Cheesepuff Mike

Cheese Puff Mike

No cheese ring

Cheese Puff Mike Troll

Species: Troll
Hair color: Brown (human)
Eye color: Black
Personal Information
  Uncle Grandpa
Belly Bag
Mr. Gus
Hating Uncle Grandpa
Katy Perry
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Internet Troll
Voiced by:
Paul Rugg

Cheesepuff Mike is an internet troll that was trolling Uncle Grandpa as seen in the episode Internet Troll. He is voiced by Paul Rugg.

Physical Appearance

As a Human

As a human, he looks like a stereotypical internet troll. He has a greasy, brown mullet and wears glasses. His appearance is sloppy and he is heavy set as well.

As a Troll

As a troll, he has green skin, a large nose, large feet, and black hair. He wears a brown peasant like shirt and shorts. He is alot taller and larger in this form.


Cheesepuff Mike is cynical in nature and believes most things are lame. He enjoys showing his disapproval of various subjects, usually exclaiming how he feels in all caps lock. Though it's obvious he tries to get a rise out of people by rudely exclaiming his negative feelings, but it can be debated whether his intentions are malicious or playful. In his human disguise, he isn't very threatening nor does he attempt to do anything more threatening than spam rude comments on social media. In troll form, however, he becomes much more hostile and violent, attempting to kill anyone in the room with him (which could be a defense mechanism considering internet exposure turns him into stone).



  • According to his twitter account (presumably run by the UG Crew), the only things he shows an interest in liking is any kind of food (aside from red velvet oreos), PCs, and Katy Perry. He seems to be infatuated by Katy Perry
  • Here is a list of things he has shown disdain/displeasement of so far on his twitter account:
    • Casey Alexander
    • Mark Bodnar
    • The World Cup
    • The new Wonder Woman costume
    • Zack Snyder
    • "Walking on Hot Dogs"
    • Uncle Grandpa
    • Cyber Monday
    • Kanye West
    • Red Velvet Oreos
    • Friday the 13th
    • McDonalds making McRib a limited time item
    • Macs
    • Memes
    • The "Internet Troll" episode of Uncle Grandpa
    • Mardi Gras
    • Chinese New Year
    • Aqua Man
    • Llama chases
    • Say Uncle
  • He uses the phrase "N'yoll" alot. It is not known if this is an expression of disappointment, a playful expression, or a tauntful expression. He seems to use it for all three of those purposes.
  • According to his twitter account, he lives on the world wide web. However, in the episode Internet Troll, he is shown living in a house in a seemingly existential world.
  • In the episode, the wall he is found behind is under a bridge in cyberspace.


Internet Troll

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