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Christmas Special
Season 1, Episode 41-42
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Premiered: December 4, 2014
Short: "None"
Written and Storyboarded by:
  Myke Chilian
Ryan Kramer
Story by:
  Kelsy Abbott
Tom Kauffman
Peter Browngardt
Audie Harrison
Casey Alexander
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"Dog Day"

Christmas Special is the 41st and 42nd episode of Uncle Grandpa Season 1, and the 41st and 42nd overall episode of the series. This is the first Christmas episode and half-hour episode of the series.


Santa Claus and Uncle Grandpa must work through their personal differences in order to save Christmas.

Character Appearances

Part 1

Major Characters

Minor Characters

Part 2

Major Characters

Minor Characters


Part 1: Saving Christmas

The episode starts off with Santa's elves singing while making toys at Santa's workshop. The song they sing goes like this:



We love making toys at the North Pole,

For children all around the world that's our only goal,

We have to work fast,

Santa is leaving soon,

We must deliver all the presents,

Hey look at this spoon!

La La La La La La La La La La!


I'm making my list,

I'm checking it twice,

Wee diddly dee,

doo dippity dice!


La La La La La La La La La La!


Christmas time is in- (Present falls on Santa's leg)

While Santa sings a present with a bowling ball in it crashes down to the floor and crushes Santa's leg, and the elves begin to get worried about who will deliver all the presents if Santa has a broken leg.

Mr. Gus is putting up Christmas lights in the RV and asks Pizza Steve if he can get some help putting up the lights, Pizza Steve says he can't because he's too busy decorating the Christmas tree. Mr. Gus then asks Uncle Grandpa if he can help with the lights, Uncle Grandpa absolutely doesn't want to help Mr. Gus because he doesn't celebrate Christmas, then Mr. Gus questions why is he wearing a Christmas sweater, Uncle Grandpa didn't know it was a Christmas sweater because he thought it was a cheese mash sweater. Pizza Steve tells Uncle Grandpa that doesn't he like Santa? and all Uncle Grandpa hears is laughter. Uncle Grandpa snaps and says how Santa is a crazy person, he's a creepy old man who flies all around the world, breaking into children's homes and clamming to make them happy, he then storms off the fire pole and exits with the rest of the Christmas decorations and taking down the lights and Christmas tree, casing to drag furniture, and causing the RV to crash.

When the RV crashed into a snow forest, a yeti grabbed the RV and threw it at Santa's work shop. Everyone crashed out of the RV and into a pile of presents, Uncle Grandpa comes out of the pile of presents and questions where he landed, an elf says Merry Christmas to Uncle Grandpa and he begins to hear laughing, Uncle Grandpa then yells to stop laughing at him. Santa comes out on a wheelchair and questions why is Uncle Grandpa here? Uncle Grandpa begins to fill with rage and claims that he wouldn't have come here by choice, he jumps out of the pile and lands on Santa's cast and he calls Santa "brother". The elves all gasped along with Mr. Gus and Giant Realistic Flying Tiger, Pizza Steve comes out of a present and tells a doll to call him later then Mr. Gus informs Pizza Steve that Uncle Grandpa and Santa are brothers, and Uncle Grandpa pulls down Santa's beard and asks don't you see the resemblance? Mr. Gus asks if Santa is Uncle Grandpa's brother then why does he hates Christmas, Uncle Grandpa says that it's the one time of year that reminds him of his lousy brother who likes to make him feel dumb about himself, Santa says it's because Uncle Grandpa is dumb and that all he ever does is mess things up just like that one day, then they both fight about who's fault it was.

Uncle Grandpa then cuts to a flashback so that everyone can see what happened. Uncle Grandpa flashes back to the year 1983 and that he spent all summer writing and choreographing a rap routine to perform at the USA talent time celebrity search competition.


Uncle Grandpa:

Yo yo yo I'm a rapping grandpa,

Rappity rap rap and his slappity do da!


I'm Santa Claus I'm rappin' kind of guy,

Check out Uncle Grandpa he's looking really fly,

You slide to the right,

Wink at your knee,

Do the lock pick if you- (Uncle Grandpa bumps into Santa)


Now you do a little turn,

Make a little spin,

Swing you arms around and around- (Uncle Grandpa punches Santa)


Now you drop to the floor,

You wiggle all around,

Do the slimy worm if you want to get dow- (Uncle Grandpa kicks Santa in the face)

There's no brain inside that head so you can't think straight,

So you make a hard fist to punch yourself in the face,

Now you look real foolish from being so clumsy,

So you pull out a mallet to smash your face like a dummy!

I guess you're feeling hungry so you eat a car tire,

Uncle Grandpa:

Those aren't the lyrics I wrote.


