Purple Aliens
Transparent purple alien
"There's no gas here for you, there's no gas here for anyone."
Species: Alien
Eye color: Yellow
Personal Information

Scavenging the Wastelands

Production Information
First Appearance:
  "Xarna: She-Warrior of the Apocalypse
Voiced by:
Eric Bauza

The Purple Aliens are a race of aliens that scavenge the post-apocalyptic wastelands as seen in Xarna: She-Warrior of the Apocalypse. They are voiced by Eric Bauza.


The purple aliens are a pinkish-purple color and wear futuristic armor that protects themselves from predators. They wear breathing masks on their faces, suggesting that they did not always live in the desolate wasteland. Once cut up into pieces, it's made visible that the aliens are equipped with wiring throughout the insides of their bodies, with the exception of their heads, making them cyborg-like beings.


The purple aliens are very intimidating, made known when they first encounter Xarna and begin to joke around when she was attempting to acquire some gas. They are also very prone to danger and can break easily as they posed no match to Xarna. They serve as the dominant, and possibly the only, race of life in the post-apocalyptic future, as they think and act as the average person would. It is later revealed that they serve under the hand of Wallace T. Germbug.


  • The aliens seem to be cyborg-like beings with preserved, exposed brains being the only organic part of them.
    • However, the wiring inside of their bodies is pink, suggesting that they may not be completely cyborgs.
  • There appear to have been 21 purple aliens living in the wastelands, however, some that have been shown to have been killed previously may have survived to attend Xarna and Wallace's wedding.
  • Of the 21 known aliens, only 1 is confirmed to have survived, the Wedding Officiant, who Xarna seemed to have missed.
  • When Xarna targets and shoots at the aliens, those that are hit seem to break and dismantle, though the effects occur several moments after the aliens' fully-connected bodies appear to have died.
  • In reality, it appears that this race and all other aliens that appeared in the series were merely toys and figures played with by Xarna, a young girl, and the real Uncle Grandpa.


Xarna: She-Warrior of the Apocalypse

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