Season 2, Episode 20
Birdman Title Card
Premiered: August 27, 2015
Short: "Ducktor Exam"
Written and Storyboarded by:
  Myke Chilian
Nick Edwards
Story by:
  Kelsy Abbott
Pete Browngardt
Audie Harrison
Casey Alexander
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Birdman is the 20th episode of Uncle Grandpa season 2, and the 72nd episode overall of the series.


Birdman makes his home in the RV's attic, but his presence begins to drive Uncle Grandpa and the gang crazy.

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Major Characters

Minor Characters


Mr. Gus walks over to Uncle Grandpa to ask him if he wants to see something really cool, Uncle Grandpa said if it's the Devil Sticks again then no because now he's helping Pizza Steve catch some sick air on his new kite board, Mr. Gus is confused and he looks up to see Pizza Steve grinding on some clouds. Mr. Gus asks Uncle Grandpa if isn't it a little too dangerous, that's exactly what he said and that Pizza Steve informed him that his middle name is "Dangerous" which totally shocks him because he always thought that Pizza Steve's middle name was Walter. Uncle Grandpa had let go of Pizza Steve's kite board and he falls through the roof of the RV, the Zebra Head spits him out and he lands straight on the ground, Uncle Grandpa is crying in agony and tells Pizza Steve that he's sorry and he blames Mr. Gus with distracting him with the lame devil sticks, Pizza Steve wants his shades and Uncle Grandpa puts the shades on him, Pizza Steve notices that they're broken and the two cry in pain.

Mr. Gus is sure that he'll be fine and informs Uncle Grandpa that they should fix that hole in the roof before something gets in the RV like some kind of animal, Uncle Grandpa yells at Mr. Gus saying NOT NOW MR. GUS! CAN'T YOU SEE THAT WE HAVE AN EMERGENCY?!?! and tells him that Pizza Steve's shades are ruined and he proceeds to run in side with Pizza Steve but falls and lands on Pizza Steve causing more pain. Mr. Gus then proceeds to do a solo session of Devil Sticking.

Uncle Grandpa fixes the shades for Pizza Steve and tells him that he can go back to ignoring people buy not having to make eye contact, Pizza Steve asks Uncle Grandpa to bring them to him and Uncle Grandpa happily does so and once he gets over there he starts treating him like a baby. Uncle Grandpa puts the shades on Pizza Steve's face and he asks what he thinks about them, Pizza Steve carefully judges them on tint, tipping angle, tude power, and he finally accepts them which makes Uncle Grandpa so happy and he proceeds to hug Pizza Steve, he welcomes Uncle Grandpa and tells him that he still needs his recovery space and Uncle Grandpa happily backs away until he hears scratching sounds coming from the ceiling. Mr. Gus walks through the hallway and Uncle Grandpa stops him to ask about the scratching noise, Mr. Gus said that he was right that they should've fixed the hole in the roof and now there's probably something living in their attic, and Uncle Grandpa questions about them having an attic.

Uncle Grandpa opens the door to the attic and sees that it's really dark, Mr. Gus tells him to feel around for a light switch, Uncle Grandpa is very unsure that there is anything around there and then a giant spider walks towards him, he feels around the giant spider and notices that it's Harold and Uncle Grandpa asks Harold where can he find the light switch, Harold opens his gross mouth and reveals a flashlight that Uncle Grandpa can use, after he receives the flashlight, Uncle Grandpa gives Harold a kiss as his reward. With the flashlight Uncle Grandpa then looks around the attic to see anything out of place and he doesn't find anything until a giant bird with human arms starts to workout right in front of him. Uncle Grandpa tells the guys about the giant bird working out and Mr. Gus realizes that the giant bird is Birdman and he chose to nest in the RV. Uncle Grandpa is confused about Birdman and MR. Gus tells him the story about how Birdman choses the perfect place to perch and how it's very difficult to get him to leave.

Pizza Steve can't believe that they're talking about some lame bird when his shades are ruined again, Uncle Grandpa picks Pizza Steve up and cradles him. Mr. Gus tells the guys to hold up and tell them what are they going to do about Birdman because he's trouble, Uncle Grandpa tells Mr. Gus to lighten up and he believes that Birdman wont affect their live whatsoever. Birdman continues to workout all night. Pizza Steve wakes up and notices that someone poked holes is his pizza box, this makes him mad because he can't stay fresh with a busted roof, he then notices that his shades are broken again. Pizza Steve charges into Mr. Gus room saying that someone ate his pizza bed and ruined another pair of shades, Mr. Gus states that he was right about Birdman being trouble and he's mad that Birdman used his exercise gear and didn't bother to towel off the seat afterwards. Mr. Gus wrote Birdman a note saying to wipe down the seat next time, Pizza Steve tells him to forget leaving notes and tells him Birdman has got to go and he asks where is Uncle Grandpa.

Uncle Grandpa is on a magical and dangerous adventure with a kid, the kid wonders how are they going to get through the monstrous area in front of them, Uncle Grandpa tells him not to worry about it and that he has the right do-hickey for it. Uncle Grandpa reaches inside Belly Bag for his Super Spear and notices it's gone missing, he then pulls out a pile of feathers instead and the two are held captive.

Back in the RV, Mr. Gus tells Pizza Steve that the TV should never be used as a punching bag and he agrees, Uncle Grandpa enters the RV looking defeated and tells the guys that Birdman must go. He then huddles up with the guys and asks who going to tell Birdman to leave, they decide to do rock paper scissors and Uncle Grandpa wins when draws monster truck, Uncle Grandpa tells Mr. Gus that he has to do it and Mr. Gus has the idea to talk to him bird to bird.

