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Season 1, Episode 35
Grounded Title Card.png
Premiered: October 2, 2014
Short: "Uncle Grandpa Babies"
Written and Storyboarded by:
  Jon Vermilyea
Andy Gonslaves
Story by:
  Dave Tennant
Peter Browngardt
Audie Harrison
Casey Alexander
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Grounded is the 9th episode of Uncle Grandpa season 2, and the 35th overall episode of the series.


Uncle Grandpa must fix his mistake after he helps a grounded teen go to a party.

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Riley's dad confronts Riley on his bad grade in school, and he says if Riley keeps these grades up he's going to end up flipping burgers, or working at the auto parts store, or flipping burgers at the auto parts store for the rest of his life, Riley isn't too interested in that stuff and he continues to text his friends, Riley says that he has a party to get to, but his father says he's not going any where tonight and he takes his phone away because he's now grounded, so Riley father is locking Riley in his room all weekend and expects him to fold the laundry all weekend. Riley is angry that he can't go anywhere tonight and he wishes for a way to sneak out, Uncle Grandpa pops out of the laundry bin, and gives Riley a hand with the laundry, Uncle Grandpa lays an egg and Laundry Lizard hatches and starts to fold the laundry. Now that Uncle Grandpa finished his work here, he asks Riley if there are any others that need help, Riley says he still needs help, Riley needs help getting out of the house, Uncle Grandpa suggests why doesn't he get walk out the front door that's how he got in, but Riley claims to be allergic to doors and Uncle Grandpa understands because he's allergic to windows. Uncle Grandpa asks Belly Bag for an downstairs outdoor portal door, but Belly Bag is on a date with another fanny pack, Belly Bag gives Uncle Grandpa the portal door then Belly Bag's date leaves him. Riley thanks Uncle Grandpa for being a complete loser and when he leaves his father says he doesn't want to hear any laughing in there when you're grounded because he's grounded, Uncle Grandpa goes to the window and see Riley take off and decides to go after Riley.

Uncle Grandpa is then driving the RV while making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, while Uncle Grandpa eats the sandwich he breaks through the guard rail and crashes the RV. Uncle Grandpa says the crash was crazy and is glad the windshield was there to soften the landing, Pizza Steve and Mr. Gus are ok from the crash, and Mr. Gus said he found Riley and he wants this over with so he could go for a haircut in 20 minutes, Uncle Grandpa said to not worry because when we're done we're all getting haircuts. The trio are behind a bush watching Riley and his friends party and they try to come up with a plan to get Riley back to his room before Riley's father finds out he snuck out. Uncle Grandpa drops into the party as a police officer and tries to convince Riley to go back to his room, Riley could see through Uncle Grandpa's disguise, Uncle Grandpa has a banana for a gun, and a starfish for a badge, then Uncle Grandpa calls to abort the mission and a helicopter full of Uncle Grandpas come and rescue him. Pizza Steve suggests to go in a crash the party but when he goes in and tries to crash it, he turns that party into a pizza party, and then they continue to party. Uncle Grandpa then suggests to have Mr. Gus go in and scare all the teens, but they cheered for Mr. Gus and then he joined the party. Uncle Grandpa then tells Riley that there's a super extra super cool party, Riley asks where is it and Uncle Grandpa says that it's over there, then Uncle Grandpa opens the door and rainbows start to come out, along with a unicorn and $100 bills telling them to come and join the party, Uncle Grandpa lets everyone but Riley into the party, and Riley gives Uncle Grandpa a little speech of how he'll never sneak out again and he's sorry for it, then Uncle Grandpa lets Riley into the party.

Once Riley enters the party the whole place turns into a nightmare in a matter of seconds and all of Riley's friends turn into monsters and they all say that Riley shouldn't have snuck out and that he's going to party with them forever. Riley meets up with a monster Pizza Steve with Mr. Gus pepperonis and Riley is stuck in Monster Pizza Steve's cheese. Riley is trapped dangling from the cheese, and he finally realizes that he shouldn't have tricked Uncle Grandpa into sneaking him out of his room, Uncle Grandpa accepts Riley's apology and tells Riley to sneak out of the party, and the door out appears. Riley then frees himself and runs towards the exit, running away from all of his monster friends, and once Riley entered the door out he's back in his room. The Laundry Lizard welcomes Riley back into his room and tells Riley that he folded all of his laundry, Riley freaks out and realizes he never folded it, he pushes Laundry Lizard and starts to refold the laundry. Uncle Grandpa pops out and tells Riley "did you learn your lesson and you're not going to sneak out of your room any more?", Riley doesn't even want to think about sneaking out ever again and he said he's never going to leave his room again. Riley's father comes in and tells Uncle Grandpa that he never lets him down, Riley was suspecting that was his plan all along, then Uncle Grandpa and Riley's dad jump together in the air.


  • A poster on the title card shows a reference to another episode, Food Truck, with the Burger Dawg, and the actual name.
  • Another poster on the title card may reference another episode, Funny Face, with a crazy face on it and the word face on the bottom.
  • Riley has a poster in his room that says Clam Shucker with lightning bolt coming from it, this referencing the term "Shell Shock".
  • Uncle Grandpa can lay eggs, as seen how he birthed Laundry Lizard.
  • Riley claims to be allergic to doors as a lie to get out of his room, Uncle Grandpa tells him that he's allergic to windows and proved to be true.
  • The peanut butter jar from Uncle Grandpa for a Day is present in the RV.
  • Pizza Steve claims to have 4 PhDs in Party Animalism.
  • There's a box on the ground in Riley's party that says "Chia", this could be referencing "Chia Pets".
  • To Uncle Grandpa, Mr. Gus' normal face is his ugliest monster face.
  • Because of this episode's events, Riley doesn't want to leave his room ever again until he found out this was his father's and Uncle Grandpa's plan all along.
  • Running Gags:
    • Riley's Dad informing him that he's grounded.
    • Uncle Grandpa touching a window only to get an allergic reaction.
    • The guys trying to get Riley back to his room.
  • Errors:
    • When the RV crashed, Uncle Grandpa said that he's glad he had the windshield to soften the impact, this is where he should've had an allergic reaction from the windshield.




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