Season 2, Episode 15
Pal.0 Title Card
Premiered: June 11, 2015
Short: "New Experiences with Beary Nice & Hot Dog Person: Bath"
Written and Storyboarded by:
  Nick Edwards
Myke Chilian
Story by:
  Kelsy Abbot
Pete Browngardt
Audie Harrison
Casey Alexander
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Pal.0 is the 15th episode of Uncle Grandpa season 2, and the 67th episode overall of the series. There is a guest appearance by American song writer Weird Al Yankovic in the episode.


The gang must figure out a way to stop the RV's talking computer system when it malfunctions.

Character Appearances

Major Characters

Minor Characters


Mr. Gus walks to the sink only to see it overflow with Smile Juice along with three harmonizing creatures that appear from the faucet. Mr. Gus believes all of this weirdness shouldn't be happening, then the toaster sprouts legs and runs at Mr. Gus hitting him on his head. Mr. Gus believes that the RV is wackier than usual but Pizza Steve doesn't see anything out of the ordinary, Uncle Grandpa walks in the RV with a huge head and it hatches to reveal him and Uncle Grandpa wants to know what up. Mr. Gus asks Uncle Grandpa if he thinks the RV is a little too whacky today and Uncle Grandpa inspects the RV to see the driver and passenger seat run off, two butts drinking a milkshake, until a jar of reduced salted beans catches his eye. Uncle Grandpa now believes that the RV is all out of whack and that there must be something wring with Pal.0, the guys ask what is Pal.0, Uncle Grandpa explains that it's the RV's Processing Algorithmic Logic Board. Uncle Grandpa had installed Pal.0 years ago to prevent the wackiness of the RV from getting too unruly.

Uncle Grandpa goes to the drawer and tickles the lamp to access Pal.0 and Uncle Grandpa tells the guys to fetch him his tools. Uncle Grandpa is hammering Pal.0 with all kinds of hammers, then he asks for the mustard for his sandwich which he shoves into Pal.0. Pal.0 is not working until Belly Bag points out to Uncle Grandpa that it's not turned on yet, they turn on Pal.0 and he replaces the lamp on his head and greets himself, Uncle Grandpa didn't know that Pal.0 could talk and he's also competent, stream-lined, organized, and proficient in optimizing their environment and them so they can maximize a more efficient and normal lifestyle. Uncle Grandpa asks the guys if they heard that and proceeds to take Pizza Steve's sunglasses and says that Pal.0 is going to take care of their problem for them and the gang goes out for ice cream.

The gang comes back to the RV with stomach aches and notices that the RV looks normal, Pal.0 welcomes them back to the RV and hopes that they don't mind that he redecorated the RV. Pizza Steve notices the tacky tribal art and inspirational quotes in frames, hardwood floors, whicker furniture, a rooster sculpture in the kitchen with multiple colorful pumpkins and a inspiration board. Mr. Gus states that the RV is too boring even by his standards, Pizza Steve demands pal.0 to change it back to the way it was, Pal.0 guesses he should until he distracts them and puts them to sleep.

Uncle Grandpa wakes up and wonders what happened, Pal.0 wants to introduce the all new Uncle Grandpa and the only thing that bothers him is that Pal.0 trimmed his mustache, Belly Bag is now a briefcase full of business cards, Pizza Steve wakes up to see that he has a chin along with useless cheek bones which he then applies makeup to. Mr. Gus states that Pal.0 thinks that they're too strange so he adjusted them to make them fit into his definition of normal except for Tiger because she looks pretty normal already. Pal.0 is happy to see them all adjusting into a more conventional way of life, Pizza Steve states that the only thing conventional is Pal.0 once he turns him into a conventional oven, and if Pal.0 doesn't turn the RV back to the way it was he's going to have his attorneys file a cease and desist order against him, Uncle Grandpa gets surprised that he just talked like that. Pal.0 likes that he's spoken like a normal non-weird person and tells them that they're getting the hang of it. Uncle Grandpa tries to shut Pal.0 off himself and when he does Pal.0 electrocutes him, Mr. Gus rushes to see if Uncle Grandpa is ok, Uncle Grandpa tells Mr. Gus that he never meant for this normalness to get out of control.

Mr. Gus believes that it's time to stand up to this nefarious agent of conformity, they get confused by what he just said and Mr. Gus said that they're going to stop the beepy robot thingy. Pal.0 believes that that was a threat, so he gets out from the drawer and goes over to tell them that it's their last chance to surrender to the standards of normalcy, Uncle Grandpa gets up and tells Pal.0 that his normal ways of life are not welcomed in this RV, and that they're tired of normal people trying to mold their weird blocky features into smooth boring shapes.

