Dog Day
Season 1, Episode 43
DogDayTitleCard Better
Premiered: December 5, 2014
Short: "Workout Time for Mr. Gus"
Written and Storyboarded by:
  David Gemmill
Casey Alexander
Story by:
  Kelsy Abbott
Tom Kauffman
Peter Browngardt
Audie Harrison
Casey Alexander
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Dog Day is the 43rd episode of Uncle Grandpa Season 1, and the 43rd overall episode of the series.


A girl's father refuses her request for a dog, Uncle Grandpa becomes a dog to help her learn responsibility.

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Sandy's father refuses Sandy's request for a dog, she tries to tell him that she can take care of a dog, but he points out what happens when she has pets then he points towards the graveyard of pets in the backyard. Sandy promises that having a dog will be different, but her father says that no means no and then he goes off to chop down a tree. Sandy talks to her stuffed animal that one day she'll have a real dog, Uncle Grandpa says hello to Sandy and Sandy believes that Fluffers was talking to her and Uncle Grandpa comes from behind saying that's a cool stuffed animal and then she gets surprised to see that it was Uncle Grandpa talking. Sandy questions why is he here, he replies to appearing unexpectedly, and she also asks why didn't he crash into her house in his RV, but Uncle Grandpa crashed into her neighbor's by accident. Uncle Grandpa tells Sandy that its ok to talk to stuffed animal because he talks to Gary the marshmallow that lives in his mustache, he pulls out Gary from his mustache and listens to what Gary says about Sandy's problem, and he tells Gary to tell Sandy their plan to get Sandy a dog, Uncle Grandpa leaves and reappears as a dog. Sandy questions if it's actually Uncle Grandpa, he says yes and he also tells her to call him Uncle Grandpooch and all she has to do is train him to prove to her dad that she is a responsible pet owner, Sandy says that it's a great idea and Uncle Grandpooch licks Sandy's face.

Sandy begins to train Uncle Grandpooch by teaching him how to sit but Uncle Grandpooch decides to sit on Sandy's father's chair and Sandy tries to stop him but he manages to break the chair. Sandy then tries to teach him how to roll over, she tells Uncle Grandpooch to laydown and then roll over but he rolls out of control and Sandy tries to tell him to stop but she didn't teach him how, he then rolls out of the house and Sandy chases him downhill until they roll together to a construction site and got launched into the air and crash landed back at Sandy's house. She then tries to teach him to gimmie paw & shake hands, Sandy then tells Uncle Grandpooch to gimmie paw and he gives her his paw, she then tells him to shake hands but he gets out of control with shaking hands and brings Sandy up and down causing her to hit the celling and floor and she tells him to stop, Uncle Grandpooch asks how did he do and she says he did a bang up job. Sandy then tries to teach Uncle Grandpooch to go fetch and when Sandy throws the stick, Uncle Grandpooch comes back with a old man and his cane. Sandy then has to try to teach Uncle Grandpooch about house breaking and Uncle Grandpooch begins to break everything in the house but she tells him that house breaking is about doing his business outside, Uncle Grandpooch comes out of the bathroom saying he used too much toilet paper. Sandy then becomes depressed because she doesn't think shes cut out for dog ownership and that her dad was right and Uncle Grandpooch tells he that she's an excellent dog trainer. Sandy's father is yelling out for help because a tree fell on his legs, when Sandy's father see that she has a dog with her, he feels betrayed that she has a dog. Sandy tells her father that she's been training Uncle Grandpooch and he says that he'll believe it when he sees it. Sandy begins to show her father the tricks she's been teaching Uncle Grandpooch and when he asks to shake hands, Uncle Grandpooch gets out of control with shaking hands and launches Sandy's father up in the air along with the fallen tree and Sandy tells Uncle Granpdpooch to fetch the giant tree before it lands on a guy with his boys. Uncle Grandpooch then chops up the tree into smaller parts and uses the logs he chopped up to build a dog house, and Sandy's father questions where did he learn how to chop wood like that and Uncle Grandpooch says that Sandy taught him.

Sandy's father is feeling the pain from the tree and Sandy says that they have to get them to a hospital but Sandy's father can't drive with his legs like that, then Uncle Grandpooch drives up to them to pick them up. As they rush downtown Sandy's father questions where did he learn to drive like that and Uncle Grandpooch says that Sandy taught him, then they get stuck in traffic so they take a detour in a forest. A bear comes out of the forest and stands in front of the car, so Uncle Grandpooch gets out of the car and scares the bear away and Sandy's father becomes stunned by what he saw and Uncle Grandpooch tells him that Sandy taught her. As they head for a cliff, Uncle Grandpooch sticks his head out the window and as soon he drives off the cliff he bites onto a helicopter and Sandy's father believes that Sandy taught him, as they hover over the hospital Uncle Grandpooch lets go of the helicopter and they bounce off a tree to safely touch the ground. Uncle Grandpooch rushes inside the hospital to get a wheelchair to bring Sandy's father inside the hospital until a security guard tells them that there are no dogs inside the hospital, Sandy's father tries to tell him that Uncle Grandpooch saved his life but he tells them to put the dog outside or they'll be denied service, so Uncle Grandpooch said he'll go wait outside like a good dog. Nurses then rush Sandy's father the operating room for immediate surgery. Sandy's father tells to the doctor if he has a chance, and Uncle Grandpooch comes dressed as a doctor saying that he definitely has a chance, Sandy's father becomes shocked as says a dog can't perform surgery and he tells him not to worry because Sandy taught him that too, he then tells the doctors that this should be a walk in the park because he's a dog. Sandy's father then comes out of the operating room and says to Sandy that he'll be able to walk again in two year and a guy presents him with a bill of 80,000 and Uncle Grandpooch pays the bill for them. Sandy's father then talks to Sandy about having a dog and that she's more than capable of being a dog owner and Sandy thanks him and her father goes off to go for a hike, Sandy thanks Uncle Grandpa but he can't be her dog forever but he has a plan. Uncle Grandpa comes back and shows Sandy Fluffers as a real dog, Uncle Grandpa says he did this with Frankenstein Juice and Frankenstein comes out of Belly Bag. She wants to let Uncle Grandpa know how grateful she is and what she learned to become a responsible pet owner, but Uncle Grandpa was in the bathroom again and he used to much toilet paper again.


  • Charlie Burgers appears on the title card.
  • Peter Browngardt, the show's creator makes an appearance at the beginning of the episode.
  • Sandy is voiced by Tara Strong.
  • The Bear is voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson.
  • Sandy's Dad should be able to walk again in 2 years.
  • The hospital they visited is the St. Scam-You Hospital, joking about how hospitals tend to give out expensive bills.
  • Frankenstein Juice doesn't only bring things back to life as seen in Tiger Trails, but it could also turn inanimate object such as stuffed animals to life.
  • Running Gags:
    • Sandy trying to teach Uncle Grandpooch.
    • Uncle Grandpooch not following instructions and destroying Sandy's house.
    • Uncle Grandpa using too much toilet paper.
    • Uncle Grandpooch saying "She taught me".
  • Errors:
    • Public Hospitals are not allowed to deny service.
    • Dog can be permitted in hospitals, such dogs are service dogs.
    • Sandy's house has stairs in the front door, making it extremely difficult for her father's wheelchair to go up and down on.
    • At the end of the episode, the entire house is fixed.




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