Season 2, Episode 10
Older Title Card
Premiered: May 14, 2015
Short: "Science Time with Uncle Grandpa"
Written and Storyboarded by:
  Marc Ceccarelli
Ryan Kramer
Story by:
  Kelsy Abbot
Tom Kauffman
Pete Browngardt
Audie Harrison
Casey Alexander
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Older is the 10th episode of Uncle Grandpa season 2, and the 62nd episode overall of the series.


Uncle Grandpa transforms a young boy into a 300-year-old man, and must return him to normal.

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Mr. Gus is on the couch reading a newspaper while Uncle Grandpa is vacuuming the RV, Uncle Grandpa gets distracted by the comics in the newspaper and the vacuum goes all around the RV and sucks up all the furniture it comes across, including Mr. Gus' face and the newspaper. Uncle Grandpa gets mad at the vacuum and Mr. Gus tells Uncle Grandpa to not get distracted while trying to complete a task, the he stops Uncle Grandpa's body and tells him to keep his head on his shoulders and out of the clouds, Uncle Grandpa doesn't know what he's talking about because he's an expert at multi-snacking, Mr. Gus corrects him by saying multi-tasking, then Uncle Grandpa is confused and proceeds to eat all the food on his arms. Uncle Grandpa got lost in the conversation they were having and Mr. Gus reminds him that he's always losing focus, and while he's talking Uncle Grandpa gets distracted by his kid assist watch and sees that Phillip needs some help. Phillip is trying to watch a scary movie called Attack of the Undead Blood Spiders on channel 56 but the channel is blocked, his mother tells him that he's too young to watch that kind of garbage and she suggest him watching the cute show about the pink and purple horsies. Phillip says that that show is for little girls and twisted weirdoes and that he would rather sit and watch nothing than that kiddie crud.

The RV crashes into the wall and Uncle Grandpa asks Phillip what's his problem and he tells Uncle Grandpa that he doesn't want to be a little kid anymore and that if he was older he'd watch any movie he wants, stay out late, and drive a car if he wanted to. Phillip restates that he hates being a kid and that he wants to be older, Uncle Grandpa says he can help him out with that, Uncle Grandpa proceeds to spray Phillip with a magic spray and it turns him into a boulder. Mr. Gus tells him that he wanted to be older and not a boulder, Uncle Grandpa frees Phillip and pulls out another magic spray that'll turn Phillip older. Uncle Grandpa sprays Phillip down and gets distracted by having a chat with Mr. Gus then he stops for a split second and Phillip looks like an adult until Uncle Grandpa continues to spray him, Mr. Gus tells him to focus on the task at hand and Uncle Grandpa stops spraying Phillip and he turns out to be super old. Phillip is happy that he's finally old and he checks out his old hands and then he says wants to go do some old guy stuff, Uncle Grandpa states Mr. Gus being old and that maybe he can teach him some stuff.

Phillip's mom enters the room with some age appropriate movies and she gets shocked at the sight of old Phillip, she goes to Uncle Grandpa and questions why her son looks like a 300 year old man, and Uncle Grandpa tells her that he ages terribly, she then states that what ever he did to make him old he needs too reverse it now. Uncle Grandpa tells her not to worry and that Phillip just needs to take a drink from his soda fountain of youth, he then tells Belly Bag to open wide so he can go in and get the youth soda. Uncle Grandpa arrives at the Soda Fountain of Youth and says hello to Ernie and Ernie says how has he been and Uncle Grandpa says keeping it busy, Ernie says right on and asks Uncle Grandpa what will he have today, Uncle Grandpa says he needs to borrow his soda gun and Ernie lends it to him.

Uncle Grandpa is pointing the soda gun towards Phillip and tells him to take a sip of the youth juice so he'll be young again, Phillip says he doesn't want to be young again, Uncle Grandpa didn't catch that and Phillip says to watch out for the dinosaur and Uncle Grandpa shoots Mr. Gus and turns him younger and he isn't happy with his awkward teenage self. Phillip gets in the RV and takes it for a joy ride, Uncle Grandpa yells at him to not touch his radio presets and to not look in the glove box but then realizes that Phillip is old enough. Phillip's mom tells him to go after him and Uncle Grandpa asks her for her car key, Uncle Grandpa goes to the trunk and takes out a scooter and begins to go chase Phillip down. Phillip is driving on the wrong side of the road and he thinks he's good at driving, Uncle Grandpa tells him to slow down so he can shoot him with the youth soda, Phillip says to look out for the cop and Uncle Grandpa shoots the cop and turns him younger. Phillip is looking for the radio and see a giant red button that may be the radio control but it was an ejector seat and he gets ejected out of the RV and loves flying more than driving. Uncle Grandpa rise up with the youth soda and Phillip tells him to look out for the bird, Uncle Grandpa shoots the bird and it turns into an egg. Uncle Grandpa lands and catches the egg while Phillip lands in a pillow store and runs into an army store. Phillip walks out with a rocket launcher and shouts that he's in the army, Uncle Grandpa is about to shoot Phillip with the youth soda while Phillip has the rocket launcher pointed at Uncle Grandpa. Uncle Grandpa opens his mouth to get a taste of the rocket and Belly Bag tells him that he doesn't want to taste that and forces Uncle Grandpa to shoot the rocket launcher and turn it into a slingshot. Phillip shoots the slingshot and the rock flies into Belly Bag and Uncle Grandpa got mad that he didn't get to eat it.

