Big Trouble for Tiny Miracle
Season 1, Episode 47
Big Trouble for Tiny Miracle Title Card
Premiered: January 22, 2015
Short: "Grandpa at Arms"
Written and Storyboarded by:
  Casey Alexander
Story by:
  Dave Tennant
Pete Browngardt
Audie Harrison
Casey Alexander
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"New Kid"

Big Trouble for Tiny Miracle is the 47th episode of Uncle Grandpa Season 1, and the 47th overall episode of the series.


Tiny Miracle allows the gang to take advantage of his generosity at the expense of his own health

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Tiny Miracle wakes up from bed, he notices that he needs to be refueled so he heads over the table and he prepares himself a breakfast fit with "Circuit-o-Cereal", 8 ounces of ink bomb juice, and digital toast and when he's about to take his first bite, Uncle Grandpa calls out for a tiny miracle, and Tiny Miracle goes up to see what's up. Tiny Miracle flies into the living room and everyone is very happy to see him, Uncle Grandpa shows that for some unknown reason the couch broke apart and Mr. Gus states that Uncle Grandpa and Pizza Steve hacked it apart with butter knives. Uncle Grandpa tells Mr. Gus that it really looked like a burglar in the morning light and Pizza Steve states that the couch had been giving him attitude all week. Uncle Grandpa says that they got a new couch but he doesn't know how to put it together, so Tiny Miracle helps out and he builds the new couch, everyone is praising at how beautiful and comfortable the new couch is. Uncle Grandpa thanks Tiny Miracle and Tiny Miracle is just happy to do what he loves doing and he proceeds back into his room. Tiny Miracle destroys the breakfast he made earlier because it's now lunch time, he makes himself a lunch fit with a motherboard sandwich, microchips and a pickle and when Tiny is about to take his first bite out of the sandwich, Uncle Grandpa calls out for another Tiny Miracle. Tiny Miracle rolls into the living room and Uncle Grandpa says that there's junk blocking the TV, so Tiny Miracle clears the junk from in front of the TV, Uncle Grandpa then realizes that the TV isn't on and Mr. Gus calls out for another tiny miracle, and Tiny Miracle turns on the TV for them. Belly Bag and Pizza Steve both agree that from siting on the couch they're getting pretty hungry so they call out for another tiny miracle, Tiny Miracle looks at his wrist to see how much battery he has left and he says that it's no problem at all.

Tiny Miracle Make the whole gang tacos and he hopes that it'll give him enough time to refuel but everyone already finished their meals, Uncle Grandpa asks Tiny to clean his face off, Belly Bag asks Tiny to brush his teeth, Tiger asks Tiny to comb her fur, Pizza Steve asks Tiny to massage his feet, and Mr. Gus asks Tiny to help him shed his skin. Tiger wants Tiny to point a laser around her so she can chase it and then she asks Tiny to chase the laser for her, Tiger had told Uncle Grandpa to let Tiny Miracle do all the things they were going to do today while they continue to enjoy their new comfy couch. Mr. Gus believes that they may have been taking advantage of Tiny's helpful nature, Uncle Grandpa begins to think so to but Pizza Steve says that Mr. Gus may not be correct or something and Uncle Grandpa like Pizza Steve's point better and he tells Tiny that it'll take another Tiny Miracle to walk his pet Grimgoff, and Tiny flies out of the RV with the Grimgoff. Mr. Gus thinks that it'll take another tiny miracle getting his daily workout session and Tiny starts to exercise for Mr. Gus, when Tiny is lifting the giant weights his arms catch on fire and Mr. Gus can feel the burn. Pizza Steve needs help responding to his fat stack of Pizza Steve fan mail, Mr. Gus states that it's only one letter and it's addressed to Uncle Grandpa, Pizza Steve then points out that he's the favorite on the Uncle Grandpa Show and he winks to the viewers. Tiny Miracle Prints out the new letter and he turns into a bike and he bikes out of the RV and he arrives at Ham Sandwich's house, Ham Sandwich reads his mail and he bonks Tiny Miracle on the head after reading about Pizza Steve.

Tiny Miracle returns to the RV and Uncle Grandpa calls out another tiny miracle to finish this day, Tiny Miracle looks at his wrist and sees that his battery is deadly low and he starts to malfunction, Uncle Grandpa wonders what's wrong and Tiny Miracle says that his energy is too low and he initiates self-destruct sequence for 1:00. Uncle Grandpa panics about Tiny self destructing and figures out what they did wrong, Mr. Gus states that they have to feed him, Tiger says that it's dinner and he'll want Sauce RAM Chop with a Mega Hertz Salad so they all pick up the couch and they head towards the computer. They fall down the stairs and they crash into the computer room, the computer desk with the computer flies into the air and everything lands on them except for Pizza Steve and the computer falls on him. Uncle Grandpa grabs the computer and smashes it on his head and Uncle Grandpa prepares Tiny's dinner then they rush towards the elevator. As they head into the elevator, the doors closes on everyone except for Pizza Steve. They arrive to feed Tiny Miracle, Tiger lifts up the couch, Mr. Gus holds off the arms, Pizza Steve opens Tiny's mouth, and Uncle Grandpa hovers the food over Tiny's mouth but it's not falling, so Uncle Grandpa ask's for Belly Bag's help and they get the food in Tiny's mouth before it's too late. Tiny then throws the everyone on the couch to a nearby wall and Tiny's fuel is up to 100% and he turns back to normal, everyone is happy that Tiny is back to normal and they apologize for taking advantage of his generous nature and that they'll call for him for the biggest tiny miracles. Pizza Steve is mad about their new couch being wrecked in the process, Uncle Grandpa says for them to get to be comfortable and the to watch the TV it'll take... and he say's never mind, Tiny Miracle then helps them out one more time and he let's them sit on his leg for them to watch the TV.


  • This is the first episode to feature Tiny Miracle.
  • Tiny Miracle goes through daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner to power up.
  • Tiny Miracle has as night time outfit that parodies his day time outfit.
  • This episode reveals that Tiny Miracle sleeps in a trunk in his room.
  • The Circuit Loops Tiny Miracle Eats is a reference to Kellogg's Fruit Loops.
  • Tiny Miracle has human anatomy parts such as having teeth and a tongue.
  • If Tiny doesn't fuel up he'll self destruct.
  • Pizza Steve and Ham Sandwich break the fourth wall in the episode, Pizza Steve said he was the star on the Uncle Grandpa Show and Ham Sandwich had announced that he gotten a letter from the Uncle Grandpa Show.
  • Uncle Grandpa has a pet grimgoff.
  • This episode uses music from Food Truck.
  • Running Gags:
    • Tiny Miracle not getting to eat his food.
    • The gang requesting for Tiny Miracle.
    • Tiny Miracle performing ridiculous tasks.
    • The Gang being lazy on the new couch.
    • The Gang enjoying it when Tiny Miracle cleans their faces, followed by a guitar rift.
  • Errors:
    • Tiny Miracle calls his cereal "Circuit-o Cereal", while on the box he pulls out it reads "Circuit Loops".
    • When Tiny Miracle made the other guys a new couch, Uncle Grandpa is seen sitting between Pizza Steve and Giant Realistic Flying Tiger, however, when Uncle Grandpa said there were stuff blocking the TV, he is seen sitting between Pizza Steve and Mr. Gus.
  • When the couch was finished and the gang was testing it out, the couch was much larger and had more cushions.
  • The couch is not place against the wall for the majority of the episode.
  • The interior of the RV is much larger than in most episodes.




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