Prison Break
Season 1, Episode 39
Premiered: December 2, 2014
Short: "RV Checkup"
Written and Storyboarded by:
  Myke Chilian
David Gemmill
Story by:
  Dave Tennant
Peter Browngardt
Audie Harrison
Casey Alexander
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Prison Break is the 39th episode of Uncle Grandpa Season 1, and the 39th overall episode of the series.


When Mr. Gus and Pizza Steve’s prank calling lands them in an intergalactic prison, they must work together to escape.

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The episode starts off with Mr. Gus and Pizza Steve making prank phone calls on the phone saying how the White House is being under attacked by UFOs, Pizza Steve goes off script of the prank call and says that the aliens are shooting lasers and Mr. Gus has to improvise to make a sound effect for it so he squeezes a rubber duck. Pizza Steve ends the call by saying that everyone is now dead, and they both argued about how the script for the prank call was structurally flawed, and Pizza Steve thought that for once, both of them could've worked together as a team. Uncle Grandpa comes in and says how he used to be the prank calling champion back in his day, and that they used to call him "Uncle Prank Call", he even told them of how he won an award for convincing this lady her cat was on fire. Uncle Grandpa tells the both of them to have fun and keep it clean and to not use the intergalactic telephone for prank calls, or else they'll be asking for a lot of trouble. Mr. Gus and Pizza Steve checks the phone to see if they used the right one, but they used the intergalactic phone instead, then space police came and knocked down the door and arrested both Pizza Steve and Mr. Gus and brought them to space court.

In space court, the alien judge confronts the two for using an intergalactic phone for prank calls, the crowd of aliens start to hate on Pizza Steve and Mr. Gus, the judge calls the two humans and how they're all the same with their scaly green skin, and greasy cheese exteriors, and sentences both of them to 5,000 quadrants in a maximum security intergalactic prison, and he tells the cops to take them away. Once locked up, Pizza Steve yells out that they can't do this do him because he's Pizza Steve. The two then argue about how one of them caused them to be locked up, Pizza Steve yells at the guard and asks him for his one free phone call, the guard brings the phone and tells him to make it quick and he calls Pizza Steve sick human scum. Pizza Steve calls Uncle Grandpa only to give him a prank call, Mr. Gus and Pizza Steve fights for the phone but Uncle Grandpa already figured out that it was a prank call so he hangs up and proceeds to clean his prank call trophies. Pizza Steve tells Mr. Gus that he has a plan to escape, they both try to sneak away in the laundry, but it fails as they were put in the washing machine and worn by the other alien inmates. Mr. Gus has a plan to escape the prison, he dresses up as one of the guards and tries to walk out unnoticed, he says goodnight to Sebastian, and Sebastian says goodnight back, Sebastian realizes something and starts marching towards Mr. Gus saying "It's scum like you that think that they can get away with this". Sebastian tells Mr. Gus that it's his turn to brush the guard dog's teeth, Sebastian realizes something else, that he didn't eat his sandwich. Mr. Gus approaches the guard dog with the tiny tooth brush, thinking that brushing it's teeth will be an easy job, until the dog opens it's mouth and shows Mr. Gus all of it's mouths. The two sit down at the cafeteria and discuss how they'll get out of there as a team, Pizza Steve tells Mr. Gus that he's been making a lot of new friends, some aliens scream out "HEY HUMANS" and they launch forks towards Pizza Steve and Mr. Gus, and Pizza Steve finally agrees with Mr. Gus about working as a team.

The two sneak out of a hole on the outside walls of the prison and onto a spacecraft, the two try to find the ignition button to leave but Pizza Steve accidentally presses the radio button and a alien tells them that they aren't clear for immediate takeoff. Pizza Steve has a plan to try to prank the alien by saying he's the president of the United Space of the Universe, and he's clear for takeoff because he has a baby on board who needs his diaper changed at the nearest baby changing station. The alien is convinced that Pizza Steve is the President and he grants them immediate takeoff, Pizza Steve tells him that he'll be getting a promotion very soon. The two takeoff and head back to Earth, they crash into the RV and Uncle Grandpa believes that there's an alien invasion. Mr. Gus and Pizza Steve step out and say hello to Uncle Grandpa, Uncle Grandpa believes that the aliens look like humans. The two tells Uncle Grandpa about the crazy adventure they had across the galaxy, and Uncle Grandpa breaks the fourth wall wishing that the episode was about him, Pizza Steve gets a call from the president but it was Uncle Grandpa giving them a prank phone call.


  • Pizza Steve claims that he's never wrong.
  • Uncle Grandpa used to make prank phone calls back then with his name being "Uncle Prank Call",

he even won a Prankie buy convincing a lady her cat was on fire.

  • Uncle Grandpa's Prankie award is a parody of the Grammie award.
  • There's two other kinds of trophies that Uncle Grandpa won, one that resembles an Oscar and the other that resembles a Golden Globe.
  • Uncle Grandpa has a intergalactic phone and it's not to be used for prank calls.
  • Gornak from Space Emperor makes an appearance in the courtroom.
  • Mr. Gus and Pizza Steve were sentenced to 5,000 quadrants in a maximum security intergalactic prison.
  • There is no apparent reason to why prank calling on a intergalactic phone is deemed illegal in the universe.
  • It appears that aliens all across the universe don't like humans.
  • Uncle Grandpa answers the phone the way he did in Secret Mountain Uncle Grandpa and Uncle Grandpa Sitter.
  • There's a green alien in the prison that has a similar voice to Festro from Secret Mountain Fort Awesome.
  • The Cactus Alien from Jorts can be seen in the background of the prison yard.
  • The guard dog is a reference to Alien.
  • There is a president for the United Space of the Universe.
  • Pizza Steve breaks the fourth wall by saying how they learned a lot about each other, developed their character arcs, and overcame challenging obstacles all in the elated amount of time.
    • Uncle Grandpa also broke the fourth wall by saying he wish this episode was mostly about him.
  • Pizza Steve references the movie "FernGully" as a prison break movie, Mr. Gus states he's wrong because the movie is really about a fairy who lives in a rainforest in Australia and she's never seen a human before and was to think that they were extinct.
  • Running Gags:
    • Mr. Gus and Pizza Steve making prank phone calls.
    • Aliens calling Mr. Gus and Pizza Steve humans.
    • Mr. Gus and Pizza Steve coming up with ways on ho to escape.
    • Someone answering the phone believing they're talking to the president.
  • Errors:
    • The space cops arrested Mr. Gus and Pizza Steve for calling on an intergalactic phone, when they should've said they were arrested for prank calling on an intergalactic phone, making it sound like who ever owns a intergalactic phone will automatically be arrested.
    • When the space cops were taking Mr. Gus and Pizza Steve away, the RV interior is green.
    • The intergalactic phone is missing at the end of the episode.




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