Misfortune Cookie
Season 1, Episode 51
Premiered: February 19, 2015
Short: "Chicken Crossing"
Written and Storyboarded by:
  Marc Ceccarelli
Ryan Kramer
Story by:
  Dave Tennant
Pete Browngardt
Audie Harrison
Casey Alexander
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Misfortune Cookie is the 51st episode of Uncle Grandpa Season 1, and the 51st overall episode of the series.


After receiving an ominous fortune, Uncle Grandpa must snoop out whom among his friends is an enemy in disguise.

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Uncle Grandpa informs everyone in the RV that it's "Chinese Food Delivery Day" and everyone is excited for it, Uncle Grandpa goes to the door and the delivery boy has their food, after the delivery boy had given everyone the food and Uncle Grandpa has paid for it, the delivery boy asks for a tip but Uncle Grandpa heads back into the RV to eat some Chinese food. Uncle Grandpa states that the best part of Chinese food delivery day is eating Chinese food with friends and getting a fortune cookie, everyone grabs a cookie from the bag, Mr. Gus believes that its best to not take the fortune seriously and after Uncle Grandpa gets his fortune he starts to freak out. Mr. Gus sees that Uncle Grandpa is concerned about his fortune and he tells him to ignore it, Pizza Steve follows that same advice after he reads his fortune. Uncle Grandpa stands on the table saying that he shouldn't trust anyone and that cookies don't lie, so he storms to his room and tries to figure out who is an enemy in disguise.

Uncle Grandpa suspects that Belly Bag may be his enemy but Belly Bag says that he's never left Uncle Grandpa's belly, Uncle Grandpa then remembers the time when he tried clothes on. Uncle Grandpa doesn't suspect Belly Bag anymore but he'll find out whose his enemy. Pizza Steve is laughing in an evil manner holding a doll of Uncle Grandpa, Uncle Grandpa hears this and suspects that Pizza Steve may have made a voodoo doll and Belly Bag thinks that Uncle Grandpa may be jumping to conclusions so they go into his room to find out what's going on. Pizza Steve is playing with the dolls he made and Uncle Grandpa comes up from behind and scares Pizza Steve asking him if he's playing with dolls, Pizza Steve says that he's just holding them for Belly Bag, Belly Bag tries to join in but Pizza Steve zips his mouth shut, Uncle Grandpa then stops suspecting Pizza Steve and he leaves his room. Tiger is sharpening her claws in her room and she has a shovel next to her, Uncle Grandpa thinks that Tiger wants to kill him and bury him so he goes up to her and confronts her, Tiger then writes a message on the shovel and gives the shovel back to Uncle Grandpa as a gift. With Tiger, Pizza Steve, and Belly Bag out of the way Uncle Grandpa believes that his enemy is Mr. Gus and he remembers Mr. Gus trying to talk him out of believing fortunes were real. Mr. Gus is working out and Uncle Grandpa knocks him out before he can knock him out. Mr. Gus wakes up on his exercise bike and Uncle Grandpa questions why so many time to Mr. Gus about why he can't tie his shoe and Mr. Gus tells him that he doesn't have any laces, then Uncle Grandpa questions why is he his enemy in disguise. Uncle Grandpa wants to get the answer out of Mr. Gus so he pulls out a lot of torture weapons out of Belly Bag until he gets a feather. Mr. Gus bikes out of his room and Uncle Grandpa chases him down, around, and out of the RV until he has Mr. Gus in a corner.

With Mr. Gus stuck in a corner Uncle Grandpa finally has the opportunity to pull off the mask of Mr. Gus to reveal his enemy but it wasn't a mask, so he tries the same thing with Pizza Steve and Tiger but they both aren't wearing any masks. While Uncle Grandpa is trying to pull Tiger's face off his head falls off revealing a guy in a ski mask, Uncle Grandpa pulls the ski mask off the enemy to reveal the Delivery Boy. The reason why the Delivery Boy was the enemy was because Uncle Grandpa didn't tip him for delivering the food, and once outside of Uncle Grandpa's body Uncle Grandpa yells at him with a bullhorn out of the RV telling to not come up with strange revenge plots. Once outside of the RV, Uncle Grandpa gives the Delivery Boy a tip for the food earlier, the Delivery Boy leaves and tells Uncle Grandpa that he'll see him next week, Uncle Grandpa the says that the Delivery Boy isn't so bad and that he's got a good head on his shoulders.


  • Stuff ordered by the gang:
    • Peperoni Egg Rolls
    • Teriyaki Cat Fish Dumplings
    • Steamed White Rice
    • Garlic Noodles with Sweet and Sour Hot Dog Meat
  • Uncle Grandpa's fortune tells him "Someone close to you is an enemy in disguise".
  • Pizza Steve didn't want to admit the fact that he really was insecure from his fortune.
  • Pizza Steve has dolls of his friends including Beary Nice and Hot Dog Person.
  • Uncle Grandpa Unmasking The Enemy In Disguise Is Similar From The Scooby Doo Series.
  • The scene where Mr. Gus is hit on the head with a shovel is cut in UK airings.
  • Uncle Grandpa pulls out the barbarian sword from Nickname.
  • After Mr. Gus breaks out of his room, there's a picture of him and Uncle Grandpa in the hallway showing them as friends.
  • Running Gags:
    • Uncle Grandpa announcing to everyone about Chinese Food Delivery Day.
    • Uncle Grandpa being suspicious about everyone being his enemy.
    • Uncle Grandpa reading the inscription on the shovel.
    • Uncle Grandpa saying "why".
    • Uncle Grandpa pulling out dangerous things from Belly Bag.
    • Uncle Grandpa unmasking everyone.
  • Errors:
    • When Uncle Grandpa lifts down his fortune, he's not wearing gloves.
    • Uncle Grandpa's shoe shows a buckle when he shows it to Mr. Gus, it's gone the next scene.
    • The peanut butter jar in the kitchen has a red label, where in other episodes it's green.
  • Towards the end of the episode, the layout of the RV is different, the door is on the opposite side of the RV, meaning the cockpit would be on the backside of the RV.




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