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King Gus
Season 3, Episode 5
King Gus Title Card HD.png
Premiered: March 25, 2016
Short: "Beastoid Bros"
Written and Storyboarded by:
   Nick Edwards
Myke Chilian
Story by:
   Kelsy Abbott
Wade Randolph
Pete Browngardt
Audie Harrison
Casey Alexander
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King Gus is the 5th episode of Uncle Grandpa Season 3, and the 83rd episode overall of the series.


Things get out of hand when Mr. Gus fulfills a timeless legend and is deemed king of the food court.

Character Appearances

Major Characters

Minor Characters


A giant eagle drops the RV in front of The Mall. The guys are in the food court, and Uncle Grandpa is glad to see so much culture under one roof, a man selling "Chunds" is disappointed that no one wants his food, Mr. Gus then sees the culture Uncle Grandpa is talking about, he then sees Uncle Grandpa with all types of food from the food court. Mr. Gus is mad because they got everything but they couldn't get him a salad or even some chunds, Uncle Grandpa apologies and tells him that it's the time they're waiting for and he presents a deluxe sandwich from Knights Kitchen and Pizza Steve's shades melt in it's glory. All Uncle Grandpa has to do is pull out the tiny plastic sword in the sandwich, he tries desperately but fails, Pizza Steve gives it a go but fails miserably. Uncle Grandpa doesn't want to face the fact that the sword can't be removed and cries because he can't eat his sandwich, Mr. Gus had enough and pulls the sword himself the guys bask in his glory as Mr. Gus wonders what did he do.

Uncle Grandpa goes and explains what he did, he explains he who is the mightiest and pulls the sword shall be king of the food court, Mr. Gus wonders just like King Arthur and Uncle Grandpa says yes. Mr. Gus thinks that this is all foolish and Pizza Steve comments that Mr. Gus doesn't have what it takes to be a king, Mr. Gus demands Uncle Grandpa to stop bowing and he does so. Mr. Gus tells him stop calling him king as he goes to get a refill, Uncle Grandpa refills his drink for him as he takes a boy's drink and puts it in Mr. Gus' cup, Mr. Gus tells Uncle Grandpa that he can manage on his own, Uncle Grandpa calls nonsense as he tells him that a king never does things for himself, he proceeds to take a little girl's tiara. He continues to tell Mr. Gus that for now on he gets special privileges as he takes the robe from an old lady, Mr. Gus wonders that this will give him the choice to decide where to eat and Uncle Grandpa tells him most certainly and promises to make sure that all his kingly demands are meant for he's the king's hand and barbarian slave. Mr. Gus believes that if being king will give him some respect then he guesses that he's ok with it.

Pizza Steve is about to dig in a ice cream sundae until he hears a horn, Uncle Grandpa brings Mr. Gus to the table and sits him down in a chair. Uncle Grandpa asked Mr. Gus if there was anything else he demanded and he tells him he wants some ice cream, Uncle Grandpa takes out an axe and slides the ice cream to Mr. Gus and takes a spoon of ice cream and feeds it to him. Pizza Steve tells him that he hopes that he enjoyed HIS ice cream, Mr. Gus tells him that he'd better watch it and that he wouldn't want to upset the king, Pizza Steve states that it'll be a cool day in a wood burning pizza oven before he calls him that and tells him that he's no king of his. Mr. Gus declares Pizza Steve to be banished, Uncle Grandpa tries to tell him that he didn't mean it, Mr. Gus tells him he has spoken and wishes Pizza Steve to be banished from his kingdom and demands Uncle Grandpa to get him out of his sight. Pizza Steve tells him that they can't banish him and that Uncle Grandpa wouldn't have it. Uncle Grandpa tells him sorry as he puts a chastity helmet on him and locks it, Uncle Grandpa picks him up by the feet and Pizza Steve cries in terror. He tells himself that this is what a good king would do and asks the man sitting next to him and he agrees with him, and Mr. Gus agrees with himself.

Uncle Grandpa pushes Pizza Steve into the ball pit of an arcade and apologies to Pizza Steve saying that he serves the king now and leaves crying, Pizza Steve cries out why has he forsaken him. Mr. Gus is sitting on a throne of sandwiches and other foods and tells Uncle Grandpa that he served his king well, Uncle Grandpa asks Mr. Gus if there's anything else he'll be needing, the first thing that Mr. Gus wishes is for Uncle Grandpa to bring him some chunds. Uncle Grandpa walks to the Chunds! stand and tells the owner that the king requires his chunds, the owner tries to tell Uncle Grandpa that he would love to give the king some chunds but tells him that he's gone out of business. Uncle Grandpa tells Mr. Gus that there are no chunds and this angers Mr. Gus to the point to banish the owner, Uncle Grandpa then pushes the owner away with his axe and destroys the Chunds! stand, Mr. Gus wants his chunds.

Mr. Gus sees two teenagers and one of them drops their drinks, Mr. Gus demands them to be banished, Uncle Grandpa wants to make sure that is was just for spilling for soda and does so, he slices the spilled drink and pushes the boys away. Mr. Gus banishes Tommy's dad for looking at him, Uncle Grandpa thinks that's a little harsh and Mr. Gus demands him to be banished, Uncle Grandpa destroys his table. Mr. Gus says the wet floor sign is too yellow and demands it to be banished, Uncle Grandpa tries to tell him that it's just a sign and Mr. Gus demands him to banish them all and the unholy and he slices the sign.