Then you run around on stage cause you think your shoe is on FIRE!

Uncle Grandpa then falls off stage with Santa onto the camera crew and people begin to laugh at Uncle Grandpa.

Uncle Grandpa then asks if he needs to go on, he was scared for years because of Santa, and whenever he hears about Christmas all he hears is laughter, Santa tells Uncle Grandpa to give him a break with that torture sibling routine. The elves begin to panic because it's Christmas because no one will be able to deliver all the presents. Pizza Steve tells Uncle Grandpa how kids leave milk and cookies out for Santa, and if they volunteer it'll be like a lot of free milk and cookies for them. Uncle Grandpa complains that he'll be helping his ungrateful brother and his disgusting little freaks and tells Pizza Steve to forget it and he puts his foot down on the cast, causing Santa more pain. Pizza Steve asks Mr. Gus if he wants to weigh in on the situation and Uncle Grandpa tells him to climb on top of Santa's cast and Santa aches in more pain, Uncle Grandpa asks Santa if he minds for his screams of pain and that they're having a private meeting there. Uncle Grandpa asks Mr. Gus if they should fill in for his meanie brother and deliver all the presents, Mr. Gus agrees to go along with the plan and that Uncle Grandpa does like helping kids. Uncle Grandpa says that he's right he does like helping kids, the elves rejoice, and Uncle Grandpa says that he's not wearing Santa's outfit and that he has something much better in mind.

With Mr. Gus and Uncle Grandpa in their costumes their ready to start delivering presents, Pizza Steve fills Belly Bag with all the presents, and Uncle Grandpa is ready to go deliver the presents with Giant Realistic Flying Tiger as a reindeer. An elf tells Uncle Grandpa to listen for Santa for instructions on his wrist communicator, Santa tells Uncle Grandpa to not screw it up, then Uncle Grandpa tries to take off but he backs up into Santa giving him more pain, and they fly through the roof. Uncle Grandpa asks for the first stop, Santa tells Uncle Grandpa that the first stop is the Johnson's house, they have two girls and one boYOUCH! Uncle Grandpa questions what is a boYOUCH? Mr. Gus points out the house and Santa tells them to go in gently and quietly, Uncle Grandpa states that it's not his first time entering a house and he tells Tiger to go in gently and quietly. They all break through the chimney and they crash into the Christmas tree, Mr. Johnson enters the room with a baseball bat and demands them to leave. Uncle Grandpa states that it didn't go that bad and he asks Santa for the next stop, he says the next stop is for little Timmy down the street, his toys are clearly labeled in the bag, and if Uncle Grandpa messes this one up he'll rip of his mustache and eat it. Mr. Gus found the present and Uncle Grandpa is creped out by it, when they enter the house they quietly sneak pass Timmy but Pizza Steve noticed the milk and cookies and as he begins to eat and drink he notices that its all healthy stuff and he spits everything out on the outlet where the tree is plugged in. Uncle Grandpa says that there's no room for the gift, the tree already gave birth to a lot of presents so he takes the toy out of the box, sticks the toy in the tree, and kicks the box into a fine china cabinet. As they begin to leave the tree lights on fire from the shorted out outlet, and the face of the toy begins to melt off, Timmy wakes up and tries to see if its Santa, Uncle Grandpa says hi, and Timmy is freaked out by his outfit as he backs up into the burning tree his toy Uncle Grandpa had stuck in the tree falls down with no face and asks Timmy for a hug, Timmy begins to scream and Uncle Grandpa, Mr. Gus, and Pizza Steve make a run for it out of the house.

Uncle Grandpa thanks Santa for blowing that last stop up, Santa tells Uncle Grandpa that he has some nerve blaming all of that on him, especially if he doesn't listen to him. Uncle Grandpa decides to not listen to Santa even though the next house is completely off limits, as Uncle Grandpa enters the house through the chimney he's right away looked in a cage. Uncle Grandpa tries to escape the cage and he tells Santa what did he do this time, Santa tried to warn Uncle Grandpa about the house being off limits, little Sally Smith has been naughty for years, Sally comes into the room saying that her collection is complete, he notices that the Easter Bunny, St. Patrick's Day Leprechaun, Thanksgiving Day Turkey, the Veterans Day Velociraptor , and other holiday mascots have been caged up. Sally Notices that Uncle Grandpa is not Santa and that she was expecting Santa, then she goes off to slice him a piece of pie. Uncle Grandpa calls out for Pizza Steve and Mr. Gus to help him but they're too busy opening all the presents inside Belly Bag. Uncle Grandpa blames Santa for getting him stuck in that cage all because of Christmas, Santa says that he'll get him out but Uncle Grandpa has to follow his instructions, Uncle Grandpa thinks that Santa will make him mess it up like the rap competition. Santa has an idea and he tells an elf to drop a beat and make it extra rappy cool. Santa then raps out his instructions to Uncle Grandpa,



If you like to escape your Christmas cage,

set aside your sibling rage.

