Nacho Cheese
Season 2, Episode 25
Nacho Cheese Title Card
Premiered: December 14, 2015
Short: "None"
Written and Storyboarded by:
  Kenny Pittenger
David Gemmill
Story by:
  Kelsy Abbott
Wade Randolph
Pete Browngardt
Audie Harrison
Casey Alexander
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Nacho Cheese is the 25th episode of Uncle Grandpa season 2, and the 77th overall of the series.


Pizza Steve's father comes to visit the gang and almost immediately gets on their nerves with his over the top antics. Pizza Steve must get rid of his dad, and prove to himself that he doesn't need to live in his father's shadow any longer.

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Pizza Steve is practicing some Martial Arts, it bores everyone but Uncle Grandpa, right when Pizza Steve was about to break the stone blocks the phone begins to ring and Pizza Steve messes up. Uncle Grandpa picks up the phone and hands it to Pizza Steve, Pizza Steve hopes that it's someone calling to apologize for ruining his Martial Arts demonstration, Pizza Steve begins to talk on the phone with his dad and realizes he's coming over for a visit. Uncle Grandpa asks Pizza Steve who it was and Pizza Steve tells him it was his dad, Uncle Grandpa then pictures a cool looking Italian chef who could be his father and Uncle Grandpa thinks that he's so cool. Pizza Steve states that his father thinks he's so cool but he's always bragging how he's so great at everything and he asks who would want to be around that and Mr. Gus and Tiger both looks at each other. Pizza Steve thinks he's not all that spectacular, then Pizza Steve's father makes a grand entrance asking if anyone said spectacular, he proceeds to do front flips and breaks the stone blocks Pizza Steve couldn't break.

Pizza Steve's father introduces himself as Nacho Cheese, Pizza Steve tells his father that he totally jacked his style. Uncle Grandpa is amazed to see how Nacho Cheese really looks, Pizza Steve tells his father that he was going to do a spectacular display of Italian Karate, Pizza Steve then notices everyone is at the table and Nacho Cheese is showing everyone pictures of Pizza Steve from his wallet.

Nacho Cheese is showing the gang how Pizza Steve lost his soap box derby in spectacular fashion, Mr. Gus wants to hear how this story lays out. Pizza Steve doesn't want his father to tell them about that story, Nacho Cheese tells Pizza Steve to not put his feet on the dinner table and to mind his manners, Pizza Steve tries to correct his father since he has his feet on the table too but he gets interrupted and Nacho Cheese tells him not a word, Pizza Steve sits down on the seat next to Tiger and Nacho Cheese begins the story.

It was a perfect day for a race, all the racers lined up and the race begins, Nacho Cheese doesn't want Pizza Steve to make him look bad. He gains the lead and this concerns Nacho Cheese. As Pizza Steve is about to cross the finish line, Nacho Cheese comes from behind and takes the lead, Pizza Steve is left in the dust and Nacho Cheese is gloating in victorious fame with the trophy. Everyone laughs at the story, Pizza Steve sarcastically thinks it was a real cool story.

Pizza Steve goes to his room and says that he needs a little me time, he talks to himself and tells himself to look around with wall to wall wonderful. Nacho Cheese over heard Pizza Steve say wonderful and Pizza Steve looks behind with confusion. Nacho Cheese can't believe that Pizza Steve's room looks like this and states that it needs a lot of work, Pizza Steve doesn't know what he's talking about, his room is the sweetest room in the RV. Nacho Cheese shows him the monstrosity of a picture of his son and tells him that it needs a dash of Nacho Cheese and proceeds to put a picture of himself up, Pizza Steve then leaves his room and Nacho Cheese wonders where he's going.

Uncle Grandpa is trying to fix a jukebox for a kid and he's asking Pizza Steve to hand him the wrench next to him and Pizza reaches for the wrench not before being interrupted by his father. Uncle Grandpa says hello to Nacho Cheese and Nacho Cheese wonders what's up with this hubbub, Pizza Steve tries to tell his father that him and Uncle Grandpa helps kids solve their problems, Nacho Cheese gets mad and tells Pizza Steve that he doesn't remember asking him, he tells Uncle Grandpa that some kids are beyond help, he asks Uncle Grandpa if he's right or if he's right, Uncle Grandpa doesn't know how to respond. Nacho Cheese asks Uncle Grandpa what's the problem here, Uncle Grandpa tells him that him and Pizza Steve are helping Richie, Richie says hello, fix his jukebox. Nacho Cheese tells Uncle Grandpa that he's doing it all wrong and Uncle Grandpa asks him what does he mean, Nacho Cheese tells him that he doesn't need all those tools and he show Uncle Grandpa how it's done by simply hitting it with his fist, the jukebox turns on and Uncle Grandpa is impressed. Nacho Cheese proceeds to jump on the lever and pull it down on Pizza Steve's head, the jukebox launches into the air and lands on Uncle Grandpa, Pizza Steve gets mad and leaves with a big bump on his head, Uncle Grandpa then basks in the glory of Nacho Cheese.

