Mustache Tree
Season 2, Episode 26
Mustache Tree Title Card
Premiered: December 15, 2015
Short: "Tag Sale"
Written and Storyboarded by:
  Ryan Kramer
Marc Ceccarelli
Story by:
  Kelsy Abbott
Wade Randolph
Pete Browngardt
Audie Harrison
Casey Alexander
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Mustache Tree is the 26th episode of Uncle Grandpa season 2, and the 78th episode overall of the series.


When Uncle Grandpa runs out of mustaches, he travels to the mustache tree to stock up. But upon arrival, it seems a new clan of elves have become very territorial over the tree. Now Uncle Grandpa and the gang must fight in order to obtain a new 'stache.

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Uncle Grandpa finishes putting a load of laundry in the washing machine and forgets to put in some laundry detergent, some chemicals, some breath mints, some diet cola, and some bleach (white paint). Uncle Grandpa is amazed at how he did the laundry, Belly Bag laughs and Uncle Grandpa is confused to as why, Belly Bag shows him through a mirror and Uncle Grandpa thinks that it is a pretty ridiculous mirror, Belly Bag then explains to Uncle Grandpa that he has white paint all over his mustache. Uncle Grandpa doesn't think that it's a big deal and he decides to put it in with the rest of the laundry, Belly Bag warns him to not put it in the industrial shredder, Uncle Grandpa is confused and he drops the mustache in the shredder. Uncle Grandpa panics and tries to put his mustache on in disbelief, but it fails and states how he hates to be without his mustache. Uncle Grandpa asks Belly Bag to grab him a spare out of his mustache box, Belly Bag pulls out the box to find no more mustaches left and a empty tube of mustache cream, Belly Bag suggests to Uncle Grandpa to get a replacement and hope no one notices, Uncle Grandpa knows just the thing, he then leaves the laundry unattended.

Pizza Steve is trying to show Mr. Gus and Tiger that the move he invented goes something like you're walking on the moon, and he calls it the "Pizza Steve Walk", Mr. Gus sarcastically asks Pizza Steve if he invented the Tango as well. Uncle Grandpa arrives at the kitchen with the RV's Cow Horns under his nose, he asks the other what's up, Mr. Gus confusingly answers to hanging out, Pizza Steve asks Uncle Grandpa if there's something different about him and Mr. Gus agrees with him. Uncle Grandpa tries to say that he doesn't know what they're talking about and that they means about how he got his "Chin Nipple" cleaned out if that's what they mean, he then proceeds to sniff the dirt on his finger and sneeze the cow horns off and onto Mr. Gus. Mr. Gus finally sees that his mustache is gone, Pizza Steve agrees with him and states how Uncle Grandpa looks weird. Uncle Grandpa begins to cry about how he's all out of mustaches, Mr. Gus wonders if Uncle Grandpa can just grow a new one like most people do, Uncle Grandpa tells Mr. Gus that he's not most people, Tiger questions why can't he go without it and he states that his mustache really ties his face together. Pizza Steve comes up with the conclusion that if he's all out then why doesn't go re-supply, Uncle Grandpa then gets over it and decides to go get a new mustache.

Mr. Gus doesn't think something feels right, Uncle Grandpa stops the RV and places the cow horns on the front of the RV, Mr. Gus was just wondering about the map Uncle Grandpa drew out since it says that they're going to a tree, Uncle Grandpa says because they're going to the enchanted Mustache Tree. The RV crashes into a tree that Mr. Gus believes to be the Mustache Tree, Uncle Grandpa tells him that it isn't the Mustache Tree and that he just wanted to park in the shade. Uncle Grandpa walks out and points out the actual Mustache Tree in all it's glory, it's eve bigger than what he remembered it looked like. Uncle Grandpa grabs the mustache from the tree and he's back to his old self, a little elf person comes by with a watering can and notices the mustache is gone, the elf person yells at Uncle Grandpa to where does he think he's going!?!? Uncle Grandpa wonders who said that and the elf points himself out, he tells Uncle Grandpa that this isn't his tree to pick from and he demands Uncle Grandpa to place the mustache back he got it if he knows what's good for him. Uncle Grandpa wonders if it's fine by him that he rather keep it because the mustache really ties his face together, the elf guy jumps and rips the mustache from Uncle Grandpa's face and tells Uncle Grandpa that it's not his tree to pick from. Pizza Steve tells Uncle Grandpa to not take orders from someone smaller than him (ironically), and Uncle Grandpa steps up and takes the mustache and puts it on his face saying that he doesn't need to listen to the elf guy, the elf guy the rips the mustache off of his face and puts it back on the tree. The Elf Leader tells Uncle Grandpa that he may not listen to him, but he'll listen to the other Elves.

