Not Funny
Season 1, Episode 38
Not Funny Title Card
Premiered: December 1, 2014
Short: "Grandpa Cize"
Written and Storyboarded by:
  David Gemmill
Myke Chilian
Story by:
  Dave Tennant
Peter Browngardt
Audie Harrison
Casey Alexander
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Not Funny is the 12th episode of Uncle Grandpa Season 2, and the 38th overall episode of the series.


A young girl's suppressed sense of humor breeds evil that can only be defeated with the help of Uncle Grandpa.

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Everyone is laughing at Uncle Grandpa while he does a headstand in the RV, and then Uncle Grandpa decides to do some bubblegum balloon animals, he does a balloon animal of a giraffe, a fat smelly rhino, a grumpy dinosaur, and a Giant Realistic Flying Tiger and the balloon animal flies out the window. Uncle Grandpa tells his friends that he has to cut things short or else he'll be late for his appointment with little Jackie, he states that his policy is to never be late when helping kids. Pizza Steve remembers that he's supposed to be driving the RV and says that he's not making a big deal out of that policy. The RV then spirals out of control, ramps off a car, does a flip in the air, and crashes into Jackie's house.

Uncle Grandpa crashes out of the windshield and bounces off the bed for a safe landing. Jackie enters her room to find Uncle Grandpa in there, Uncle Grandpa calls her by Jackie and asks her if there is any problem for him to solve. Jackie tells Uncle Grandpa that she doesn't go by "Jackie", she prefers "Jacquelyn", Uncle Grandpa believes that there's no problem for him to solve which gives him time to wax his coin collection. Jacquelyn tells Uncle Grandpa that some bozo decided to throw gum all over her book bag while walking home from school (the balloon animal of tiger) and now she can't open it to do her honors algebra homework. Uncle Grandpa shoves the book bag into his mouth to get rid of the gum, he gives the book bag and the gum back to Jacquelyn, Uncle Grandpa then tells her a joke saying "Guess I got you out of that sticky situation". After he tells her the joke, Jacquelyn asks Uncle Grandpa if it's supposed to be funny, Uncle Grandpa asks what's wrong and if she has a sense of humor, Jacquelyn says that having a sense of humor is a sign of immaturity and she's too old for that kid stuff, then she tries to go do her homework. Uncle Grandpa thought that everyone loves to laugh, but Jacquelyn doesn't, Uncle Grandpa asks if she doesn't like to laugh until her checks hurt, belly sores, or eyes water, she says no and states that not laughing is kind of her policy, Uncle Grandpa believes that it's because she hasn't had something super duper funny to laugh at, another Uncle Grandpa walks in and takes it from there. Uncle Grandpa puts Jacquelyn on her bed and says that laughing is an important part of life, Jacquelyn asks if this is all necessary, Uncle Grandpa tries to do some stand up comedy, irony, ventriloquism, impressions, strong suits, try and falls, ear farts, banana splits, tongue twisters, bee training, singing, jazz music, shaking his but, turtle surfing, bird watching, flute playing, some weird thing, farting a flower, pouring tea, zebra costume, but Jacquelyn says no to all of it.

Uncle Grandpa is tired out that he didn't get one laugh out of her and it was his best material, Belly Bag suggests that she might no be feeling well, Uncle Grandpa states out hat not being able to laugh can be a real medical issue so he brings out an x-ray. After examining Jacquelyn under the x-ray and notices that she has a serious case of Laugh Gremlins, and it's from holding back laughter, Uncle Grandpa tells her that she's been laughing on the inside and she might have thousands of them, Belly Bag tells Uncle Grandpa that if he makes one more joke she'll blow. Uncle Grandpa prepares a laugh free zone until he makes one more joke and Jacquelyn starts to feel bad, and Laugh Gremlins start to shoot out her mouth then they fill up her house and they blow the roof away, causing trouble outside. Jacquelyn tells Uncle Grandpa that he has to help her get rid of the Gremlins and that it's not funny, Uncle Grandpa tells her that she has a Gremlin in her hair and she starts to laugh, the Laugh Gremlin then disappears. Uncle Grandpa tells Jacquelyn that she has to continue to laugh out loud to destroy the Gremlins, but she believes that she can't laugh long enough, so Uncle Grandpa tells her to inhale some laughing gas to destroy the Gremlins. As Jacquelyn starts to laugh, the Gremlins disappear one by one, Jacquelyn tells Uncle Grandpa that it's natural to laugh and not a sign of immaturity and can save people's lives. Uncle Grandpa stands in fear as a huge Gremlin stands on top of Jacquelyn, she notices the Gremlin ad it starts to bite her hair, she then tells Uncle Grandpa to give her more laughing gas but he's all out, so she tells him to tell her a funny joke. Uncle Grandpa tells her "what do you call a fish with no I", Jacquelyn says what, then Uncle Grandpa says "a Fsh", Jacquelyn got the joke and the Gremlin explodes, Uncle Grandpa that she did it, but Jacquelyn said that it was all because of the laughing gas, but Uncle Grandpa says that it was all her and calls her by Jackie, Jacquelyn says that it's alright and now she prefers Jackie, she gives herself the nickname of Whackie Jackie, then Jackie and Uncle Grandpa dance together.


  • Jackie believes that laughing is a sign of immaturity and she's too old for it.
  • Uncle Grandpa transforms into American actor Jack Nicholson from The Shinning.
  • Belly Bag is shown to have a skeleton.
  • Uncle Grandpa using the x-ray machine and doing extensive searching could reference Criminal Minds, Law and Order, or even CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.
  • The Laugh Gremlins may be a parody off the movie "Gremlins", a movie that also involves small green monsters of the same name that love to cause trouble.
  • There's an orange cat running around outside that resembles "Garfield".
  • Laughing is the only cure for Laugh Gremlins.
  • Uncle Grandpa states that Jackie's laughing out loud destroys the Gremlins, he's referencing the term LOL.
  • Uncle Grandpa makes laughing gas out from his armpit, the same kind used by dentists.
  • Jackie learns that laughing is a part of life and it's not necessarily a sign of immaturity and it can save people's lives.
  • Jackie is voiced by Jackie Buscarino a voice actor from "The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack".
    • Jackie's could be named after her voice actor Jackie Buscarino.
  • Running Gags:
    • Uncle Grandpa doing funny tricks.
    • Jackie not finding anything funny.
    • Uncle Grandpa trying to get Jackie to laugh.
    • Uncle Grandpa going through a lot of comedy stunts to get Jackie to laugh.
    • Laugh Gremlins destroying the neighborhood.
    • Jackie's laughing destroying the Gremlins.
  • Errors:
    • Uncle Grandpa using an x-ray machine without using some kind of shield on Jackie.
    • One of the laugh Gremlins was wearing a boy's hat and it disappeared with it.




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