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Season 1, Episode 40
Premiered: December 3, 2014
Short: "None"
Written and Storyboarded by:
  Andy Gonsalves
Casey Alexander
Story by:
  Andy Gonsalves
Casey Alexander
David Gemmill
Peter Browngardt
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Escalator is the 40th episode of Uncle Grandpa season 1, and the 40th overall episode of the series.


A trip to the mall turns into a national disaster when Uncle Grandpa and Pizza Steve become stranded on a broken escalator.

Character Appearances

Major Characters

Minor Characters


Mr. Gus is waiting at the mall for Uncle Grandpa and Pizza Steve to finish their shopping, when Pizza Steve and Uncle Grandpa are ready to leave the mall Mr. Gus tells them that they aren't leaving until he visits his favorite shop. Mr. Gus takes the stairs down and as he goes down, Uncle Grandpa and pizza Steve laugh at him for not taking the escalator down. Pizza Steve and Uncle Grandpa steps on the escalator and begins to go down, but midway towards the bottom, the escalator stops working and they both wait there for the escalator to work again. A man and his wife tries to take the escalator but they both notice that it's broken, then they notice Uncle Grandpa and Pizza Steve on the broken escalator, and they begin to worry about how Uncle Grandpa and Pizza Steve are going to get down. Uncle Grandpa overhears what the guy said about the escalator being broken and he informs Pizza Steve and they both start to panic, People gather around the escalator to see them both stuck on the escalator, meanwhile Mr. Gus is choosing a new shirt. More people gather around the escalator and the two are discussing about how are they ever going to get down, Pizza Steve notices a grappling hook store with what they need to escape, so Uncle Grandpa try to combine what ever they have in their bags to help them get down.

With the combination of the mechanical grabber claw and the remote control helicopter, Uncle Grandpa flies their new invention into the grappling hook store, Uncle Grandpa navigates towards the grappling hooks and almost crashes, but instead of grabbing the grappling hook he grabs the Help Wanted sign and use it to call out for help. The situation all of a sudden gets on to the news, a rescue helicopter hovers over the mall and two SWAT guy come down from ropes saying to give them a hand, Uncle Grandpa gives them the cement hand from the store and the two spiral out of control and crashed down with the helicopter. Uncle Grandpa says "Flippin' Frog Legs" and the news anchor repeats what he says that this has become the most worst situation in the history of the universe. Pizza Steve complains to Uncle Grandpa that they could've been in the RV right now playing with all their cool stuff, but Uncle Grandpa took down the rescue helicopter, Uncle Grandpa says it was an accident, so they both begin to fight and Uncle Grandpa draws a line with his tooth dividing the space between him and Pizza Steve. The news interviewer talks to a doctor to discuss how much time they have before they starve on the escalator before a plane drops them in some food. Uncle Grandpa becomes hungry, Pizza Steve starts to look at Uncle Grandpa as if he's about to eat him, and then Uncle Grandpa gets the idea to eat Pizza Steve.

A plane drops them two cheese burgers but they both land on Pizza Steve's side, and Pizza Steve describes every part of the mouthwatering burgers making Uncle Grandpa hungry until discovering that they had onions and decided to throw them off the escalator, then two teens come and eat the burgers. Uncle Grandpa yells out that they're now going to starve to death, the news anchor then says that people all over the world have gathered with candles in hope of Uncle Grandpa and his cheesy little buddy will live to see another day. Uncle Grandpa and Pizza Steve begin to cry because they think that their friendship is over, Uncle Grandpa tells Pizza Steve that he loves him, and Pizza Steve questions how are the people of the world going to function without their favorite celebrity, then they both hug it out. Mr. Gus has come to a conclusion about which tank top he wants to buy but then realizes the cashier is gone due to today's tragic events, Mr. Gus gets through the crowd of people making his way towards the escalator to find Uncle Grandpa and Pizza Steve on the escalator in death like states. Uncle Grandpa tells Mr. Gus that they're going to die on the escalator all because it stopped working and that they tried everything, everyone gathered around the escalator begin to cry. Mr. Gus suggests the idea for them to walk down the escalator, then Uncle Grandpa walks down with Pizza Steve and when they got down everyone rejoiced that they made it out alive. A paramedic comes to throw a blanket on Uncle Grandpa and Pizza Steve, Uncle Grandpa tells Mr. Gus that being stuck on that escalator was the most heroine moment of his life, and then Pizza Steve bursts out of the blanket saying that he's alive, the news anchor then says how beautiful it is that Uncle Grandpa has safely descended the escalator.


  • Scorch City Tanning Salon from Tiger Trails has it's own store in the mall.
  • Mr. Rus looks like a human version of Mr. Gus.
  • This episode uses music from Food Truck.
  • Xarna has her own DVD.
  • In the UK version of this episode, "Flippin' Frog Legs" is replaced with "Sizzling Turtle Toes", no real reason for this change is known.
  • Uncle Grandpa and Pizza Steve being stuck on the escalator is the worst situation in the history of the universe.
  • This episode suggest that it takes place in Burbank, California as a headline in the news reads "Super volcano discovered underneath downtown Burbank.
  • Uncle Grandpa's tooth acts like chalk.
  • it is revealed that Pizza Steve doesn't like onions.
  • The 31 ketchups store is a reference to "Baskin Robins Ice Cream store with 31 flavors".
  • The NNN news is a reference to CNN news. Although in Japan there is a news channel with that name, (and with a similar logo).
  • It it revealed that Christopher Columbus escaped from time jail.
  • The music in the White Muscle Tee Hut is from Vacation.
  • It is revealed that Ule Gapa was supposed to have a sitcom but it got cancelled.
  • Tiny Miracle appearing on a grilled cheese sandwich could be a reference to the Virgin Mary or Jesus seen on toast phenomenon.
  • The cheesepuff trail discovered is a callback to Internet Troll.
  • Congress taken over by coyotes could've meant something of what Uncle Grandpa said in Mystery Noise, "Grown men don't cry except when they get chased by coyotes".
  • When the news is being shown, there is a brief moment showing text saying "Giant Ball Of Twine Crushes Minnesota". This is a reference to the song by Weird Al Yankovic song "The Biggest Ball Of Twine In Minnesota".
  • Running Gags:
    • People overreacting to the escalator being broken.
    • Pizza Steve and Uncle Grandpa fighting.
  • Errors:
    • The store in the background slowly change positions.
    • Some of the white muscle tees are colored tan rather than white.


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