Uncle Grandpa demands for his mustache and he reaches out for it, right before he can grab it an elf bites his finger, the Elf Leader tells Uncle Grandpa that the mustache stays there and to hit the road, Uncle Grandpa tells them that this isn't over. Back at the RV, Uncle Grandpa is crying that it is all over and that he feels so naked without his mustache, Mr. Gus suggests to Uncle Grandpa to put his clothes back on, and then comes up with the idea about taking the mustache from the elves not knowing that it was them, Uncle Grandpa thinks that's a good idea,

Pizza Steve walks out of the RV dresses as an elf, meanwhile two elves are trying to dig up a carrot, Pizza Steve tells the other elves to not mind him as he checks out the mustache tree. One of the elves is spacing out on who Pizza Steve can be, the other elf thinks that his name is Ernest, Pizza Steve comes back with the mustache wrapped around his head and tells the elves that the mustache is still there. One of the Elves just realized that Pizza Steve isn't Ernest because he's Ernest, he looks over to the tree to see the mustache is missing. Pizza Steve runs back to Uncle Grandpa with the mustache, and Uncle Grandpa as happy as he is, tells Pizza Steve to give him the mustache, but instead gives him the Elf Leader, Uncle Grandpa asks how does he look and the Elf Lead punches Uncle Grandpa in the face.

Mr. Gus knocks on the Elf Leader's door and questions if he can help Mr. Gus, Mr. Gus states that he's with the State Department of Unique Tree Preservation and tells the Elf leader that he just needs to fulfill his duties by inspecting the mustache shaped tree on the premises, the Elf Leader kindly shows him the Mustache Tree. Mr. Gus inspects the Mustache Tree and tells the Elves that he needs to take the mustache back to the lab and run some tests, the Elf Leader stops him and questions what's on the back of his uniform, Mr. Gus states that he must've grabbed the wrong uniform by mistake, the Elves then beat him out of the area, Uncle Grandpa asks how did it went and Mr. Gus shows him the Elf Leader and tells him to ask him, the Elf Leader then punches Uncle Grandpa in the nose.

The Elf Leader informs the other Elves that the Mustache tree is obviously being sought out after outsiders, from now on they must keep a strict watch out, the tree then sinks into the ground, the Elf Leader asks Ernest if he's on that, and he is and proceeds to jump in after it. Belly Bag runs through the tunnel with the mustache, he comes out of the hole with an Earthworm and sees where he went wrong, the Earthworm punches Uncle Grandpa in the nose. The Elf Leader tells him that they can't outwit them or outdig them and tells the gang to just give up and get lost, he walks back to congratulate his team. Uncle Grandpa has had it and thinks that maybe it's time to stoop down to their level, Mr. Gus is questioning if he's speaking literally or figuratively? and Uncle Grandpa states that he's speaking.

Uncle Grandpa leaps from the bushes and takes out his hand and turns it into a nun chuck, The Elf leader is telling his fellow Elves that with their hard work their tree is safe another day, Uncle Grandpa is running towards them with his blunt weapon and begins to attack the Elves, after he fought each one he proceeds to grab his mustache, the guys are amazed at his hard work and Uncle Grandpa thanks them. The Elf Leader tells Uncle Grandpa that they need the mustache because it's the only thing keeping them safe, Uncle Grandpa questions from what, The Elf Leader tells Uncle Grandpa that it protects them from a wild elf eating beast that lives in a nearby cave. Uncle Grandpa wonders how a mustache keeps them from getting eaten by a beast, The Elf Leader explains that one night they were enjoying a vegetable feast when all of a sudden, they heard the beast coming, so they hid under the tree and when the beast approached it took a couple of sniffs then left, from then on that mustache became their safe haven, it's powerful musk hides their elf scent from the beast. Uncle Grandpa does think the mustache is pretty musky, the Elf Leader Pleas to Uncle Grandpa that the mustache is the only thing keeping them alive. Uncle Grandpa makes a deal, he tells them that they can keep the mustache until he takes care of the wild beast for them, then the mustache is his, the Elf Leader agrees to the deal.

