Joey the Kangaroo
Joey the Kangaroo
"I want to keep collecting till I explode!"
Species: Kangaroo
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Black
Personal Information
  Collecting Things,


Production Information
First Appearance:
  "G'day Mornin'"
Voiced by:
Jeff Bennett

Joey is a Kangaroo from Australia that is interested in collecting everything in his sight as seen in the episode G'day Mornin'. He is voiced by Jeff Bennett.


Joey is a marsupial animal from the country of Australia, he has brown fur and typically wears glasses, he also has big ears, a tail and speaks with an Australian accent. When sporting the eternal zipper, he has a huge hole on his stomach to collect or put things into.


Joey feels like he needs to have everything in close proximity, he'll feel uncompleted if he doesn't have the thing that he wants, he develops a hoarding habit by collecting most of the items on the Australian continent. He does show signs of bargaining and acceptance when he decides to give up collecting and goes on to marry a female council member from the council of mutant Uncle Grandpas.


  • Joey is the name given to baby kangaroos and other infant marsupials.


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