Duck Lips
Season 2, Episode 1
Premiered: March 5th, 2015
Short: "None"
Written and Storyboarded by:
  David Gemmill
Kenny Pittenger
Story by:
  Kelsy Abbott
Tom Kauffman
Pete Browngardt
Audie Harrison
Casey Alexander
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Duck Lips is the 1st episode of season 2 of Uncle Grandpa, and the 53rd episode overall of the series.


After Uncle Grandpa molds her lips into "duck lips," a young girl must deal with her popularity.

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Josie is in her room trying to take the perfect duck lips selfie to upload onto Facehole, when she's done she looks back at her photos to choose one to upload (although the first few aren't well captured like one with her eyes closed and her thumb blocking the camera.) when she finally uploads the best one no one likes it on Facehole. As Josie lays in her bed in disappointment, Uncle Grandpa crashes into her room and the RV falls into the floor, When Uncle Grandpa greets Josie, Josie tells Uncle Grandpa how desperate she is to take the perfect selfie however, both Uncle Grandpa and Mr. Gus are unsure of what she wants. Josie states that she can't take the perfect selfie with her thin (literally transparent) lips, so Uncle Grandpa stretches out her lips to look plump and big, Josie then takes a new selfie with her new plump lips and uploads it to Facehole and it finally gets likes for it. Josie then heads for school to show off her duck lips, but Mr. Gus states that it's 4 in the morning. Josie makes a dramatic entrance at high school and she notices the popular girls so she goes to talk to them, Josie asks them if they saw her selfie online and they said once Josie gets 100 likes she'll be able to hang out with them. Uncle Grandpa appears in a locker, Josie tells him her problem and Uncle Grandpa at first doesn't know how to respond, then Josie tells him that she needs bigger lips to get more likes so Uncle Grandpa stretches her lips again, Josie then uploads another selfie and it gets a ton of likes, she then thanks Uncle Grandpa and she heads to class.

During class Mr. Turnbuckle is teaching the class about "The Picture of Dorian Gray" and while he's teaching, Josie, beginning to feel above her class, decides to take selfies during his class, Mr. Turnbuckle then asks Josie what's she doing and Josie claims to take selfies, Mr. Turnbuckle then tells her to not give her any lip, Josie the whips her hair in a sassy manner and tells him smugly "that's the point.". Mr. Turnbuckle then tells Josie to go out the door and not to come back when she shows him some respect to his class. Josie, not caring in the slightest anymore, then tells him that his class has 0 likes on Facehole and asks who would respect it. Josie notices that her likes are at 3,000 and is very dissatisfied, claiming it to be "weak sauce", so she gets Uncle Grandpa to stretch her lips even further to get bigger lips and after that last lip job her lips are ginormous (nearly resembling a duck's bill) and is guaranteed to get over 1,000,000 likes on Facehole. Josie gets over 5.6 million like on Facehole, becoming the most popular girl in the world. While Josie is running in the halls she runs into a crowd of students that want to be with Josie and her duck lips, the crowd then stops for Principal Harry and Josie gets some coffee on his tie, and Principal Harry then gets real angry at the now self-centered Josie and tells her to go to his office. Principal Harry tells Josie that according to her file she used to be a top star student and over achiever with a 4.0 Grand Point Average where he then asks Josie what happened to her and why is she letting her education flush down the toilet, In which Josie responds to Harry that she's super popular on Facehole and that she doesn't need an education, Harry then tells Josie that she's wrong because an education is vital if she wants to be successful in life, Josie tells Harry that she's already successful and that she has a ton of fans and that they're ready to see her outside and she's mega uber internationally well known. Principal Harry then goes to the window to see all of Josie's fans outside, Josie then tells him that his school is dumb and tries to pronounce obsolete and instead says old, Principal Harry then expels Josie from school, Josie tells him to read her lips which read "I don't care" leaving Principal Harry to be unsure of what to say or how to react.

Josie believes that if she's expelled she can spend time on Facehole and with her fans, and Josie notices that she has 3.5 billion fans on Facehole. Josie goes outside and stands in front of the podium to say thanks for all the likes and in the crowd ducks start popping up and heads towards Josie, more ducks start to appear and they try to get her attention and surround her until they pile up on her. Belly Bag asks Uncle Grandpa if he hears what's going on outside and at first, Uncle Grandpa claims it to be his stomach growling as he hasn'the eaten, then he holds his ear up to the chaos and uses his hand to open the locker door to escape, Uncle Grandpa then goes outside to see the chaos and Josie screams for help, Uncle Grandpa then flys with his propeller hat to pick Josie up and fly away, Josie claims that they need to get somewhere safe so she can take a selfie. Belly Bag warns them about the ducks approaching and Uncle Grandpa tries to fly away from the flock of ducks, the ducks then take Josie captive, Belly Bag says that she needs to stop making the duck lips so that ducks won't think she's a duck, Uncle Grandpa then tells Josie to stop making the duck lips and to smile normally, Josie tries to make her lips small and at first fail, but with more effort, she cracks a rather unattractive smile. when she does all the ducks seem uninterested. Uncle Grandpa tells Josie to snap a selfie to get the word out and once she does Josie looses her followers on Facehole, the ducks then fly away and the popular girls thought what Josie did was really cool, Josie stops smiling and her lips fall to the ground from the overstretching of them. Once at Josie's house Josie tells Uncle Grandpa that her dream of popularity made her life turn into a complete nightmare, doing so with an ironically nightmarish face and voice to match the statement. Uncle Grandpa then responds in an unimpressed "mm-hm".


  • This episode is the first to show a situation with most of the main characters not being present.
  • Facehole is a parody of Facebook.
  • Josie slightly resembles Vicky from The Fairly Odd Parents.
  • Josie stayed up until 4:00 AM to take a perfect selfie.
  • Josie's first selfie got her 99 likes, the next got 100, her next few selfies got only 3,000, and her last one got 5.6 million likes.
  • Uncle Grandpa acts like a regular old person by not understanding modern things like selfies and getting likes.
  • Josie's high school mascot is the Tigers, probably referencing Giant Realistic Flying Tiger even though she's not actually in the episode.
  • Dennis, Riley, Mary and Josie go to the same school.
  • The scoreboard is foreshadowing Josie's popularity as she has 1,000,000,000 and Everyone else has 0 until later in the episode she'll have 3.5 billion followers.
  • Before Josie became popular, she was a straight-A student with a 4.0 GPA.
  • Josie is a representation or satire of Facebook users.
  • Pizza Steve and Giant Realistic Flying Tiger are absent in this episode.
  • Principal Harry saying how Josie is flushing her education down the toilet is referencing how he landed in the toilet before this event.
  • Josie doesn't know how to say obsolete.
  • Running Gags:
    • Josie taking selfies.
    • Uncle Grandpa enhancing Josie's lips.
    • Josie lying to Uncle Grandpa.
    • Ducks terrorizing people.
  • Errors:
    • Before Uncle Grandpa stretched out Josie's lips for the 3rd time, she was standing in front of lockers. When her lips come back, there is a door for the girl's bathroom there.
    • Uncle Grandpa reappears in the locker he was in after he got out and helped Josie.
  • It's shown that Dennis goes to the same school as Josie, Mary and Riley, even though he's an elementary school student and was shown in two different school before this one.




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