Uncle Grandpa:

Whoa, Cool, just like old times!

I can do all the dance moves to all of your rhymes!


Slide to the right,

Wink to your knee,

Then do the lock pick if you want to break free!

Jump really high to clear that chair,

Look out for that bear that you didn't know was there. 

Uncle Grandpa:

So many obstacles all across the floor!


If it makes it easier then slide across the wall.

If you move fast enough we can still save Christmas.

Uncle Grandpa:

I think we're back in business.




Careful Uncle Grandpa and back away real slow.

Uncle Grandpa:

Would you look at that we're right under the missile toe!


Uncle Grandpa:

Wow! You're even better than Mr. Gus!


Alright Uncle Grandpa no more dancing with the raptor,

If you want to make it out you need to move a little faster.

You're almost there

things are looking really nice.

Uncle Grandpa:

I'm almost there!


Hey I got you a slice!

Uncle Grandpa gives up but all he asks is if he can still have the pie, Sally notices the it's Uncle Grandpa in disguise and she apologizes by giving him the pie. She asks how did he escape, Uncle Grandpa says that he using the influential power of hip hop, also by learning to move forward as a person you have to let go of the pass. Sally begins to get what Uncle Grandpa is trying to say, she thinks that she needs to let go of all of her favorite holiday mascots to become a healthy well rounded individual, Uncle Grandpa was just talking about himself when he said that but all the holiday mascots are trying to tell her that's what he was saying, so she lets everyone free and acknowledges the Veterans Day Velociraptor for all of his services, and he says you're welcome. Uncle Grandpa believes that he had saved Christmas, Santa says that he hardly saved Christmas because it took him forever to deliver the rest of the presents and that it's already Spring. Santa apologizes to Uncle Grandpa for losing all of his temper all the time, and that they make a pretty good team, and Uncle Grandpa decides to bury the hatchet into Santa's cast, and Santa cries "WHY?" in pain.

Part 2: Guardian Lobster

Pizza Steve begins to tell a story of how he slayed a dragon and finished saving the rest of the orphans he had built up quite the appetite, so he did what any amazing person would do and he cooked a delicious seven course Christmas Eve dinner for him and for all 500 orphans and it was unbelievable, Mr. Gus believes that if was unbelievable because he doesn't believe it. If Uncle Grandpa hadn't insisted on cooking Christmas Eve dinner for them tonight, Pizza Steve could've showed them his holiday meal making skills. Mr. Gus asks Uncle Grandpa if he is almost done making dinner, Uncle Grandpa says that he's just putting on the finishing touches, he then pokes the food a few times and calls them over for dinner. Uncle Grandpa stops everyone from beginning to eat the meal so he can take a picture of how great it looks, as he's finding the right angle for the picture, he steps onto the table and starts slipping on the butter, mashed potatoes, and gravy everywhere, until he falls at the end of the table launching the ham outside the window until a pack of wolves eat the meat, Uncle Grandpa then takes a picture of the bone.

Mr. Gus hopped that the picture was worth it because Uncle Grandpa had ruined Christmas Eve dinner and his mood, every one else gets upset that Uncle Grandpa ruined Christmas Eve dinner. Uncle Grandpa becomes disappointed in himself, the three galaxies in space watched as Uncle Grandpa feels unwanted until Lawrence the green galaxy decided to go down to uncle Grandpa to show him how his friends would've lived if he didn't exist. Uncle Grandpa is at the town bridge and he considering about using a jetpack to launch himself into space, Lawrence takes the form of a lobster and claims to be Uncle Grandpa's guardian lobster, and Lawrence takes Uncle Grandpa around town to show him an alternate reality without him existing. Lawrence shows how Frankenstein would've lived if Uncle Grandpa wasn't there for him, Frankenstein is jailed by an angry mob and all sad, Uncle Grandpa was the only one who understood him. Lawrence then takes Uncle Grandpa to a football game where Giant Realistic Flying Tiger has a job as a mascot, an angry fan then throws a football at her saying we need a defense not a mascot. Lawrence brings Uncle Grandpa to a fashion room where Belly Bag is desperate be worn by somebody, Uncle Grandpa wishes to bring Belly Bag with him but Lawrence tells him he can't, then they get caught by the fashion lady and they leave. Lawrence takes Uncle Grandpa to Captain Blowhole's Seafood Restaurant to show him how Pizza Steve is doing as a waiter, Pizza Steve's manager comes to tell him to wear the eye patch while serving customers, Uncle Grandpa tells the manager that Pizza Steve is the coolest person in the Universe, the manager tells him if he's so cool then where are his sunglasses?, Uncle Grandpa leaves because he can't stand to look at Pizza Steve as being not cool anymore. Lawrence brings Uncle Grandpa to a museum to show him how difficult Mr. Gus is living his life, Mr. Gus is working as a janitor with no friends, Uncle Grandpa then questions why is Lawrence showing him all of this, Lawrence states how Uncle Grandpa's friend need him but it's up to him if he wants to fly away in space forever or to stay with his friends.

