Bottom Bag
Season 2, Episode 17
Bottom Bag Title Card
Premiered: August 6, 2015
Short: 'Cloud Gazing'
Written and Storyboarded by:
  Ryan Kramer
Marc Ceccarelli
Story by:
  Kelsy Abbott
Wade Randolph
Pete Browngardt
Audie Harrison
Casey Alexander
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Bottom Bag is the 17th episode of Uncle Grandpa season 2, and the 69th episode overall of the series.


Belly Bag must realize the nefarious intentions of his new friend before it is too late.

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The gang is at a clothe store trying on new looks, Mr. Gus found some pants that almost fit him until his tail sprung out from the back, Tiger found herself some heels, Pizza Steve is rocking out a new fresh look but is not sure if the vest he's wearing says Pizza Steve or not, Uncle Grandpa walks in with a vest that actually says Pizza Steve on it. Belly Bag doesn't see anything in the store for him until he finds a gumball machine and hopes for a red gumball to come out, a red gumball does come out but Belly Bag failed to catch it when it came out and he chases after it.

A mysterious blue patchy bag on a rack caught the gumball, Belly Bag asks if he had seen his gumball and the blue bag kindly throws the gumball at Belly Bag for him to chew, Belly Bag thanks him and tells the other bag that he can get one for him, but the other bag says that it's ok and that it's nice to have a chat with another bag. The other bag tells Belly Bag his story about how he's been on sale since the 70's and how he just hangs out, Belly Bag wants to help him but he's just a bag, Uncle Grandpa walks in telling Belly Bag that talking to other bags is weird and that's when Belly Bag get's the idea that Uncle Grandpa should buy the other bag and Uncle Grandpa does think that two bags are better than one, the other bag joins in saying that he's on clearance and very durable. Uncle Grandpa is sold on the fact that the bag can talk and decides to call him Bottom Bag and they all get in the RV and drive out of the store.

Belly Bag is giving Bottom Bag a tour of the RV, he takes him to the kitchen and notices that the dishes in the sink haven't been washed by Pizza Steve, Belly Bag then shows Bottom Bag the living room where they watch TV and play videogames and Mr. Gus adds in reading classic literature, Belly Bag then tells Bottom Bag Mr. Gus' name along about how he's kind of a nerd. Belly Bag then shows Bottom Bag the couch where Pizza Steve DOESN'T DO THE DISHES! Belly Bag then shows Bottom Bag the rest of the RV and Bottom Bag finds it to be "Far Out". Belly Bag then wants to show Bottom Bag what's inside of him and once inside, Bottom Bag says that it's "Freaky Deaky" in there and wonder how all of this is possible, Belly Bag says that it's very simple because he's Uncle Grandpa's MAGICAL Belly Bag. Belly Bag then shows Bottom Bag the place where he keeps Uncle Grandpa's important documents. Once outside, Bottom Bag is amazed that Belly Bag has the whole package with great friends, a sweet pad, and being Uncle Grandpa's go to guy, Belly Bag gives Bottom Bag Uncle Grandpa's Breath Freshener to hold to feel valuable.

Uncle Grandpa comes up from a hole saying that it's bedtime, he straps Belly Bag around a pillow and shoves Bottom Bag in his dresser, Bottom Bag opens the dresser door and gets an idea to become top bag.

The next day Belly Bag and Bottom Bag are skinny dipping and having fun in a pond outside the RV, the two then get out and walk over to put their clothes on and Bottom Bag tells Belly Bag if they can switch outfits just for hoots and toots and Belly Bag agrees to it, as the two walk towards the RV with each other's clothes on, Bottom Bag tells Belly Bag that he forgot his favorite pitchfork behind that rock, Belly Bag runs to go get it while Bottom Bag runs inside the RV yelling to everyone that Bottom Bag (Belly Bag) has gone crazy, this catches Uncle Grandpa's attention and he says that Bottom Bag has a pitchfork and he's coming after them, he then tells Uncle Grandpa to look out the window and he see Bottom Bag coming back to the RV with the pitchfork and this worries Uncle Grandpa to get out of there. Belly Bag wonders what all that was about and he also wonders where Bottom Bag is going to put a pitchfork since his pockets are way too small and he finds Bottom Bag's evil plan in one of the pockets and now Belly Bag has to find a way to save his friends from Bottom Bag and he gets an idea with the pitchfork.

