rd person.
  • Mooon Man parodies a character named "Mac Tonight", a mascot that was for McDonalds. Some people refer Mac Tonight as "Moon Man".
  • Pizza Steve's favorite martial art besides Italian Karate is Moon Jitsu.
  • The correct number for shade tipping is all of them.
  • Running Gags:
    • Uncle Grandpa leaving Pizza Steve in places where he might not come back from, only to be given back to Uncle Grandpa by someone saying to stop littering.
  • Uncle Grandpa trying to find Pizza Steve.
  • Errors:
    • When Uncle Grandpa left Pizza Steve outside for the first time, the RV interior was pink.
    • The train crashing into the RV shows a desert out the hole, the window behind Uncle Grandpa shows a neighborhood.
    • The hobo throws Pizza Steve from one of the middle cars, he then appears on the caboose telling Uncle Grandpa to stop littering.
    • When Uncle Grandpa tries to find Pizza Steve, the hole created by the train is missing.
    • The elevator door in the back of the RV leads outside and not to the rest of the RV.
    • Pizza Steve doesn't need a helmet on the moon, but everyone except for Mooon Man does.
    • The craters change size after Uncle Grandpa puts pies on them.
    • When Uncle Grandpa and Mooon Man are about to play their trivia game, in the corner of the screen, it's left uncolored and white.
    • The Zebra Head leaves the moon without a helmet, even though it arrived with one.




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