Mr. Gus enters the attic dressed as an owl and tells Birdman to fear him, Birdman charges at Mr. Gus and begins to beat him to a pulp. Mr. Gus enters the living room and Uncle Grandpa asks him how it went, Mr. Gus snorts the snot coming from his nose and that's when Uncle Grandpa tells Pizza Steve that it's his turn. Pizza Steve goes onto the roof to lure Birdman with a muscles magazine and Birdman looks surprised to see it, Pizza Steve is waiting for Birdman to take the bait and Birdman yanks on the magazine and pulls Pizza Steve down with it, Birdman beats Pizza Steve while he reads the magazine. Pizza Steve enters the living room all beat up and saying that he tried and then his shades shatter into pieces. Uncle Grandpa says that there's got to be a way to get rid of Birdman, Mr. Gus says that he's really into the large muscle hard style and he asks Uncle Grandpa if he's got any of the protein powder from the 70's and he tells Mr. Gus that's a good idea. Uncle Grandpa lifts up his head and tilts it back for a protein pill and Belly Bag pounds it into a powder, Uncle Grandpa lifts up the protein powder and Birdman is already at his side looking at the powder, Uncle Grandpa lures Birdman outside and away from the RV and once Birdman is eating the powder, Uncle Grandpa drives off.

Once at a safe distance they enter the attic and Uncle Grandpa tells them that they should fix the hole in the roof before Birdman comes back and take care of this egg, Uncle Grandpa realizes the egg and says that they can't evict an expecting parent, Pizza Steve wonders why not? and Uncle Grandpa tells him that it's "Not a Nice Thing to do", Pizza Steve asks what do they do now, Uncle Grandpa says that they evict the egg too, then the words blow up behind Uncle Grandpa. Uncle Grandpa Picks the egg up and tells it that it can't stay here, Birdman comes back and he rips off the roof of the RV. Mr. Gus now regrets that they shouldn't have give him that protein powder from the 70's, Uncle Grandpa see Birdman about to charge at them and he tells them that they need a distraction. They do rock paper scissors again and Uncle Grandpa draws Mr. Gus' head which means it's up to Mr. Gus. After the guys find a place to hide, Birdman charges at Mr. Gus and Mr. Gus distracts Birdman with the Devil Sticks and he tells the guys to do something. Uncle Grandpa tells Pizza Steve that they have to stick Birdman's egg somewhere birds like and he get's the idea to stick it in the clouds. Uncle Grandpa tells Pizza Steve that he knows exactly how he's going to help him do it, Pizza Steve thinks that they're going to use the kite board but Uncle Grandpa was thinking about loading the egg into the egg cannon but he likes Pizza Steve's idea more. Pizza Steve doesn't feel safe since the last time Uncle Grandpa let him down, Uncle Grandpa then shoves the egg in Pizza Steve's face and tells him the time for talk is done and he puts Pizza Steve on the kite board saying it's time for action and tells Pizza Steve to take to the sky once again little flyer.

Uncle Grandpa throws Pizza Steve at Mr. Gus' head and Pizza Steve is airborne, Birdman then climbs the rope and detaches the rope from the board, Pizza Steve lands on an airplane and grinds onto a cloud and places the egg there, Birdman then stops chasing Pizza Steve and he lays on his egg. Pizza Steve is happy that he did it and he falls from the cloud, Uncle Grandpa tells Pizza Steve that he won't let him down and then Pizza Steve falls flat on the floor while Uncle Grandpa catches his shades, Uncle Grandpa tells Pizza Steve the good news and then the board falls on him, Pizza Steve moans great. Birdman is laying on the egg in the sky and the egg starts to hatch and a little Baby Birdman hatches and Birdman is happy for his little buddy.


  • This episode's name could reference Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law.
  • Birdman is voiced by Jonah Ray as stated on Pete's Twitter.
  • There is an Adventure Time episode called The Great Bird Man. However, the titular Birdman character in that episode is completely different that the one in this episode.
  • Uncle Grandpa had won $5,000,000 in a sweepstakes as shown in the attic.
  • The Mona Lisa is also present in the attic.
  • Uncle Grandpa turned into a Pez Candy Dispenser when he took out the protein powder.
    • The protein powder itself could be referencing the use of Steroids as he did mentioned that he had gotten the power during the 70's and was a major time period in which many athletes took this power enhancing drug, the protein powder did show the same effects that would be seen if someone was to take Steroids.
  • This episode suggests that Pizza Steve's middle name is Walter, as seen in Uncle Grandpa 101, Uncle Grandpa reveals his full name as "Pizza J. Stevens" meaning that the name Walter is completely wrong.
  • Running Gags:
    • Pizza Steve's shades kept breaking.
      • This happened 4 times in the episode.
    • The guys playing rock, paper, scissors and leaving Mr. Gus to handle the problem.
  • Errors:
    • When Uncle Grandpa gets Mr. Gus in the hallway the door is missing.
    • When Mr. Gus wrote Birdman and read it he said "Hey Guy!", but on the note is actually said "Hey Guys!"
    • When Mr. Gus went to the living room all beat up, his eyelid wasn't connected.
    • When Pizza Steve was on the roof, the hole was where the Zebra Head should be instead of directly on top of the RV.
    • When the guys went back the attic to see the egg is there, Mr. Gus is wearing the owl costume, but when Birdman comes back he's not wearing it.
    • When the guys reentered the attic, the hole kept switching places.





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