Date with Gus
Season 5, Episode 14
Date with Gus Title Card HD
Premiered: June 26, 2017
Short: "None"
Written and Storyboarded by:
  David Gemmill
Story by:
  David Gemmill
Pete Browngardt
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Date with Gus is the 14th episode of Uncle Grandpa Season 5, and the overall 144th episode of the series.


When Uncle Grandpa and Pizza Steve accidentally ruin Mr. Gus's night, the two of them go undercover as Mr. Gus' date.

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Mr. Gus is getting ready for a big date and he thinks he looks good, he notices dome dirt on his arm and decides to clean himself off, a bacon ball smashes through the window and hits him in the head, Uncle Grandpa apologizes for his window and asks if he wants to play bacon ball with him and Pizza Steve. Mr. Gus tells him that he doesn't have time for that and informs him that he's going on a very important date with a special lady friend, he tells him that he met her online using a mobile chess club app and shows them, Uncle Grandpa is amazed and thinks that she looks like a real sharp cookie and Pizza Steve thinks that his date is going to be a real snooze fest. Mr. Gus tells him that Denise and him have developed quite the relationship online and he doesn't need them and their gross bacon ball raining on his parade, Mr. Gus gives them their bacon ball back and excuses himself as his date will be here any moment and he goes off to finish getting ready.

Uncle Grandpa thinks that it's cute that Mr. Gus is in love and Pizza Steve finds it disgusting as he takes the bacon ball and tell Uncle Grandpa he's up to bat, Uncle Grandpa is ready to see what heat he's packing in his little arm and Pizza Steve throws the ball to him, Uncle Grandpa hits it and it bounces all over the place, ultimately hitting Denise in the face. Denise falls over and Uncle Grandpa is horrified to see that they just hit this nice lady with their bacon ball, he then notices that this is Mr. Gus' date and Pizza Steve thinks that this isn't good as she's out cold, Uncle Grandpa is sad that Mr. Gus wouldn't be able to go on his date with his special lady friend and Pizza Steve figures that this is probably the only lady in the universe willing to date boring Mr. Gus. Uncle Grandpa wonders what are they going to do and Pizza Steve gets an idea and he tells Uncle Grandpa in his ear.

Mr. Gus is putting on cologne and he hears the doorbell ring and figures that it's Denise and he goes to open the door, Mr. Gus opens the door and is shocked to see what Denise looks like, Pizza Steve says hello in his voice before changing his voice to sound more feminine, he says hello to Mr. Gus and tells him that it's so good to finally meet him, Mr. Gus says it's good to finally meet her and tells her that she looks different than her profile picture. Uncle Grandpa asks Pizza Steve what's he going to say and Pizza Steve tells Mr. Gus that the pictures don't do her justice and she wants to know what about the date. Mr. Gus tells her that he's ready when she's ready.

They go to a Mexican restaurant and they're sitting together in a booth, Mr. Gus asks Denise if she sees anything she likes and she views the menu, Pizza Steve tells Uncle Grandpa that he's got it upside down and Uncle Grandpa tells him how was he supposed to know as he's down in the stomach. Denise is trying to figure out the menu and tells Mr. Gus that they make menus so complicated these days, Pizza Steve tells Uncle Grandpa to get it together and he tells him that he can't see and he's coming up and tells him to let him see the menu so he can hold it correctly, Pizza Steve tries to push him down to tell him there's not enough room up in the head, they continue to fight and it looks like she's acting funny to Mr. Gus. Mr. Gus asks her if she's feeling well and tells her that they can always take a rein check, Denise tells Mr. Gus that she's fine, Pizza Steve tells Uncle Grandpa to stay cool and that they don't want to blow their cover and Uncle Grandpa tells him he's right and apologizes.

The waiter then arrives to ask if they're ready to order or if they need a few minutes, Mr. Gus tells him that he'll take the burrito mole ale carte, the waiter then asks Denise if she wants something and she tells the waiter that she'll have a chicken taco, Uncle Grandpa asks Pizza Steve to get him a burrito and Pizza Steve tells him no way, Uncle Grandpa tells him he's starving and Pizza Steve orders a burrito. Uncle Grandpa then asks Pizza Steve to get him a couple of enchiladas too, Denise then orders the enchiladas with a chili relleno, three mini tacos and that's it, the waiter thanks her and struggles to take the menu away. Mr. Gus asks Denise when did she fall in love with the game of chess, Denise tells him it's her favorite and Pizza Steve asks Uncle Grandpa what does he do, Uncle Grandpa tells him to wing it and Pizza Steve starts to make up a story. Denise tells Mr. Gus that it all started when she was a girl in boarding school and one time she was playing this guy and she was like king me and her horses trampled over his castle, Mr. Gus corrects her by saying that she took his rooks with her knight. Pizza Steve doesn't think this is good and wants Uncle Grandpa to help him out by giving him some hand gestures. Denise continues to say that chess is a huge part of her life and she eventually joined the chess club, she knocks over her glass of water and Pizza Steve tells Uncle Grandpa what he just did, Uncle Grandpa said he'll take care of it and tells him to follow his lead.

