Driver's Test
Season 1, Episode 7
Premiered: September 23, 2013
Short: "Slice of Life with Pizza Steve: Hare Brush"
Written and Storyboarded by:
  Audie Harrison
Story by:
  Dave Tennant
Peter Browngardt
Audie Harrison
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"Uncle Grandpa Sitter"

Driver's Test is the 7th episode of Uncle Grandpa season 1, and the 7th overall episode of the series.


Uncle Grandpa helps a young teenaged girl named Mary to achieve her driver's license.

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The episode starts off with Mary crashing into the DMV building in a student driver car. The driving instructor, Remo's Dad, angrily tells her that she will not be getting her driver's license ever because she is a terrible driver. He leaves her crying alone in the car. After he walks away, Uncle Grandpa crashes The UG RV next to the scene. He immediately pops up next to her car and greets her with a "Good Morning". This startles her and she begins to scream. Uncle Grandpa screams with her. Once she stops, she realizes it is Uncle Grandpa and greets him weakly. Uncle Grandpa asks her what is wrong, and she reveals to him that she failed her driver's test 10 times and is afraid she will never get her freedom and independence like her friends have.

Uncle Grandpa tells her that he will teach her how to drive and put's the student driver sign on top of the RV. Mary confesses that she knows how to drive but just gets nervous and makes alot of mistakes. Uncle Grandpa insists he teaches her and drags her into the RV. He takes her to the cockpit and lets her sit in the driver's seat while he sits in the passenger seat next to her. She immediately gets nervous because there are alot of buttons on the control panel. Uncle Grandpa begins to gently instruct her on what to do when starting and driving the car, and she follows his instructions. He then gently guides her through parallel parking, but during the instruction the shifter gets stuck. Uncle Grandpa tries to help her, but he ends up putting the shifter on the "Crazy Baby" option.

This option summons a crazy baby in a blue sports car. The crazy baby starts speeding off shouting baby gibberish. Uncle Grandpa explains to Mary that the Crazy Baby is set to destroy them and it's up to her to stop the Crazy Baby. Mary tells him that she doesn't work well under pressure and gets even more nervous. Instead of getting angry with her, Uncle Grandpa puts on a relaxing song to help her calm down a bit before asking her to floor it. She begins to speed off in the RV with the Crazy Baby chasing close behind. They were able to escape from the Crazy Baby, but they almost accidentally ran down a mother with her baby. Luckily, Mary was able to swerve out of the way and miss the parent and child and drive off the other way. The Crazy Baby came up to the mother and child and began speaking baby gibberish to the baby in the carriage. That baby began to speak gibberish to him back, which lead the Crazy Baby to go in the same direction as Mary and Uncle Grandpa.

Mary freaks out when the Crazy Baby gets close behind them again, but Uncle Grandpa calmly and gently instructs her what to do next. They drive off of the pier on the edge of the city and onto a garbage boat floating by. Belly Bag rejoices about being safe on the boat, but the boat ends up tipping over and throwing them in the water. Belly Bag zippers his mouth shut after that. Uncle Grandpa says at least Crazy Baby won't follow them into the water, but unfortunately for him he actually does. Uncle Grandpa zippers his own mouth shut after this.

Crazy Baby chases Mary all over the bottom of the ocean. Uncle Grandpa instructs Mary to drive into a whale's mouth to get away from Crazy Baby. She does so. The whale swims up to the surface and blows them out of its blowhole all the way into outer space. Mary is impressed by this. However, this awe is shortly lived when the RV starts to take a nose dive down into the city. Uncle Grandpa ejects them from the RV and calls over Giant Realistic Flying Tiger to help them. Crazy Baby find them and ends up crashing his sports car into the RV. Once inside the RV, the Crazy Baby begins to drive it after them. Uncle Grandpa tells Mary to make a double U-turn around a cloud so that they are chasing the Crazy Baby. They were chasing him for a while, but then Tiger accidentally swallows a bird and starts to fall down.

Mary gets nervous and begins to worry about the outcome of her future, but Uncle Grandpa informs her that she will be using him as a vehicle. She uses him as a vehicle to drive after Crazy Baby, who is driving the RV into an active volcano. Uncle Grandpa and Mary drive into the RV so Uncle Grandpa can distract the Crazy Baby and Mary can take the wheel while he's distracted and drive it away from the volcano. Crazy Baby begins to beat up Uncle Grandpa. While he is, Mary takes the wheel and tries to turn it, but the Crazy Baby's feet were still on the wheel holding it with a strong grip. Another Uncle Grandpa comes over to the cockpit and hands over the thick, luxurious hare from the Slice of Life with Pizza Steve: Hare Brush short to the Crazy Baby. This calms the baby down considerably. The Crazy Baby takes his feet off the wheel and begins to play with the bunny in Uncle Grandpa's lap. Mary is able to steer the RV away from the volcano.

Uncle Grandpa congratulates her and tells her all she needs to do now is parallel park. Mary is nervous, but Uncle Grandpa reassures her that she can do it. After some crazy bouncing feat, she successfully parallel parks. Mary is proud of herself and starts to cheer. The driving instructor comes up, looking stern. Mary begins to apologize, but the driving instructor informs her that he is going to give her a license because she did a very excellent job driving and returned his baby in one piece. Mary is really happy, and to make everything better, Uncle Grandpa gets her her own "Freedom and Independence" truck. Uncle Grandpa reminds Mary to be safe and obey all traffic laws as she drives away, ready to show her friends what she has achieved.


  • This episode shares the same timeline with the short Slice of Life with Pizza Steve:Hare Brush
  • This is the first episode that Pizza Steve and Mr. Gus don't appear in, excluding the short.
    • It is also the first episode in which Belly Bag has no lines.
  • Mary failed her driving test 10 times.
  • While driving, the RV appears to look 3D.
  • Crazy Baby is able to talk to other babies.
  • There's a sunken ship in the episode that closely resembles "The Titanic".
  • Uncle Grandpa's side mirror says "Objects in mirror may be Uncle Grandpa", the actual word on cars would be "Objects in mirror are closer than they appear".
  • Mary's new truck horn is the same tune of the General Lee from the "Dukes of Hazard".
  • Running Gags:
    • Mary failing her driver's test.
    • Remo's Dad being mean.
    • Someone saying "The freedom and Independence that comes with driving a car".
    • Uncle Grandpa teaching Mary how to drive.
    • Mary getting nervous.
    • Someone zipping their mouth shut.
  • Errors:
    • When the scene changes where Uncle Grandpa is standing through the RV, the RV goes from broken to being fixed.
    • The dashboard of the RV changes from complex to simple while Mary is in the driver's seat.
    • When Uncle Grandpa is trying to change the shifter, the RV is set on park when it should be set on drive.
    • The whale is shown to have human teeth when whales actually have baleen.
    • The hole in the RV is missing when the Crazy Baby starts to drive the RV.
    • When Mary starts to drive Uncle Grandpa, she's much smaller than normal.




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