Pal.0 wonders what Uncle Grandpa is going to do with that mallet and believes that he's going to pound him into some bizzar surreal shape, but Uncle Grandpa says that he's going to pound himself into some bizzar surreal shape and proceeds to smash his face and turn it back to normal. Pizza Steve uses a pizza cutter to slice his face and turn it back to normal, Mr. Gus tells Tiger to pull his tail while he punches himself to get him to look normal, Belly Bag walks out of the briefcase and proceeds to chew it like gum to form Uncle Grandpa's body and also proceeds to push the other body out and tells it that should be in a board room somewhere.

Pal.0 starts to short out and continues to say that it's ok because he's still proficient in maximizing their environment and them. Belly Bag comes to the conclusion that their weird antics are causing Pal.0 to short, then Mr. Gus tells them that they should get weird. They all get weird by doing crazy faces and crazy moves, Pal.0 tells them to stop until they all combine their forces to create a "fusion" of them, they guys proceed to do a series of weird acts that causes Pal.0 to panic, Tiger catches Pal.0 and holds him down while the guys use Smile Juice to weird him out.

With Smile Juice, Pal.0 was able to go into his final form, he introduces himself as the new him and calls himself "Weird Pal", Uncle Grandpa welcomes him and Weird Pal is sorry for redecorating the RV and wonders if there's anyway for him to make it up, Uncle Grandpa does suggest to reorganize the place but he only cleans the RV to spontaneous music and he asks Weird Pal if he knows how to play any weird instruments, Weird Pal does and he proceeds to turn his head into an accordion and begins playing a song.


Weird Pal:

If you're able,

Move that table,

That's a clean house polka!

Celling fan,

Into the can,

That's a clean house polka!

Put the couch,

Into a pouch,

That's a clean house polka!

Place looks boring?

Change the flooring!

Substitute a wall or two,

Decorate and celebrate,

All the weird things that you do,

Cause that's a clean house polka!

Oh it's a clean house polka!.

Uncle Grandpa thought that was a great song about doing horrible chores, Mr. Gus wonders if they will ever see him again, Weird Pal tells them if they ever need him he'll be in the dresser drawer forever! Uncle Grandpa finally says there goes a weird man.


  • This episode has the shortest title in the whole series so far with 3 letters or 4 if you count the zero; Jorts and Older are next with 5 letters, and lastly Dog Day, Ballin', New Kid, and The Fan are next with 6 letters.
  • This is the second episode to use a number in the title, the first was 1992 Called.
  • Pal.0 stands for "Processing Algorithmic Logic Board".
  • Pal.0's main purpose is to keep the wackiness of the RV under control, and Pal.0 is located in the drawer by the couch.
  • When Uncle Grandpa installed Pal.0 he never turned it on, which would explain why the RV is crazy all the time.
  • When Pal.0 finished explaining himself, Uncle Grandpa thought it was cool and his pupils turned into stars, this could possibly reference "Steven Universe" as Steven's pupils turn to stars when he finds something cool or awesome.
  • Mr. Gus found the RV too boring after Pal.0 changed it and people often describe Mr. Gus as boring.
  • Tiger is looks more normal than any of the others as Mr. Gus had explained after Pal.0 changed their appearance.
  • Uncle Grandpa broke the 4th wall when he told Belly Bag that if he was just tuning in he would be very grateful for catching him up on this particular adventure.
  • Weird Pal took the form of his voice actor Weird Al Yankovic making him the forth celebrity to make a full appearance on the show, the other three are Shaquille O'Neal, Ric Flair, and Andrew W.K.
  • Smile Juice is seen and used in the episode just like in it's short.
  • Uncle Grandpa considers Weird Pal as a "fellow weirdo".
  • Weird Pal knowing how to play polka is referencing his voice actor Weird Al Yankovic's album "Now That's What I Call Polka!" and other various polka songs Weird Al had performed.
  • Weird Pal tells the gang that he'll always be in the dresser drawer if they ever need him.
  • Running Gags:
    • Everything in the RV going crazy.
    • Pal.0 changing everything to his image of normal.
    • The gang acting weird to weird out Pal.0.
  • Errors:
    • The blue and the yellow Harmonizing Creature from the sink changes color.
    • One of Pizza Steve's arms was colored orange.
    • In one scene the lamp is normal, the next scene it's going crazy.
    • When Uncle Grandpa entered the RV it shows a field, when Uncle Grandpa was fixing Pal.0, the RV is in a city.
    • During the Polka song, Weird Pal appeared much taller than everyone else.




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