Fool Moon
Season 2, Episode 23
Fool Moon Title Card
Premiered: October 26, 2015
Short: "Race for Shoes"
Written and Storyboarded by:
  Jason Reicher
Andy Gonsalves
Story by:
  Kelsy Abbott
Wade Randolph
Pete Browngardt
Audie Harrison
Casey Alexander
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Fool Moon is the 23rd episode of Uncle Grandpa season 2, and the 75th episode overall of the series. This is the third Halloween episode of the series.


Belly Bag starts to become a werewolf on the night of a full moon.

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Tiger, Mr. Gus, and Pizza Steve are all watching TV. On the TV, Jaw Hairline is doing a report on the "Super Moon" and he the notifies everyone about a new lunar phenomena called the "Super Duper Moon" and he says that it's extremely rare.

Uncle Grandpa punches through the TV screen and pops up from the TV, he then asks the gang if they heard about the Super Duper Moon. Mr. Gus questions why Uncle Grandpa is in his bathing suit and Uncle Grandpa tells Belly Bag to explain. Belly Bag states that since the Super Duper Moon is out tonight, him and Uncle Grandpa are going to the roof to get a moon tan, Mr. Gun is confused about a moon tan, Uncle Grandpa tells him that now is the best time to get one because the Super Duper Moon is going to give them some serious lunar rays, Uncle Grandpa tells them that it's going to be amazing and that they should come with them. Uncle Grandpa tells Mr. Gus that he should especially come with them because he's looking pale, he also states that if they tan all night then maybe one of them would get on the cover of "Moon-Tan" Magazine, Mr. Gus states that he'll go but he's not going to look like the magazine cover. They all proceed to go to the roof, Pizza Steve finishes his banana and throws the pee on the ground, Mr. Gus slips on it and tells Pizza Steve that he dropped something, Pizza Steve tells him that they don't have time for the peel and he informs Mr. Gus that he never knows when a banana peel might come in handy, Mr. Gus angrily throws the banana peel away.

On the roof of the RV, Uncle Grandpa introduces the tanning deck to everyone, and they stand in astonishment. Uncle Grandpa and Belly are lying down on a lawn chair, Tiger is lying down on a towel while Mr. Gus and Pizza Steve both lie down on the next towel over. Pizza Steve states that it's time to get even more handsome, Uncle Grandpa is applying sun tan lotion on himself and he notices that he had put on too much, he then asks if anyone wants some and Mr. Gus tells him he can get his back. Mr. Gus tells him that he's got to protect himself from those lunar rays, he then asks Uncle Grandpa what SPF is it and Uncle Grandpa informs him that it's actually mayonnaise, Mr. Gus becomes shocked. Uncle Grandpa notices that the Super Duper Moon is coming out and he asks Belly Bag if he's ready, Belly Bag is really excited. The gang likes the warm feeling of the lunar rays until the light hits Belly Bag, Uncle Grandpa asks him if he's ok and Belly Bag isn't sure. Belly Bag starts to grow fur and sharp fangs, his straps wraps around Uncle Grandpa's legs and transforms Uncle Grandpa's lower body into a Werewolf. Uncle Grandpa asks the guys if Belly Bag seems different and then Belly Bag runs around the roof in circles until he jumps in front of the moon to cast a dark silhouette, they both then fall back down and crash through the roof, This frightens Tiger and she flies away.

Pizza Steve and Mr. Gus are looking down the hole and Pizza Steve wonders what was that all about, Mr. Gus asks him if he's ok. Uncle Grandpa doesn't think so and then Belly Bag gets up and starts to run around the RV, Mr. Gus believes that the Super Duper Moon turned Belly Bag into a Werewolf. Belly Bag rips open the refrigerator door and he starts to eat everything in the fridge, Mr. Gus is worried that he's going to eat everything they have and wonders what the heck they're going to do. Pizza Steve smacks some sense into Mr. Gus and tells him to calm the heck down because this is Belly bag they're talking about and that everyone knows that he's completely harmless, Mr. Gus reminds him that he's a Werewolf now and there's no telling what he's going to do, Pizza Steve mocks what Mr. Gus just said and he tells him that he's going to talk to Belly Bag himself, Mr. Gus doesn't think it'll be a good idea but Pizza Steve doesn't listen and he goes to talk to Belly Bag.

Pizza Steve goes up to Belly Bag and tells him that the party is over and to settle down, Belly Bag finishes the bacon in his mouth and Pizza Steve is glad and tells him to revert back to his normal self so they all can enjoy the rest of the night. Belly Bag has a straight face and then he roars really loud in Pizza Steve's face, Pizza Steve tries to make a run for it but Belly Bag grabs a hold of him and Pizza Steve cries to Uncle Grandpa for help, Uncle Grandpa can't help him because he's to scared to help, Belly Bag beats up Pizza Steve and he escapes all mangled up, Mr. Gus asked how it went and before Pizza Steve can answer, he splits up into five smaller slices.

