Deep Dish Dave
Deep Dish Dave
"This kind of thing SO DOES NOT FLY, in the Bahamas."
Species: Deep Dish Pizza
Hair color: Yellow
Eye color: Black
Personal Information
  Bragging and Boasting,

The Bahamas

Production Information
First Appearance:
  "Full Grown Pizza"
Voiced by:
Anders Holm

Deep Dish Dave is a big slice of deep dish pizza who lives the big life as seen in the episode Full Grown Pizza. He is voiced by Anders Holm.


Deep Dish Dave is seen a big chunky slice of deep dish pizza with a face, he is shown to be very much strong and has layers of cheese, sauce, and crust. Deep Dish Dave normally wears a lavender shirt with collar and black pants with boots, he also has yellow blonde hair and a long nose.


Deep Dish Dave is like Pizza Steve but times 10, he brags and boasts about everything but instead of Pizza Steve, he actually has them. Deep Dish Dave likes to live the big life as he's seen to be very rich and appreciate anything rich related, and he talks about going to the Bahamas a lot. He mainly acts like a grownup and has a strong distaste for people who act like babies, he's also shown to be a really deep thinker when he feels like it.


  • Apparently it's a pizzas nature to act like they own the world and be a grownup with no time to fool around.


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