Uncle Grandpa tells Bottom Bag that he's sorry that his new friend didn't work out, and Bottom Bag says that he has all the friends he needs right here. Uncle Grandpa notices a bag of nuts and decides to crack open a few with his head, he notices that he can't crack one nut open and he tells Bottom Bag to give him his laser hammer and Bottom Bag lies about sending it out to get waxed, Uncle Grandpa got mad and tells Bottom Bag when do they wax the laser hammer because it was so thoughtful of him. Uncle Grandpa hears the alarm of a kid in danger and rushes to see what wrong.

At a basketball court Uncle Grandpa meets a kid named Billy and asks what's the matter, Billy tells him that that mean "Butt Bag" popped his basket ball, Belly Bag said he had to do something to get Uncle Grandpa's attention, Uncle Grandpa still thinks Belly Bag is Bottom Bag and Bottom Bag tells Uncle Grandpa that he's evil. Belly Bag then yells out I'M NOT BOTTOM BAG! and he rips off Bottom Bag's clothes to prove it, Uncle Grandpa then asks who is he and he says that he's Bottom Bag, Bottom Bag then tries to tell Uncle Grandpa that he's Belly Bag and that's when Belly Bag had enough and yanks Bottom Bag off of Uncle Grandpa and he rips off his clothes from Bottom Bag. Uncle Grandpa is really confused and Bottom Bag punches Belly Bag and begins a fight. Bottom Bag throws credit cards at Belly Bag but he misses and he actually hits Uncle Grandpa, he throws more items at Belly Bag and threatens him with the breath freshener, Belly Bag pretends to be hurt and then he shows Bottom Bag what's inside him, he barfs out a pile of junk to look like a Christmas Tree. Belly Bag has one more thing to show Bottom Bag and he pulls out the laser hammer, and he shoots Bottom Bag and everything blows up. As Belly Bag is putting on a new outfit, Uncle Grandpa is inspecting the hammer and sees that it's not waxed.

Belly Bag goes over to Bottom Bag to ask him why he did it, and he said that being cooped up in that store for so long really did a number on his noggin and that he wanted to be a top bag like him, Belly Bag then asks Uncle Grandpa if there's anything they can do for him, and Uncle Grandpa says that he's got it covered. They make give Bottom Bag to Billy and he's happy to be a top bag just like Belly Bag, Billy is also happy because he has the perfect place to put his basketball and he shoves the whole thing in Bottom Bag's mouth and walks away, Belly Bag is happy that it could've had happened to a nicer bag.


  • Since Bottom Bag is from the 70's he has a 70's accent such as of a "Hippie" and uses words like:
    • Cool Cat
    • Man
    • Groovy
    • Far Out
    • Freaky Deaky
    • Zowey
    • Hoots
    • Toots
    • Noggin
  • Mr. Gus was reading a book called "Dickey Moe" which is similar to the actual novel "Moby Dick" and a double-reference to the Tom and Jerry short "Dicky Moe".
  • This is the second time the inside of Belly Bag is seen.
    • It is also shown that Belly Bag can go inside himself.
  • Belly Bag and Bottom Bag can take off their clothes showing that they're both skinned colored bag creatures of a kind.
  • Another speculation of the buttons on Uncle Grandpa's suspenders are Belly Bag's eyes is seen again in this episode when Bottom Bag became Belly Bag since he was seen opening and closing and looking concerned as if they were really eyes.
    • Just like the suspender buttons, the buttons on Bottom Bag's clothes also act as eyes.
  • When Bottom Bag took out the credit cards, there was one card that said "VASI" which is just "VISA" scrambled.
    • VISA is a real credit card with the similar blue and yellow color scheme as shown is the episode.
  • In the title card it shows Uncle Grandpa doing the dishes but in the episode Pizza Steve was supposed to do the dishes.
  • Running Gags:
    • Belly Bag showing Bottom Bag around the RV.
  • Errors:
    • When Belly Bag began chewing his gumball, he stopped chewing it immediately.
    • Belly Bag says "MY EYES! MY EYES! Is what I would say if I had any!", his real eyes a really Uncle Grandpa's button suspenders.




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