Charlie Burgers
Season 1, Episode 17
Charlie Burgers Title Card
Premiered: January 14, 2014
Short: "Mr. Gus Works Out"
Written and Storyboarded by:
  Marc Ceccarelli
Ryan Kramer
Story by:
  Dave Tennant
Pete Browngardt
Audie Harrison
Casey Alexander
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Charlie Burgers is the 17th episode of Uncle Grandpa season 1, and the 17th overall episode of the series.


Man's best friend is missing His best friend! Can Uncle Grandpa save Charlie's best friend?

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The episode begins with Charlie Burgers gushing over how much he loves his ball toy. As he is playing with it, it accidentally gets stuck on Angry Man Johnson's roof. Charlie barks at it before the UG RV crashes into his yard. Uncle Grandpa, Mr. Gus, and Pizza Steve come out and greet Charlie. Charlie introduces himself and informs them that he has lost his ball on the roof. Uncle Grandpa, Mr. Gus, and Pizza Steve recall times where they have lost balls and decide to help him.

Uncle Grandpa decides the best course of action would be to switch the earth's gravitational pull so they can use clouds to get to the roof and grab the ball without trespassing on Angry Man Johnson's property. They go through storm clouds, an airplane, and a large eagle before getting to Angry Man Johnson's roof despite Charlie's yard being right next door to his house.

After retrieving the ball, Uncle Grandpa tries to play fetch with Charlie and throws the ball before returning the gravity back to normal. Unfortunately for Charlie, Uncle Grandpa accidentally hurtled the ball towards a black hole in outer space. Belly Bag warns him that if they do not save him he will be sucked into another dimension and get ripped apart limb from limb. They call Giant Realistic Flying Tiger to help them and set out to save Charlie. They were able to successfully grab Charlie, but were getting sucked into the black hole themselves. Charlie decides to sacrifice his ball in order to save everyone. After he does, Uncle Grandpa turns gravity back to normal and returns Charlie safely back to his yard.

Uncle Grandpa apologizes to Charlie for losing his ball, but Charlie tells him that he had a great time losing that ball and tells him that he has a bunch of others that he has lost on top of another neighbor's roof. Uncle Grandpa asks Mr. Gus to switch gravity again to help Charlie retrieve these balls, but Mr. Gus accidentally breaks the switch and the gravity goes haywire and ends up spinning the earth so fast everything in the world gets chucked into outer space and explodes.


  • This was the first episode to air in 2014.
  • Charlie Burgers' name is a pun of the food Cheese Burgers.
  • Pizza Steve's initials are on the door of the RV.
  • Charlie Burgers is the first character to insinuate eating Pizza Steve.
  • Uncle Grandpa states he's been in prison before and escaped.
  • Most of this episode is present upside down.
  • Beary Nice and Hot Dog Person were seen sitting down in one of the seats of the airplane.
  • There is a passenger on the plane that is an old man that looks like an older version of Uncle Grandpa.
  • Angry Man Johnson thinks he owns the sky when he told the guys to get off of his cloud.
  • Uncle Grandpa breaks the 4th wall when he said he had five minutes to spare, the time remaining for the episode when he said this was 5:16.
  • Belly Bag seems to know where black holes go when he predicted what will happen to Charlie Burgers.
  • The nearest black hole to Earth is 2,800 light years away.
  • Uncle Grandpa doesn't believe in gravity as he states it's just a theory.
  • For the emergency whistle, everyone must stick their fingers in Uncle Grandpa's mouth as he blows the whistle through his chin.
  • This is the second time an angel representation of Uncle Grandpa is seen, the first is in Uncle Grandpa for a Day.
    • The theme from the episode can be heard when everyone gets back to Earth.
  • Frankenstein makes a cameo where he is stuck on a balloon when Uncle Grandpa and his friends fly to save Charlie Burgers from Black Hole Monster, who's trying to suck Charlie Burgers, and the earth with him.
  • Fido's name makes a cameo on a tombstone in Angry Man Johnson's graveyard.
  • Running Gags:
    • Charlie Burgers acting like a dog.
    • The guys telling the story of how they lost their balls.
    • The guys jumping from cloud to cloud when they were thundering.
    • Angry Man Johnson getting mad.
    • Belly Bag repeating himself to the black hole monster.
  • Errors:
    • This is the only episode where Pizza Steve's initials are on the door of the RV.
    • There's nobody siting in the back of the airplane.
    • The back of the plane is a bathroom, in actual airplanes the bathrooms are located on the sides of the aisle, the pack of the plane is for the stewardesses to bring food on carts.
    • When going to space, the atmospheric blue haze is coming from space and not Earth.
    • Earth is even seen in the blue haze at the end of the episode, providing no real source for it.
    • The RV is missing at the end of the episode.




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