Uncle Grandpa sneaks into the arcade to find Pizza Steve, he goes to the ball pit and visits Pizza Steve. Pizza wants his help but Uncle Grandpa can't since the king has gone mad while he's an extension of his madness and regrets ordering that sandwich. Pizza Steve states that it doesn't matter now since Mr. Gus is king and that he's the chosen one. Uncle Grandpa tries to tell him that through the history of his reign only he spoke up against him, Pizza Steve is mad because it got him locked up like a freak in a cage. Uncle Grandpa goes against his oath and gives Pizza Steve his glasses and blows a kiss saying goodbye to his true king. Pizza Steve opens his glasses and finds the key to get out.

Uncle Grandpa returns to Mr. Gus and asks him if there's anything else he can do, Mr. Gus nervously asks Uncle Grandpa if he banished the custodian for his shirt being un-tucked, the falafel hut guy for his accent being to hard to understand and Uncle Grandpa states that they're all banished. Mr. Gus states it's good that they were banished for disobeying the king and that all of them except for Uncle Grandpa for being the only one to be trusted, Mr. Gus is glad that he would never betray him and Uncle Grandpa stated that he would never. Mr. Gus noticed that he hesitated and Uncle Grandpa say that he didn't while doing it again, Mr. Gus noticed and Uncle Grandpa tries to tell him that he's hurting him and Mr. Gus states that it's because that pain is all there is. Pizza Steve appears on the top of a sushi stand and Mr. Gus noticed that he's not banished anymore, Pizza Steve challenges to dethrone him and picks up one of the samurai swords from the sign and seeing that it's too heavy, he falls and calls a time out for hurting his ankle. Mr. Gus sees that this is pathetic and demands Uncle Grandpa to banish him, Uncle Grandpa says he can't and this angers Mr. Gus. He apologies to him and tells him that if being the king's hand means banishing his friends, he wouldn't never sign up for this job and is through hurting anyone anymore, he then throws his axe and hat at Eddie. Mr. Gus states that he'll do it himself with the tiny sword, Pizza Steve tries to take it all back saying that he's the king, and Mr. Gus wants to banish him personally. Mr. Gus slips on a floor puddle and angrily wonders why isn't there a wet floor sign and realizes that he banished it, he tries to get up but the sword is stuck in his foot, Pizza Steve pulls out the sword and Uncle Grandpa bows down to the true king, this make Pizza Steve real happy. Mr. Gus snaps out of it, takes off all the clothes and apologies for his actions, Pizza Steve explains to him it's because he doesn't have what it takes to be a king and that a true king rules with his heart and not with an iron fist and declares himself as this day forward the greatest king this food court has ever bestowed.

30 seconds later, the mall is in total chaos with everyone in the mall damaged and defeated, Uncle Grandpa is pushing the Chunds! owner away as Pizza Steve is lying on the thrown with the clothes and sword, he asks himself that this is what a good king will do and he asks Mr. Gus while he's locked up and he states whatever he says.


  • This episode is based off the story of King Arthur as said by Mr. Gus.
  • The episode uses the music from the Grandpa at Arms short.
  • The giant eagle from Charlie Burgers drops the RV off at the mall.
  • There's a head in a jar in the Pickles Ahoy! stand which could reference the head jars from Fox's and Comedy Central's "Futurama".
  • As stated by Urban Dictionary, a chund can refer to vomit which can explain why the business went out of business.
  • One of the food court restaurant's names was "Feed Me, Seymour!" and had a picture of a Venus flytrap next to it. This is a reference to the movie "Little Shop of Horrors"
  • Pizza Steve quoted the Bible verse of Book Matthew 27: Verse 46, he said "Why have you forsaken me?". This is said by Jesus when he called out to God.
    • This would make sense in the episode as Knightly Kingdoms did follow the word of God and used the same type of Medieval English that can be read in the Bible.
      • Another Bible reference is said by Mr. Gus, "Banish them all, Banish the Unholy", which talks about how the Bible stated to "banish all unholy from the text".
  • Mr. Gus' sandwich throne resembles the Iron Throne from "Game of Thrones".
    • Uncle Grandpa tells Pizza Steve that he's his "true king". This is referencing how fans of "Game of Thrones" fans declare Stannis Baratheon as "The one true king" of Westeros.
  • Pizza Steve hurting his ankle can reference the episode of Fox's Family Guy "Peter's Silver Scroll", when Peter Griffin had fallen on the ground and hurts his knee as he whines "Ah!" over and over.
  • Running Gags:
    • Uncle Grandpa taking things from other people.
    • Mr. Gus banishing people.
    • Uncle Grandpa using his axe to banish and slice things and people.
    • Someone answering "What ever you say man" to the king when he asks "This is what a good king would do... Right?"
  • Errors:
    • In Hundred Dollar Gus, the arcade was known as "Flores Funtime Arcade", and this episode it's known as "Flores' Fun Dungeon Arcade"
      • Although this can be a separate arcade made by the same business.




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