Season 2, Episode 2
Numbskull Title Card
Premiered: March 12th, 2015
Short: "Fix That RV"
Written and Storyboarded by:
  Andy Gonsalves
Jason Reicher
Story by:
  Kelsy Abbott
Tom Kauffman
Pete Browngardt
Audie Harrison
Casey Alexander
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Numbskull is the 2nd episode of season 2 of Uncle Grandpa, and the 54th episode overall of the series.


A head injury turns Mr. Gus into Uncle Grandpa's coolest friend.

Character Appearances

Major Characters

Minor Characters


Tiny Miracle is holding a Pizza Box and presents it like a comedy host would and Pizza Steve pops up from the box, Pizza Steve then tells "what's the deal" jokes about things in the RV, once he had gotten to the catapult joke he fired a rock at Mr. Gus and Mr. Gus falls back into the RV cockpit and out comes a goofy version of Mr. Gus. When the new Mr. Gus came out, Uncle Grandpa asked him if he was alright and how many fingers is he holding up, the new Mr. Gus says he's holding up 19 fingers and 3 quarters and he's correct. Uncle Grandpa suspects that Mr. Gus is alright and that he looks happier than normal which he finds funny, Pizza Steve is worried that Uncle Grandpa doesn't find him funny anymore and Uncle Grandpa tells him that there's plenty of funny to go around. Mr. Gus wants to go to the county fair but Pizza Steve doesn't want to go and says county fairs are for country folk who have no purpose in life, but Uncle Grandpa wants to go to the fair, Pizza Steve isn't too happy.

Once at the fair Mr. Gus is really happy and head to the pie stand where he smashes the pies against his face and proceeds to do a dance, Pizza Steve gets Uncle Grandpa's attention to tell him a what's the deal joke about bananas, Uncle Grandpa isn't too happy until he looks at how silly Mr. Gus looks. At the corn dog stand Mr. Gus sticks all the dogs in his mouth and Uncle Grandpa bursts in laughter, Mr. Gus eats all the dogs and sticks all the sticks up his nose, Pizza Steve kills the laughter and tells another what's the deal joke about the balloon game and says he'd rather flush his money down the toilet rather than playing that game, Mr. Gus sneezes all the sticks and pops all the balloons, Uncle Grandpa thinks that Mr. Gus is the master of corn dog comedy and Mr. Gus says aww shucks, and Pizza Steve is still not happy. Pizza Steve talks to himself about how Mr. Gus is the funniest thing on the planet and how he might as well be invisible and none of this would've ever had happened if Pizza Steve hadn't hit Mr. Gus on the head with the catapult, Pizza Steve then comes up with the plan to whack Mr. Gus on the head hard enough he'll go back to normal. Pizza Steve steals one of the dummies from the ball game and puts the dummy on Mr. Gus' head and tells the country men to throw the balls at Mr. Gus, Mr. Gus falls on the floor and he looks normal until he goes to the cotton candy stand and smears cotton candy on his face and makes a funny cotton candy beard, Uncle Grandpa then tells Mr. Gus that he's a comedy genius.

Pizza Steve and Mr. Gus are on bumper cars and if he wants to bump Uncle Grandpa he'll have to stick his head in front of the car, they both crash and Mr. Gus is still acting silly. Pizza Steve's plans to get Mr. Gus back to normal include having Mr. Gus put his head at the target for the strength test, putting his head through a hole for a whack a mole type game, having to hit his head against the tunnel head on the roller coaster, have him stand in the way of a fast moving ride but they all fail. In the RV Pizza Steve packs up all of his stuff because he thinks Uncle Grandpa doesn't think Pizza Steve is the funniest, Mr. Gus then squirts cheese up his nose until another Mr. Gus comes from behind the curtain, Uncle Grandpa believes that there are two of them but the real Mr. Gus states that it was his cousin Nathan from Florida and that he's a professional cartoon comedian. Mr. Gus states that he was just visiting for the afternoon and that he has to take him back to the bus station and Mr. Gus hopes that they showed his cousin a good time while he was in that coma and Pizza Steve realizes what he did to Mr. Gus' cousin.


  • Mr. Gus seems more depressed in this episode than in other episodes.
  • Mr. Gus points out that the reason Pizza Steve doesn't rot is that spore forming bacteria refuses to grow on him even though he doesn't stay refrigerated.
  • This is the first appearance of Mr. Gus's cousin Nathan, who is far more goofy and idiotic that Mr. Gus, they both have the same look although Nathan has a Southern accent.
  • Nathan enjoys to go to the county fair.
  • Uncle Grandpa declares Nathan the master of corndog comedy.
  • Mr. Gus was just unconscious in the RV cockpit for the entire episode.
  • Nathan is from Florida and he's a professional cartoon comedian.
  • Running Gags:
    • Pizza Steve telling jokes.
    • Nathan acting stupidly at the county fair.
    • Pizza Steve trying to out best Nathan at being funny.
    • Uncle Grandpa Laughing at Nathan.
    • Pizza Steve trying to fix Nathan by hitting his head on things.
  • Errors:
    • The clown pinhead Pizza Steve takes is just his size, when he puts it over Nathan's head it's much larger.
    • Nathan should've had some complete head trauma or head damage with what Pizza Steve put him through.




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