Mr. Gus and Pizza Steve are hiding inside the couch as they watch Belly Bag run around the RV with Uncle Grandpa. Mr. Gus suggests that they set up a trap like dig a hole and cover it with a rug, Pizza Steve suggests that they take real action and this confuses Mr. Gus, Pizza Steve states that they KNOCK BELLY BAG'S BLOCK OFF! SHOW HIM A THING OR TWO! he then gives Mr. Gus the same club he's holding so they both can attack Belly Bag. Mr. Gus is afraid that they might hit Uncle Grandpa in the process, Pizza Steve tells him that there is always a risk at collateral damage.

Belly Bag is running across the RV dragging Uncle Grandpa against his will, Uncle Grandpa notices Pizza Steve and he tells Uncle Grandpa to hang tight while they try to hit Belly Bag. Belly Bag dodges all their attacks and instead they both hit Uncle Grandpa. Pizza Steve points out that the Werewolf is taking over Uncle Grandpa's face and the two both proceed to hit Uncle Grandpa's face in, Mr. Gus notices that it's his mustache and they both stop trying to hit him. Belly Bag howls and he runs off with Uncle Grandpa, Pizza Steve confronts Mr. Gus for botching up the plan like usual, he ten tells him that he's got another plan, and Mr. Gus believes it's got to be good.

Pizza Steve had set up a remote controlled Werewolf trap, he tells Mr. Gus to use the bait. Belly Bag is marking his territory at the tree and Uncle Grandpa is questioning why would he do something like that, Belly Bag notices the bone and Mr. Gus yanks the bait back towards the trap and Belly Bag chases after the bait. Belly Bag has a hold on the bone and Mr. Gus pulls the two towards the trap, Uncle Grandpa's head is directly on the trap and Pizza Steve activates the trap putting Uncle Grandpa in horrible pain. Belly Bag breaks the line and he runs up the tube with Uncle Grandpa and the bait, Uncle Grandpa cries out for help.

Pizza Steve believes that it's time for "Plan C", Mr. Gus asks him what might that be, Pizza Steve suggests to try to knock Belly Bag's block off with a club, Mr. Gus tells him that they already tried that and Pizza Steve remembers. Mr. Gus tells him that he'll handle it and Pizza Steve tells him that it can't be done without Pizza Steve, Mr. Gus tells him he's right and he grabs hold of Pizza Steve and he throws him under the tube and howls for Belly Bag to come out. Belly Bag drops down and Pizza Steve makes a run for it as Mr. Gus throws a sack over Uncle Grandpa to contain Belly Bag. Mr. Gus brings the two over to the treasure chest and locks them in there, Uncle Grandpa tells them that they can't throw him in there with Belly Bag, Mr. Gus tells him to hang on and that the Super Duper Moon will be over in a few hours and everything will be back to normal, he tell Pizza Steve to take five.

Mr. Gus sits down on the couch and turns the TV on to the News channel, Jaw Hairline tells everyone that in just a few hours the Super Duper Moon will exist in everyone's collective memory, Mr. Gus is very pleased to hear it, Jaw Hairline turns it over to Chas Lunar to see what's next for the moon. Chas tells Jaw that the Super Duper Moon may soon be over, it doesn't mean that they can't enjoy a whole week of regular Super Moons. Mr. Gus and Pizza Steve both spits out their drinks from this information, Chas begins to say that there's going to be another three weeks of Super Moons, the guys both spit out their drinks from this information, Chas then states this is a phenomena that happens every 5,000,000 years. As Mr. Gus and Pizza Steve are drinking, Chas explains that even though they can't see it during the day, the Super Moon is up there in full effect and that's bad news for people with Werewolf problems, the guys then spit their drinks out for the third time.