Uncle Grandpa zooms back to the RV on the jetpack and he apologizes to his friends for ruining Christmas Eve dinner. Mr. Gus said that they just ordered take out from the chicken place down the street instead. Pizza Steve goes to the door to get the chicken wings from the door, and Belly Bag states that every time that bell rings, Pizza Steve gets his wings, then they all laugh and celebrate the rest of Christmas Eve at Captain Blowhole's Seafood Restaurant with an order of lobster.


  • This is the second holiday special, the first being Haunted RV.
  • Its revealed that Uncle Grandpa and Santa are brothers as they share a striking resemblance.
  • Uncle Grandpa states that Santa is a crazy person and that he's a creepy old man who flies around the world, breaking into children's homes and claiming to make them "happy". The same could be said about Uncle Grandpa.
  • Pizza Steve pulls out a doll from a present that resembles a Raggedy Ann doll.
  • Uncle Grandpa hates Christmas because he believes that it was Santa's fault they messed up their talent routine in 1983.
  • The "My Chum Charlie" doll is a reference to the Movie "Chucky".
  • When the guy's entered Timmy's house, the music playing sounded like "Sugar Plum Fairy" by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky from the "Nutcracker".
  • Uncle Grandpa's eye hands could reference "Pan's Labyrinth".
  • Uncle Grandpa's moral for the episode is "In order to move forward as a person, you have to let go of the past".
  • This episode is a 22-minute special that is split up into two different stories, similar to regular episodes with two 11-minute pairs. However, the stories are not in even times, the first one being around 14 minutes long and the other being around 7 minutes.
  • Snow Buddy from the intermission is a reference to Frosty the Snowman.
  • In the second part, there's a Hanukkah Menorah, despite it being Christmas.
  • When Uncle Grandpa is on the bridge in part two, it could reference the scene of "It's a wonderful life", another Christmas Special where George Bailey shouts out "I want to live again".
  • Another reference to "It's a Wonderful Life", when Belly Bag states that "Every time that bell rings Pizza Steve gets his wings", the real quote from the movie is "Every time a bell rings an Angel get's his wings".
    • The song "Auld Lang Syne" begins to play when Belly Bag says this.
  • Lawrence broke the fourth wall when he said "Sure, I like his show, why not!"
  • Lawrence showing Uncle Grandpa the world where he didn't exist is a reference to "A Christmas Carol".
  • The Nameless Girl with Blue Dress has a poster of English Muffinz in her room.
  • Uncle Grandpa visits Captain Blowhole's Seafood Restaurant from Treasure Map, the music from that episode can be heard.
    • Pizza Steve acts like the waitress from the episode with the same gloomy attitude.
  • As a result of the events of this episode, Uncle Grandpa begins celebrating Christmas as he celebrating with his friends it in Secret Santa.
  • Lawrence may presumably be deceased at the end of the episode. However, this could be a lobster who looked similar to Lawrence or just his mortal body (Since he lives among the stars).
  • Running Gags:
    • Uncle Grandpa hearing laughter.
    • Uncle Grandpa hating Christmas.
    • Everyone gasping when Uncle Grandpa reveals something about him and Santa.
    • Uncle Grandpa messing up his dance moves and hitting Santa.
    • Santa giving him different dance moves to fight back.
    • The guys standing on Santa's cast and bringing him pain.
    • The gang causing great damage to people's houses.
    • The guys running out of people's houses.
    • Lawrence showing Uncle Grandpa different realities of his friends.
  • Errors:
    • When Pizza Steve's cheese rolls up, his body is 2D flat.
    • The Thanksgiving Day Turkey is mouthing the words with the other mascots, all that can be heard from him is gobbles.
    • Sally states that she trapped her favorite holiday mascots, Humpty Dumpty, Rapunzel, The Tooth Fairy and Little Red Riding Hood are present while they're mere fairytales and not holiday mascots.


Part 1

Part 2


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