Brain Game
Season 1, Episode 15
Brain Game
Premiered: November 26, 2013
Short: "Uncle Grandpa's Story Time Storybook of Stories: The Legend of Beardman: The Nighttime Tickler"
Written and Storyboarded by:
  Andy Gonsalves
Casey Alexander
Story by:
  Dave Tennant
Pete Browngardt
Audie Harrison
Casey Alexander
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"Mystery Noise"

Brain Game is the 15th episode of Uncle Grandpa season 1, and the 15th overall episode of the series.


Pizza Steve and Uncle Grandpa have to help a kid named Adam beat a video game, so they control him through his head.

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The game starts off with Pizza Steve losing at a video game. Uncle Grandpa asks him if he won the game, so Pizza Steve lies and says yes. Pizza Steve begins to brag about how awesome he is at video games. Uncle Grandpa is impressed and starts to praise Pizza Steve. Uncle Grandpa gushes about how he's going to let Pizza Steve drive the RV one day. Mr. Gus overhears this and asks why Uncle Grandpa won't let him drive the RV. Uncle Grandpa passes him off to hear what Pizza Steve has to say. Pizza Steve tells Mr. Gus that he's lame for trying to put up a bird house because there are no birds in the RV.

Of course, Pizza Steve is wrong and there are birds in the RV. They were sitting over Uncle Grandpa's eyes, but Uncle Grandpa didn't notice. This causes Uncle Grandpa to crash the RV into Adam's living room. Uncle Grandpa comes out and stands in front of Adam's TV, causing Adam to lose the game. Adam complains that he's been trying to play the game for weeks but has not been able to beat it. Uncle Grandpa tells him that he has the perfect solution for him, and hold up Pizza Steve and gushes about how he's the master of video games.

Pizza Steve tries to protest but before he could say anything Uncle Grandpa immediately sets him to work to help Adam. Uncle Grandpa turns them small enough so they could fit in Adam's head and plug in their controllers through there. Uncle Grandpa theorized this would be the best method to make Adam good at video games. Uncle Grandpa tries to hand the controller to Pizza Steve, but Pizza Steve tells him that he would be able to do it because it's "super easy". So Pizza Steve tells him what to do and Uncle Grandpa does it.

They end up destroying some rooms in Adam's house, recklessly making Adam travel through the city (and almost get him killed), and end up in a zoo, all the while Pizza Steve makes Uncle Grandpa play the game rather than play it himself. In this zoo, Adam is in a gorilla cage about to be attacked by a gorilla. At this point, Uncle Grandpa has had enough of Pizza Steve not playing the game and begins to doubt Pizza Steve's honesty. Pizza Steve doesn't want this, so rather than take the controller he tries to leave instead. Uncle Grandpa grabs his arm and tells him to prove to him that he is the master of video games and not actually a liar. Pizza Steve accepts and begins to button mash with his eyes closed. He is able to escape from the gorilla doing all kinds of crazy feats with Adam's body. Pizza Steve didn't know he escaped since his eyes were closed, so he ends up chucking the controller once they're out of the zoo cages and crying about how he truly didn't know how to play video games correctly.

Uncle Grandpa informs Pizza Steve that he actually did it and was able to get Adam safely out of the gorilla cage. Pizza Steve opens his eyes and lifts his sunglasses to see, and immediately returns to his calm and cool self bragging about how great he is at video games again. Uncle Grandpa apologizes to Pizza Steve, and Pizza Steve says he'll accept his apology if he orders some pizza. Before they leave, Pizza Steve tells Adam that button mashing will make him the master of video games. Later on, sure enough, Adam becomes the master of video games at the local arcade and impresses the Arcade Employee with his button mashing skills.


  • Mary makes a cameo in this episode. She is shown walking by the zoo.
  • Beary Nice makes a cameo in this episode. He is shown on a poster at the subway station.
  • Remo's Dad makes a cameo in this episode. He is shown walking in the subway station.
  • Kev makes a cameo in this episode. He is shown standing in the corner of a subway station.
  • This is the second time Belly Bag doesn't speak in the series. The first was in the pilot.
  • All of the show's main characters appear except for Giant Realistic Flying Tiger.
  • The handheld game Pizza Steve was holding was called "Game Bro", which is a parody of Nintendo's "Game Boy".
  • Uncle Grandpa breaks the 4th wall when he tells the Uncle Grandpa editing the episode to make them smaller.
  • Adam has a very small brain.
  • Adam's kitchen has the same fridge seen in Uncle Grandpa Ate My Homework!.
  • Uncle Grandpa and Mr. Gus has graffiti in the subway.
  • Running Gags:
    • Someone losing to the ostrich game.
    • Pizza Steve lying to Uncle Grandpa.
    • Uncle Grandpa controlling Adam around town.
    • Uncle Grandpa and Pizza Steve believing they're playing an actual game.
    • Pizza Steve telling Uncle Grandpa what to do.
    • Uncle Grandpa putting Adam's life in danger.
  • Errors:
    • When Pizza Steve shows Uncle Grandpa his eyes were closed, the next scene shows them open.
    • When Uncle Grandpa cut through the back of the RV, the chunk that fell out was completely white when it should've shown some window.
    • When on Adam's face, his eyes are brown, when Uncle Grandpa plugs into his mind they're green.
    • When Uncle Grandpa opens the door to the tiny RV, the inside is pink.




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