"Twiddle Lee Dee, at This Rate I'll Never Find Me Gold!"
Species: Leprechaun
Hair color: Red
Eye color: Black
Personal Information
  Deceiving People
Looking for Gold
Harassing Forest Creatures
Production Information
First Appearance:
  "The Lepre-Con"
Voiced by:
Jeff Bennett

Leprechaun is a mythical creature that can't be trusted as seen in the episode The Lepre-Con. He is voiced by Jeff Bennett.


The Leprechaun is a short creature with a full red beard and is nearly bald with red hair. He as pointy ears and a rounded nose. He typically wears a green buckled top hat, a green suit jacket, green shorts, socks with green lines, and black buckled shoes. When he is disguised as a boy, he wears his shoes and shorts with no jacket, shaves his beard and wears a green propeller hat.


The Leprechaun is described to be a nasty little creature who can never be trusted, he'll deceive anyone just to get a gold coin. He is also very greedy as he attempted to steal the Forest King's gold and wouldn't share any with the forest animals. He sometimes shows some concern as he entered the Forest King's realm without being pure of heart and showed how scared he was. When meeting Uncle Grandpa for the first time, he did show himself being a gentleman and he tried very politely to ask Uncle Grandpa to find some gold, he was very persistent and didn't give up for a while when getting beat up by the gang. He was also said to have no feelings, although he did show sorrow when he was seen crying behind a tree and then quickly switched to anger.


  • The Leprechaun says "They're after me lucky coins", this is a reference to Lucky Charms Cereal as Lucky will say "They're after me lucky charms".


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