Denise apologizes to Mr. Gus, she walks over to help him out, she begins to wipe down a leg and tells him that she can be a real klutz sometimes, Pizza Steve notices that they're at the wrong guy and Denise walks back to their real booth. Denise apologizes and tells Mr. Gus that she really needs to get her prescription updated, Mr. Gus tells her that it's ok as he needs an update on his contacts too. The waiter comes back with their food and asks them if they need anything else to let him know and he walks off, Uncle Grandpa can smell the food and he starts to shove the food down his mouth and wants more, Pizza Steve tells him to chill as he doesn't want them to look like slobs. Denise is trying to shove a burrito in her head as the other people look at her like she's crazy and Mr. Gus asks her what's going on, Pizza Steve tells him to stop and to let him make conversation until they eat again, Denise then tells Mr. Gus that he admires the décor and Mr. Gus say it's a mission style interior where some may say Spanish colonial revival and Denis tells Mr. Gus that he's so smart.

Uncle Grandpa thinks that this is boring and wants to spice things up with hot sauce, Uncle Grandpa creeps for the hot sauce as Pizza Steve asks Mr. Gus to tell him more about the Spanish revival style. Mr. Gus points out that the arches exposed in the wooden rafters and says it would be considered mission revival, Denise tells him to go on as she pours hot sauce on the food, Mr. Gus says that he wouldn't have gone with the windows as they're a little tacky and then figures that it might add to the charm, Denise thinks that he's very charming as she finishes putting hot sauce on the food, she tells him to tell her more as she pours all the food in her mouth. Uncle Grandpa eats all the food and Pizza Steve asks him what did he do, Mr. Gus thinks that she was hungry and Denise say that he can say that, Uncle Grandpa swallows the food and he begins to burn up and tells Pizza Steve that he needs water. Denise's arms flare around and Mr. Gus wonders what's wrong, Pizza Steve tells him to not do it and Denise gets up and start to hit Mr. Gus while causing havoc at the restaurant looking for water. The waiter comes in with a hot plate and Denise runs into him causing the hot plate to fall in her mouth and into Uncle Grandpa's mouth and he goes crazy and takes the fountain and drinks from it. The waiter presents Mr. Gus with the bill and Mr. Gus isn't too happy.

Mr. Gus and Denise are walking together Mr. Gus tells her that it was nice meeting her and tells her that he had an interesting time and Denise tells him that she did too, Uncle Grandpa tells Pizza Steve that he has to put the moves on and Denise begins to run a street lamp. Mr. Gus asks her what she's doing and the real Denise shows up and wonders what's going on here, Mr. Gus is shocked to see her and Denise wonders who's the other Denise and Mr. Gus wonders the same thing too, Pizza Steve tells Uncle Grandpa that Mr. Gus is on to them and Mr. Gus reveals the guys in the costume. Mr. Gus is angry to see that it was them and tells them HOW COULD YOU and that they ruined his first impression, Uncle Grandpa tries to explain that they were playing bacon ball and Mr. Gus tells them that he doesn't want to hear about their disgusting bacon ball and tells them to get into the RV, and Denise still wants to know what's going on.

Uncle Grandpa watches Mr. Gus trying to explain and he figures that they just ruined Mr. Gus' one shot at true love, Pizza Steve tells him that he just used Mr. Gus' chess app to get him 100 more dates and he edited Mr. Gus' profile picture a little bit to make him appear less boring. Mr. Gus enters the RV all happy and tells them that he told Denise about the mix up and she though that it was a riot and he owes them a big thanks and the first impression earned him a second date. The doorbell rings and he runs to open the door and figures that it's her right now, he opens the door and sees that a bunch of girls are at the door for Mr. Gus and he's confused.


  • This episode's quote is "Take one of these and call me in the morning.".
  • This episode sounds similar to A Gift for Gus, where they both use Gus in the title.
  • The RV is in a open yard in this episode, this can be seen again in A Gift for Gus and Lil' Mac.
  • Mr. Gus' mobile chess app is similar to the dating app "Tinder".
  • Pizza Steve believes that Denise is the only person in the universe that is willing to date boring Mr. Gus.
  • Mr. Gus states that uses contacts.
  • As stated by Mr. Gus the interior of the restaurant is "Mission Style" and figures it's from the Spanish colonial revival era.
  • It turns out that Uncle Grandpa and Pizza Steve's plan worked out after all.
  • Running Gags:
    • Uncle Grandpa and Pizza Steve communicating in the costume making Denise look crazy.
    • Uncle Grandpa asking Pizza Steve to order a lot of food.
    • Mr. Gus talking nervously to Denise.
    • Uncle Grandpa causing havoc in the restaurant.
  • Errors:
    • When the Camera zooms out the window when Mr. Gus hands them back their ball, the RV extends much further outside the screen.
      • The window is shown to be divided from the other window where they're usually connected.
    • When Uncle Grandpa sees the pin on Denise's shirt, it's only there for that scene.
    • When it cuts to the scene where it shows the guys inside the costume for the first time, the outline of the costume doesn't show arms.
    • The fat man in the booth behind them disappears in the scene after Denise goes back to the booth, only to be seen later on.
    • When Uncle Grandpa shoves the burrito in the costume's mouth, the stitching disappears.
    • Uncle Grandpa said he can't see in the costume, but he notices a hot sauce bottle and picks it up to use in his food.
    • When Uncle Grandpa is chewing the food, his mustache disappears.
    • Uncle Grandpa's skin changes from red to normal between scenes when his mouth is on fire.
    • When Uncle Grandpa pours water on his tongue, the water stops flowing inside the costume until it changes scene and water is still flowing in the costume.
    • The waiter charged them for breaking a wall when it was shown that they only broke a window.
    • When Pizza Steve shows Uncle Grandpa Mr. Gus' new profile on the app, there is a like and dislike button added.


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