Boogie Man
Boogie Man
"I'm just going to go back to my job driving the bus."
Species: Boogie Man
Hair color: Light Green
Eye color: Yellow/Bloodshot Red
Personal Information

Driving the Bus

Production Information
First Appearance:
  "Broken Boogie"
Voiced by:
Robert Englund

Boogie Man is a monster who found out how to be scary again but ultimately wanted to drive the bus as seen in the episode Broken Boogie. He is voiced by Robert Englund.


Boogie Man is a big monster with light green fur that covers his entire body. He has a mouth with rounded ends and green/yellow teeth, yellow eyes, and he has two long ears and normally wear a bus driver cap. When in his scary form, he grows thorns all over his body and he has red sharp nails that poke out from then fur tips of his hands and feet, his teeth also point out and turn red and his eyes glow with a bloodshot color.


Boogie Man is usually dedicated to the things that he does, he also feels like he's a washed up monster as he was proven to not scare any of Uncle Grandpa's friends. He does care for his bus driving job as it's the only thing he has and is determined to keep it if anything. Boogie Man also can show a true dark side as he grows into a monstrous state of scaring and is able to manifest his body into any shape of form that he deems necessary to scare anyone he wants.


  • Boogie Man doesn't feel like scaring kids is his thing anymore as the money that comes from it isn't too good.


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