New Kid
Season 1, Episode 48
New Kid Title Card
Premiered: January 29, 2015
Short: "How to Draw with Uncle Grandpa"
Written and Storyboarded by:
  Ryan Kramer
Marc Ceccarelli
Story by:
  Dave Tennant
Pete Browngardt
Audie Harrison
Casey Alexander
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New Kid is the 48th episode of Uncle Grandpa Season 1, and the 48th overall episode of the series.


Uncle Grandpa gives a kid a haircut that is too cool for school.

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Tommy's father is telling Tommy to not be so nervous about being the new kid at a new school but when it's lunch time it'll be the perfect opportunity for Tommy to make new friends, but Tommy isn't so sure because he thinks he's not that cool. Tommy's father tells him just because his grandmother said it doesn't mean it's true, then Tommy's father runs over a few kid's bikes and the kids are sad. Tommy gets out of the car and his dad drives away, Tommy says hi to the kids who got their bikes ran over and they already know who they're not going to sit with at lunch. At lunch Tommy is checking out the area to find a place to sit, he goes to the cool kids table and they all stare at Tommy and he walks away, Tommy then goes to the jocks table and asks to sit but the football jock puts his football in the extra space and Tommy leaves, he then goes to try and sit with the nerds as they play and when Tommy tries to sit with them, the one wearing a tie puts his green oracle card down in the extra space. Tommy is now sitting alone at a table and Uncle Grandpa says hello to him from the milk carton, Tommy then tells Uncle Grandpa that he doesn't fit in with anyone at the school and Uncle Grandpa then flashes back to a time when he didn't fit in with anyone when he was in school. Uncle then tells Tommy that he'll make him fit in by making him look cool, Uncle Grandpa examines Tommy and notices that he has boring hair and Tommy tells Uncle Grandpa to give him crazy cool hair.

Uncle Grandpa prepares a barber's chair for Tommy and begins to give him a hair cut, Tommy asks Uncle Grandpa if he knows what he's doing and Uncle Grandpa tells Tommy to relax. When Uncle Grandpa is done Tommy's hair still looks the same so Uncle Grandpa borrows some mousse from a moose and applies it to Tommy's hair, the hair then grows really long to the ceiling. Tommy then goes back to the cool kid's table to see if they want him to them but Tommy's hair eats their lunches, Tommy then goes back to the jocks and Tommy's hair smashes the football jock's football, Tommy tries to hang out with the nerds but his hair shreds the limited edition third series deck, after being rejected by all the kids again Tommy head to Uncle Grandpa for help. Uncle Grandpa is talking to the moose about Pizza Steve fighting a bear, Tommy then tells Uncle Grandpa his problem and Uncle Grandpa decides to get to the root of the problem by cutting Tommy's hair. The hair gets out of control and it scares off the moose, the hair grows long until it has every kid in the lunchroom trapped. The hair starts to attack the kids and Uncle Grandpa figures out that he made Tommy's hair to cool for this school but on the bright side it's getting Tommy closer to the other kids, all of this hair raising stress is making Tommy get stressed out and his hair starts to fall off. Uncle Grandpa tells Tommy that he needs to start stressing, Tommy is panicking that they're all going to die and Uncle Grandpa asks Tommy how he feels about it and makes him think about his life in the future.

Tommy is imagining what's going to happen, if he doesn't make friends now he'll never make friends, and he'll end up with a crumby life with a dead end job, Uncle Grandpa tells him to imagine what will happen if they don't defeat the hair, so tommy imagines it growing until it covers Earth and eats the moon, and Tommy notices Uncle Grandpa caught in mid ripple which makes Tommy stress out half of his hair. Uncle Grandpa tells Tommy to stress one more time, but Tommy doesn't know what could be more stressful than the end of the world so Uncle Grandpa pulls down Tommy's pants and tells everyone to look at Tommy. Everyone including the hair laughs which causes Tommy to stress out the other half of his hair, just when they thought they took care of the problem Uncle Grandpa notices that they forgot about the killer rat tail and the rat tail eats Uncle Grandpa. Uncle Grandpa tells Tommy to imagine what it would be like without Uncle Grandpa, so Tommy imagines a peaceful place but then monsters start to attack people and this makes Tommy stress out the rest of his hair. After all that Tommy believes that everyone will hate him for sure but everyone thinks he's cool, Tommy thanks Uncle Grandpa but now he's afraid of his hair not growing back and he stresses even more.


  • This episode has a similar plot to The Fairly Odd Parents episode "Hairicane", where Timmy wished for better hair and it got out of control.
    • Coincidentally Timmy's name is one letter off from Tommy.
  • Uncle Grandpa went to an all girls school.
  • Uncle Grandpa claims that Pizza Steve once karate a bear because he was bored.
  • When Tommy thinks about his future crumby life and his dead end job, he imagines himself in the kitchen of the Krusty Krab with him wearing SpongeBob's outfit along with a Squidward cashier.
  • The hair in on top of the building in one of Tommy's imaginations is another reference to King Kong.
  • While some kids were laughing at Tommy's underpants one kid made a face similar to the Epic Face.
  • Not including the title card and the short, this is the third time Mr. Gus, Pizza Steve and Giant Realistic Flying Tiger are absent in this episode.
  • Not including the short, this is the second time the UG RV is absent in this episode.
  • Uncle Grandpa breaks the fourth wall when he notices the ripple dissolves and thought balloon used to see Tommy's thoughts about his future with no friends, his hair destroying the world, and what the world would be like without Uncle Grandpa.
    • He tells Tommy to try to use a thought balloon.
  • Uncle Grandpa states that he stresses daily and that's why he doesn't have hair.
  • Running Gags:
    • Tommy being rejected by the other students.
    • Tommy's hair destroying the kids' stuff.
    • Tommy becoming stressed out to get rid of his hair.
    • Ripple dissolve transitions.
  • Errors:
    • There should've been a bike rack where the bike kids could park their bikes instead on leaving them in the open.
    • The time it took for Tommy's Dad to drive from the road to the bikes should've given him enough time to realize he's not on the road.
    • When the camera pans out to view the lunchroom in danger, Tommy and Uncle Grandpa are talking but are not saying anything.




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