Mr. Gus is in his room playing chess by himself, Pizza Steve steps in asks him what's up, that he's playing chess against a ball, Pizza Steve thinks he's well rounded and all and tells Mr. Gus to take on someone a little more isosceles. Mr. Gus tells him that he's probably get a better game from the ball, Pizza Steve makes chicken noises at him, Mr. Gus tells Pizza Steve that when he came in, he was analyzing move 25 of Fischer's famous match against Donald Burn from 1956. Pizza Steve picks up a Rook and states Mr. Gus is sitting in his castle playing with his toys, Nacho Cheese slaps Pizza Steve and corrects him about the castle being a rook and calls him a numbskull, Pizza Steve wonders where he came from. Mr. Gus wonders if Nacho Cheese plays chess, and answers that he's NACHO CHEESE, Mr. Gus challenges him to a game, Pizza Steve tries to stop his dad since he was going to play Mr. Gus, and Nacho Cheese happily accepts. Mr. Gus sets up the board and lets Nacho Cheese go first, Nacho Cheese takes his knight and moves it all the way to one of the pawns and calls checkmate, Mr. Gus is surprised and tells Nacho Cheese that it was the most dynamic game he had ever witnessed, Nacho Cheese tells him that it was nothing, and Pizza Steve leaves in disappointment.

Pizza Steve is thinking that there has to be some way that he can beat his father at something, something where he has the upper hand, Pizza Steve then looks at the Secret Santa Christmas when he got his speed cycle and comes up with a plan.

Uncle grandpa, Mr. Gus, and Tiger are all watching Nacho Cheese rock out a song from his 10th album called "Nacho Cheese, Can't Live Without Him" and he asks them if they want to hear another, and they all really want him to do another. Before Nacho Cheese can begin playing, Pizza Steve lands in on his speed cycle and questions his father that if he's boring his friends with his lame songs again. Nacho Cheese tells Pizza Steve to go outside and play with his baby tricycle, while the big boys finish the jam session, Pizza Steve bets his father that him and his awesome speed cycle can beat him in a downhill race, he challenges his father to a rematch. Nacho Cheese laughs and tells his son that he never listens and that he'll always come in last place as long as he'd around, but if he wants to do this, then lets do it.

They're back at the old hill where Pizza Steve lost the derby, he explains that there are new obstacles on the track such as Bumpy Hills, Man Eating Giant Gophers, Loop of Death, Lava Dome, Three Hills of Pain, and Shark Infested Water, he asks his dad if he thinks he can handle it. Nacho Cheese was sleeping through the whole thing and wants to start the race, he's going to show them who's the real loser in the family is, Uncle Grandpa is looking down the race track and asks Pizza Steve if he wants to go through with it because Nacho Cheese is the best at everything, Pizza Steve tells Uncle Grandpa to shush it and to just wave them down the starting line to start the race. Uncle Grandpa asks if the racers are ready, Nacho Cheese tells Pizza Steve that he's going to be sorry that he ever challenged him, Pizza Steve tells him that's where he's wrong, Uncle Grandpa counts down 3, 37, 48 and tells them to GO! GO! GO! GO!

The two start to go down the hill, Pizza Steve asks his dad if anyone ever told him that he's to old for racing, Nacho Cheese tells him that he's not over the hill yet, Pizza Steve tells him to not be to sure about that as they go over the bumpy hills. Pizza Steve tells his father that it doesn't look took easy now does it, Nacho Cheese states that he can do this in his sleep because he's NACHO CHEESE! he questions who's winning this race and he notices Pizza Steve in front of him, and Pizza Steve tells him that's what he gets for being a show off. Nacho Cheese said that he was going easy on Pizza Steve to toughen him up, he states that you have to be the best or else the world will eat you alive, Pizza Steve tells him that the only thing that's going to eat him are the Man Eating Giant Gophers. Pizza Steve goes around every Gopher as his father flies above all of them. He said that you got to step on who ever it takes to get ahead in this world, Pizza Steve tells him that not everyone plays by his rules. Pizza Steve tells Nacho Cheese that he tried to leave him behind but it caught up to him, he gains the lead and the two head into the lava dome.