Phillip run to a tree to hide until Uncle Grandpa shows up and shoots it and turns the tree into a sapling, Phillip then hides behind a dumpster and Uncle Grandpa turns it into a trash can, Phillip then jumps over a fence with a man painting over some graffiti until Uncle Grandpa shoots the man and he turns into a teen and continues the graffiti. Phillip then runs to a movie theater where they're showing Attack of the Undead Spiders II and he's actually old enough to watch it, he goes up to get a ticket and the man asks for his I.D , Phillip shows him his 3rd grade I.D and tells the man that he didn't have time to update it, the man tells him to enjoy the movie and Phillip runs inside. Uncle Grandpa runs to the movie theater and sees that they're having a concession combo in the lobby and decides that he has time for a movie and some snacks. Phillip takes his seat to watch the movie and loved the day he had but he wished that he wasn't so tired and as soon as the movie comes on he falls straight to sleep.

The movie ended and Phillip is still asleep, Uncle Grandpa is glad that the movie is over and notices Phillip sleeping in his seat, Phillip wakes up to see the movie had ended and Uncle Grandpa questions why would he do that and Phillip says that 300 year olds need more rest than he thought, he then realizes about what's the point of being older if he can't stay awake to watch cool movies and that his beard is starting to attract moths, he then tells Uncle Grandpa that he's ready to drink the youth juice and be young again. Uncle Grandpa notices the moths and wonders what a young moth would look like, so he sprays one and it turns into a caterpillar, Ernie then informs Uncle Grandpa that the tank is almost gone and that he's down to his last spray. Uncle Grandpa needs to make the last spray count, Phillip calls Uncle Grandpa and he gets spooked and squirts the last spray, Phillip believes that he'll be old forever until Uncle Grandpa throws Phillip in front of the spray and he turns to normal, Uncle Grandpa wants to take Phillip home since he's not getting any younger.

At Phillip's house Mr. Gus had fixed the hole that the RV had created until it crashes again into the wall, Phillip thanks Uncle Grandpa for the lift and the fun time he had today and he tells him that he'll try and be a kid now, Phillip's mom welcomes him home and asks Phillip if he wants her to put some cartoons on and Phillip says yes as long as it's not none of that purple horse junk. Uncle Grandpa tells teenage Gus that even being distracted everything worked out fine, Mr. Gus tells Uncle Grandpa to change him back to his normal age, Uncle Grandpa uses the Magic spray to turn him older but he gets distracted by some bubblegum and forgets about Mr. Gus as he turns into a skeleton.


  • When Mr. Gus was turned into a teen, he has a Southern accent as a youth, much like his dopey cousin in "Numbskull".
  • Uncle Grandpa is a master at multi-snacking.
  • Uncle Grandpa has a kid assist alarm watch.
  • Attack of the Undead Blood Spiders play on channel 56.
  • The show that references My little Pony is called Happy Horses.
  • The show about "Pink and purple horsies" Philip's Mom mentions is a reference to My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.
    • The Pink and Purple Horses that are referenced by Philip's Mom are Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle.
      • Phillip also states that twisted weirdos watch the show, a dig at the "brony" fanbase of MLP: FiM.
  • Uncle Grandpa states that he has some age inappropriate things in his glove box that he figures Philip can look since he's older.
  • There's a movie poster with a tornado on it, this is probably referencing The Wizard of Oz.
  • The Guy running the ticket stand was reading a Weird Man comic.
  • Before he was older, Philip was in 3rd grade and he was 4'2" with brown hair and his eyes were open.
  • Peter Browngardt makes a cameo in the theater.
  • Running Gags:
    • Uncle Grandpa losing focus.
    • Mr. Gus telling Uncle Grandpa to stay focus on the task at hand.
    • Uncle Grandpa Getting distracted by Phillip.
    • People and other lifeforms being turned young again.
  • Errors:
    • Mr. Gus is accidentally turned into his "awkward teenage self", despite being born a fully-grown adult in "Uncle Caveman".
    • Philip's id card states he has brown hair, while his hair was more red to begin with.
    • Philip states that he's out past curfew, while it's still day outside.




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