The guys arrive to the cave and enter to find the elf eating beast, Mr. Gus and Pizza Steve are both creeped out about the spooky scenery, Mr. Gus asks Uncle Grandpa if he even has a game plan, Uncle Grandpa states that he was just going to wing it. Uncle Grandpa walks into a stalagmite and Pizza Steve thinks that it's giant beast fangs and decides to run for it, Mr. Gus tells them to not worry and that they're just rock formations, Pizza Steve knew and he just wanted to make sure Mr. Gus knew. The guys see a shadowy figure run across the wall and when Uncle Grandpa shines the flashlight towards it, he see that it's just a cat, Uncle Grandpa reads the cat's collar and sees that his name is Mr. Fluffers and that he lives at 472 House St. Uncle Grandpa knows where the place is and he puts Mr. Fluffers on the other side of the house's fence and Mr. Fluffers runs inside. Mr. Fluffers' Owner is surprised to see her cat back and she presents the new tree she got to Mr. Fluffers and Mr. Fluffers freaks out.

After Uncle Grandpa fixed the problem, the Elves give Uncle Grandpa the mustache back and he's happy, the Elf Leader thanks Uncle Grandpa for sending the beast back to it's home for them, Uncle Grandpa is glad to help them out, he then apologizes for unleashing his fighting moves onto them, The Elf Leader tells him no worries and he asks Uncle Grandpa to stay for dinner, Uncle Grandpa thinks it's very kind for him to offer, but he should get back to doing some laundry. Mr. Gus questions that Uncle Grandpa said he was doing laundry Pizza Steve is concerned and they look back to see the RV explode with soapy water and overflows the area. The Elves are sitting for dinner and they begin to do a toast for Uncle Grandpa, they all get drenched with soapy water and their dinner is ruined. Uncle Grandpa apologized for ruining their feast and he asks the Elves if any of them saw a mustache fly by.


  • This is the second episode to contain the word "Mustache" as well as "Tree". The Firsts were Moustache Cream, and Are You Talking to Tree?.
    • Mustache is spelled differently in Moustache Cream.
  • Uncle Grandpa foreshadows how his mustache is musky as the Elves at the end of the episode describe the mustache's musk.
  • In Uncle Grandpa's Mustache Box, he only has a empty tube of mustache cream, most likely the same one he used in Moustache Cream.
    • The Mustache Monster is on the empty tube of moustache cream.
  • Pizza Steve claims to have invented the "Moon Walk", although there isn't a record of who actually invented the Moon Walk.
  • This is the second time Uncle Grandpa digs into his chin and pulls out dirt, the first time was in Space Emperor.
  • The Elves resemble the "Kelloggs's Keebler Elves" who live in trees and work to make delicious cookies.
    • The Elf Leader walks out of a tree during the episode and he can be speculated as the Keebler Elf Ernest, the leader and mascot.
      • Although the Elf Leader's name may not really be Ernest, an elf does claimed to be named Ernest which does references this fact.
  • The Elf Leader's appearance resembles Wirt from "Over the Garden Wall".
  • A couple of Elves come out from hiding under a mushroom, this is most likely referencing "The Smurfs", as Smurfs live in mushrooms, and are colored blue with little hats as the Elves are dressed in the same fashion.
  • An instrumental version of "The Elf Song" from Christmas Special is heard in the episode.
  • Some music from Haunted RV is heard in the cave.
  • Mr. Fluffers' name is similar to Sandy's dog, Flufferz in Dog Day.
  • Running Gags:
    • The Gang coming up with ways to take the Mustache.
    • Uncle Grandpa getting punched in the nose.
  • Errors:
    • When Belly Bag was running through the tunnel, he was running on air.
    • Mr. Fluffers' fur changes from brown to purple.
    • When the soapy water drenched the elves, the food and tables are gone.




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