Inside the dome, Pizza Steve makes the jump, but Nacho Cheese doesn't. Nacho Cheese calls out for Pizza Steve for help as he's stuck on the ledge, Pizza Steve is thinking that he can win the race right now with no contest to put his dad to shame, but on the other hand he's in trouble and he ruins his life. Nacho Cheese is falling and Pizza Steve reverses back to get his father. Pizza Steve asks his dad if he's ok, he says that his bike is barely hanging on, he couldn't make the jump like Pizza Steve, he can't believe it that he outdid him on that. Pizza Steve says that there's no time for that and he tells his dad to grab his hand but he's too far away. Nacho Cheese is really slipping and he tells Pizza Steve to do something, Pizza Steve thinks to use his pizza flag and it works. Pizza Steve gets off his speed cycle and he can't believe that they did it together, Nacho Cheese said that they did but Pizza Steve forgot one important rule, to never pass up the perfect opportunity to win, Nacho Cheese gained the lead, Pizza Steve flies overhead and tells his father to never give up the perfect opportunity to pass up his old man. Nacho Cheese has one more trick as he boosts the throttle and leaves Pizza Steve in the dust, it brings back good memories of Pizza Steve losing.

Nacho Cheese then leaves by taking the ramp to the sky and Pizza Steve can't believe that he did it again and admits that he's a big loser. Uncle Grandpa told Pizza Steve that what he did was amazing when he psyched his dad at the last minute, Mr. Gus tells him that it was a real great strategy with the ramp to get rid of him and Tiger agrees with him. Pizza Steve is wondering that they're glad that his dad is gone, he thought that they thought he was super awesome, Uncle Grandpa says that he was getting annoying and states who likes a guy who acts like that all the time and asks Mr. Gus if he agrees with him. Although Mr. Gus found Nacho Cheese's wide variety of expertise to be admiring, he could've use a little of humility, he believes that a little modesty can keep a man's ego in check. Pizza Steve agrees with Mr. Gus and if there's one person who's the king of modesty, it's PIZZA STEVE!


  • This is the first appearance of Pizza Steve's father.
  • Nacho Cheese is voiced by Henry Winkler who is best known for his role as "Arthur Fonzarelli" (The Fonz, or Fonzie) in the sitcom "Happy Days".
    • In the scene where Nacho Cheese hits the jukebox with his fist, this references the scene in "Happy Days" when The Fonz punched the jukebox in Arnold's Drive In Diner, that jukebox had appeared in the first 7 seasons of the show.
    • In the Scene when Nacho Cheese jumped the shark infested waters, this references the scene in "Happy Days" when The Fonz had to jump over a confined shark to his bravery while wearing water skis, swimming trunks and his leather jacket. This happened in the season 5 episode, "Hollywood: Part 3" of "Happy Days". And because of this episode, the term "Jumping the Shark" was born.
  • Nacho Cheese and Pizza Steve both have similar qualities as to being "top Dog" in everything, both of them are very egotistical. Also having similar looks as both being pointy triangular foods.
  • This is the first time Italian Karate was mentioned since 1992 Called.
  • In Pizza Steve's room, there is a photo of himself with a big mustache, this is from the short Shave Time.
    • Although he has different color hair in the picture.
  • Mr. Gus was analyzing the "The Game of the Century" against Bobby Fischer and Donald Byrne from 1956.
  • Pizza Steve has a picture of Priscilla Jones in a dress on a bulletin board in his room.
  • There is a picture of when the gang got their speed cycles from Uncle Grandpa as Christmas gifts. This was mentioned in Slice of Life with Pizza Steve: Speed Cycle
  • The song Nacho Cheese was playing from his album sounded like the song Pizza Steve was playing in Future Pizza.
  • Running Gags:
    • Nacho Cheese interrupting Pizza Steve.
    • Nacho Cheese trying to be better than his son.
  • Errors:
    • Pizza Steve should've been disqualified from the Soap Box Derby Race as he was ridding his speed cycle, and not an official soap box car.


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