Pizza Steve believes that Belly Bag can't cause anymore damage if he's locked the chest, they both look at the chest and see it shaking rapidly as Uncle Grandpa screams in terror. Mr. Gus is worrying about Uncle Grandpa won't last a day with Belly Bag, let alone 30. Pizza Steve has a "Plan D", Mr. Gus is confused again, Pizza Steve tells him that according to the internet all you need is one silver bullet to get the job done, he then orders a silver bullet from the website. A package drops in and a delivery man walks out from the package, he tells Pizza Steve to sign for his package and Pizza Steve does so, the delivery man runs out and Pizza Steve opens the package. Pizza Steve holds up the gigantic silver bullet and states that all their Werewolf problems are over. Mr. Gus asks him if he's nuts because a bullet that huge will kill Uncle Grandpa, Pizza Steve says otherwise and he aims the bullet at the chest, Belly Bag breaks out of the chest with Uncle Grandpa and he runs towards them, Mr. Gus tells Pizza Steve to not do it, and Pizza Steve fires the bullet. The bullet zooms across the RV as Belly Bag is running towards it, Mr. Gus can't watch so he turns his head, Uncle Grandpa tells Pizza Steve how could he do this to him, Pizza Steve now realizes his mistake. Uncle Grandpa refuses to watch as the bullet comes at him, but then the bullet slips on Pizza Steve's banana peel from before and it launches straight up, the bullet goes through the roof and it heads straight for the moon. Most of the moon blows up reverting it to a normal moon, Mr. Gus notices Belly Bag changing to his normal self and he finally comes to.

Belly Bag wonders where his is and Uncle Grandpa tells him that he's wrapped around his waist. Belly Bag notices it's Uncle Grandpa and says hi to him, Uncle Grandpa is glad to have him back, Pizza Steve is glad that he saved the day and he tells Mr. Gus that the banana peel would come in handy, Mr. Gus is not impressed that Pizza Steve saved the day and only half of the moon was destroyed in the process. Pizza Steve wonders how Belly Bag became a Werewolf in the first place, Mr. Gus slams the laptop on Pizza Steve and he searches up how, he says that if you drink puddle water from a Werewolf footprint, you become a Werewolf and this intrigues Uncle Grandpa.

200 years ago in a Renascence time period, Belly Bag tells Uncle Grandpa that he's thirsty, Uncle Grandpa suggests that he drinks that water from the wolf print puddle over there, and Belly Bag foolishly does so.


  • This episode is the third Halloween special the first being Afraid of the Dark and the second being Haunted RV.
  • The episode's title is referencing a phase of the Moon: the "Full Moon" phase.
    • On the same date as the airdate, a "Super Moon" will take place; this is when the Moon is the closest distance to Earth. And in the episode, the gang sunbathes under the Super Moon in honor of the actual Super Moon that day.
  • Jaw Hairline from NNN news makes an appearance from Escalator.
  • Mooon Man is on the cover of Moon Tan Magazine.
  • This Episode reveals that Belly Bag can turn into a Werewolf during a Super Moon.
  • The music from Haunted RV is heard when Belly Bag transforms into a Werewolf.
    • Just like Haunted RV, Tiger flees from the scene from the fear of what's currently happening.
  • Uncle Grandpa states that he has a modeling career when he's caught in the remote controlled trap.
  • This is the second time Mr. Gus locked someone in the treasure chest, the first was Pizza Steve in Pizza Steve's Diary.
  • Month full of Super Moons is a phenomena that only occurs every 5,000,000 years as stated by Chas Lunar.
  • In the news:
    • Ule Gapa is to host a syndicated late night talk show.
    • A new fashion trend, Pizza Flip Flops.
    • Nathan Gus is Florida's new Senate.
    • Xarna actress is to play Aunt Grandma in an upcoming Hollywood biography.
  • The Myth about killing a Werewolf with a Silver Bullet is stated by Pizza Steve.
    • A normal sized Silver Bullet could've been much less than a hassle to use rather than a huge Silver Bullet.
  • To Become a Werewolf, one must drink water from the foot print of a Werewolf.
    • This is one of the mythological ways to become a Werewolf along with:
      • Being bitten by another Werewolf.
      • Being scratched of clawed by another Werewolf.
      • And using various types of black magic and doing unholy actions.
        • One way is to be born on Christmas Eve, this would also play in another factor as Belly Bag was born on December 25.
        • Another key factor that contributes to Belly Bag becoming a Werewolf is shown in the short RV Checkup, where Belly Bag was being mauled by an actual Werewolf.
  • Running Gags:
    • Belly Bag destroying furniture in the RV.
    • Pizza Steve coming up with plans.
    • Pizza Steve suggests to knock Belly Bag's block off.
    • Pizza Steve being mangled or smashed.
    • Uncle Grandpa getting caught in the crossfire.
    • Mr. Gus and Pizza Steve spitting out their drinks when Chas says something about the moon.
  • Errors:
    • Uncle Grandpa destroyed the TV in the beginning of the episode, it comes back full functional towards the end of the show.
    • When Tiger leaves the scene, the tanning deck is absent from the roof.
    • When Belly Bag and Uncle Grandpa fall into the RV, the fridge is present in the kitchen.
      • In most episodes, the fridge is absent and the only other episode it appears is in Bad Morning.
    • Mr. Gus turns his head around completely without having him face his body in a different direction, when he did this he should've snapped his neck causing him to die.




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