Lizzy Harrison
Lizzy Harrison
"Losing isn't fun, being prepared is fun!"
Species: Human
Hair color: Orange
Eye color: Blue
Personal Information
  Playing bass,

Being prepared, The Melvins

Production Information
First Appearance:
  "Uncle Melvins"
Voiced by:
Kelsy Abbott

Lizzy is a young girl who enjoys to play rock music and can play the bass guitar as seen in the episode Uncle Melvins. She is voiced by Kelsy Abbott.


Lizzy is a young girl in high school who has red/orange hair, she has a round head and blue eyes. She wears a dark blue t-shirt, she also wears blue shorts with purple stockings. she has yellow socks with a pair of read sneakers, and she usually carries a black and white bass guitar.


Lizzy typically feels like she's a nervous wreck, she'll push herself and her friends to the brink of exhaustion as she forced them to play for 8 hours straight. After The Melvins arrived to help out with Lizzy's problem, she realized who she really was and that it's ok to not be obsessed with winning all the time and take the time to have fun and that's why she started playing bass in the first place.


  • Lizzy is the name of a famous song of the Melvins.


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