Pizza Steve's Diary
Season 1, Episode 45
Pizza Steve's Diary Title Card
Premiered: January 8, 2015
Short: "Squirrel Sweaters"
Written and Storyboarded by:
  Andy Gonsalves
Ryan Kramer
Story by:
  Andy Gonsalves
David Gemmill
Kelsy Abbott
Tom Kauffman
Pete Browngardt
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Pizza Steve's Diary is the 45th episode of Uncle Grandpa Season 1, and the 45th overall episode of the series.


Pizza Steve goes to great lengths to prevent his secrets from being exposed.

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The episode begins with bikini girls Stacy and Lisa trying to open soda bottles and they try chewing on the bottles and they blame the government for the closed bottles. The girls are upset that they can't open the soda bottles and the UG RV rises up from the ocean, Uncle Grandpa comes and walks onto shore introducing him and his friends, Pizza Steve is playing his portable game and tells Uncle Grandpa to let him pass the hard boss he's trying to beat in the game. The bikini girls say hi to Pizza Steve and he is now intrigued that two hot bikini babes want something to do with him, Uncle Grandpa announces that it's time to open the bottles but Pizza Steve insists to open the bottles himself but he can't open the bottles since he doesn't have the muscle strength to do so. Mr. Gus takes the bottles from Pizza Steve and he pops the lids open and fizz pushes Pizza Steve to the other end of the beach, and Mr. Gus gives the soda bottles to the girls. Mr. Gus calls Pizza Steve "Little Cheese" and the two bikini girls laugh at that nickname, Pizza Steve feels terrible after what happened and he tries to call Mr. Gus out on what he just did but one of the bikini girls interrupts him.

In the RV, Pizza Steve is writing in his diary about what had happened ate the beach and writes down how Mr. Gus is superior to him in everyway, Uncle Grandpa comes up from the table with a shovel and asks Pizza Steve if he wants to dig a hole but Pizza Steve tries to cover up the fact that he's writing in his diary and he says he's reading Peter Pan. Uncle Grandpa goes back down and blows something up and he comes back up asking Pizza Steve's help for the broken gas line. Mr. Gus takes a break from driving the RV and on the way to take his daily bubble bath he sees Pizza Steve's diary titled as Peter Pan and he can't wait to read it. Pizza Steve notices that Mr. Gus is about take Pizza Steve's diary into the bathroom with him and Pizza Steve tries to stop him, Mr. Gus steps out of the bathroom telling Pizza Steve to not interrupt him while he's taking a bath, Mr. Gus still thinks that the diary is Peter Pan and he steps into the bathroom. Mr. Gus is preparing his bath and once in the tub he stares and admires the diary for a few minutes, meanwhile Pizza Steve wakes up Tiny Miracle so he can create a diversion so Pizza Steve could get hiss diary back, as Mr. Gus is about to open the diary Tiny Miracle bursts through the door and tells Mr. Gus to look at him while Pizza Steve gets his diary, Mr. Gus finds out Tiny Miracle is creating a diversion and notices Pizza Steve getting his diary. Mr. Gus throws the two outside of the bathroom and he boards up the door, but he notices he can't read the diary without his glasses.

Pizza Steve walks towards Uncle Grandpa with Mr. Gus' glasses and tells Uncle Grandpa to smash the glasses, Uncle Grandpa suspects that the glasses are Mr. Gus' but Pizza Steve convinces him that they were sent from another dimension and they're pure evil. Right after Uncle Grandpa lost count, Mr. Gus bursts out of the bathroom and demands Pizza Steve to give him back his glasses, Pizza Steve tries to take the hammer but he's too weak and then Mr. Gus takes the hammer and tells Uncle Grandpa to watch Pizza Steve for an hour, Pizza Steve tells Uncle Grandpa that he's going to go drive the RV and he lets him. When Pizza Steve is behind the wheel he does barrel rolls with the RV and the tub, Mr. Gus, then the diary, then water were launched to the front of the RV. The diary is soaked and Mr. Gus tells Pizza Steve that he is still going to take his bath without any interruptions and he locks Pizza Steve in the secrets chest for a hour, and Pizza Steve panics about Mr. Gus reading the diary. An hour later Mr. Gus unlocks the chest and tells Pizza Steve something is wrong about his diary, Pizza Steve tells Mr. Gus to save it and he believes that Mr. Gus read all his secrets, he fantasizes about being a muscle man like Mr. Gus, he's got nothing on Mr. Gus, his girlfriend were imaginary, and he wears his sunglasses to hide his tears. Mr. Gus says that he didn't read a thing about his diary since the diary was soak and the ink was smeared to make it unreadable, Pizza Steve tells Mr. Gus that he was just kidding about his secrets, and Pizza Steve ends the episode like how Looney Tunes would.


  • Pizza Steve is playing his game from Brain Game.
  • Uncle Grandpa shows his passion to dig holes in this episode.
  • A majority of this episode takes place during the hour of 9:00 PM and 10:00PM, as Mr. Gus takes his baths at 9:00 and he locked Pizza Steve away for an hour.
  • Mr. Gus loves the story of Peter Pan.
  • This episode shows a bathroom door in the RV that wasn't there in earlier episodes.
  • Mr. Gus has to wear reading glasses.
  • Pizza Steve's secrets are revealed in this episode:
    • He wishes to be more like Mr. Gus and has nothing against him.
    • His girlfriends were imaginary.
    • He wears shades to cover his constant flows of tears.
  • When Uncle Grandpa is smashing watermelons, he says "Uncle Grandpa smash". This is a reference to The Incredible Hulk.
  • At the ending of the episode, Pizza Steve ends the episode the way Porky Pig ends most episodes of Looney Tunes.
  • Disney Characters such as Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, Neverland, and author J.M. Barrie were mentioned in the episode.
  • This is the first episode to air in 2015.
  • Running Gags:
    • Pizza Steve trying to get his diary back.
    • Mr. Gus getting annoyed when Pizza Steve tries to get his book.
  • Errors:
    • Mr. Gus leaves the RV driving by itself during this episode.
    • The phone booth is missing until the end of the episode, and then the bathroom door is missing.


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