Food Truck
Season 1, Episode 29
Food Truck Title Card
Premiered: August 28, 2014
Short: "Moments in History with Mr. Gus (George Washington)"
Written and Storyboarded by:
  Myke Chilian
David Gemmill
Story by:
  Myke Chilian
Dave Tennant
Peter Browngardt
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Food Truck is the 3rd episode of Uncle Grandpa season 2, and the 29th overall episode of the series.


Greed causes Pizza Steve’s latest business venture to backfire.

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Pizza Steve fantasizes about riding a super cool power jet and one day getting 13,000,000 dollars to purchase his jet, Mr. Gus calls Pizza Steve to dinner and Pizza Steve zooms in the room on his speed cycle which releases a lot of exhuast into the room almost killing everyone's appitite. Uncle Grandpa puts the finishing touches on the meal then it explodes, then Uncle Grandpa presents everyone with the Burger Dawg that was passed down to grandpa to grandpa but with some new added flavor. Mr. Gus  and Tiny Miracle begin to eat the burger dawg saying it was one of the best meals they had in their whole lives, Belly Bag quotes what Giant Realistic Flying Tiger said that it tastes like 1,000,000 bucks. Once Pizza Steve hears what Belly Bag said about the burger dawg tasting like 1,000,000 bucks  he gets the idea if he sold enough of the burger dawgs he could raise 13,000,000 bucks for his jet, he convinces Uncle Grandpa to joining in on the food business, Uncle Grandpa says Ok.

The first few customers that first puchased the burger dawg were a few construction workers, they loved it and they told their co-workers about it, soon later everyone heard about the burger dawg and everyone rushed towards the RV to buy one of the amazing burger dawgs. The burger dawg had become the new sensation as stated by The Daily Mornin' News Paper, with every burger dawg sold Pizza Steve knows that he'll soon have enough money to buy the jet. Evenmore later a ton of people gather around the RV and the gang except Pizza Steve are working really hard to meet the demands of the customers. Uncle Grandpa passes out from working non stop but Pizza Steve wants Uncle Grandpa to keep going so he could get the money for the jet, the rest of the gang finds out why they were working real hard and they get mad.

After a failed attempt to make burger dawgs himself, Pizza Steve incorrectly uses a food fabricator to duplicate the burger dawgs and the food duplicates like wild fire and turns the RV into one giant burger dawg, the angry customers rampage and begin to eat the RV, the gang then tries to defend themselves from the hungry customers. The customers begin eating all of Pizza Steve's Money he was raising for the jet, then misunderstood what Mr.Gus said Pizza Steve uses the exhaust from his speed cycle to kill everyone's apitites, along with Mr.Gus' bad breath, Belly Bag spitting out brussle sprouts, Tiny Miracle squirting out motor oil, and Giant Realistic Flying Tiger farting in people's faces. Uncle Grandpa was then rescued form being killed by Evil Gnome, and after all of the chaos Pizza Steve is set on owning the Moon for 400,000,000 dollars, so the gang turns the RV into a to go box to keep travling.


  • Pizza Steve's super cool power jet costs $13,000,000 and that's at a low price deal.
  • The burger dawg is a new family recipe that has been passed down from grandpa to grandpa, but with new added flair.
  • Beary Nice was a toy on top of a bookshelf in Pizza Steve's room.
  • This is Tiny Miracle's first major role.
  • Tiny Miracle is shown eating a burger dawg through his arm.
  • In the episode there is a magazine titled "Thyme", this is a reference to Time Magazine.
  • This episode shares a similar title to Bob's Burgers episode Food Truckin', and the same title to We Bare Bears episode "Food Truck".
  • Mr. Johnson is show to not like mayo.
  • Mr. Gus saying "That boy ain't right in the head", could reference Hank Hill's saying "That boy ain't right" from "King of the Hill"
  • Pizza Steve wants to buy the moon for $400,000,000, probably planning to visit Mooon Man from Bezt Frends.
  • Running Gags:
    • Pizza Steve's speed cycle blowing out exhaust.
    • Mr. Gus's breath smelling bad.
    • The gang making and selling burger dawgs.
    • People demanding and eating burger dawgs.
    • Pizza Steve getting cash.
    • The gang getting exhausted from making burger dawgs,
    • People eating the RV.
    • The gang ruining everyone's appetites.
    • Pizza Steve saying "Eat my dust!".
  • Errors:
    • When the scene changes to Pizza Steve laying down on the floor, the magazine changes appearance.
    • When Uncle Grandpa reveals the burger dawg to the gang, there's only three until the scene changes and everyone has one.
    • When eating his burger dawg, Belly Bag has human-like teeth.
    • When the RV is on the construction site and transforms into a food truck, the passenger window and door disappears.
    • When Pizza Steve is on the window taking orders, there's a bar from the window next to him, when the scene changes, the bar is gone.
    • All the constriction workers are wearing short sleeved shirts, when it changes to when everyone bringing money to Pizza Steve, they're wearing different clothing.




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