Secret Santa
Season 2, Episode 24
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Premiered: December 3, 2015
Short: "None"
Written and Storyboarded by:
  Ryan Kramer
Marc Ceccarelli
Story by:
  Kelsy Abbott
Wade Randolph
Pete Browngardt
Audie Harrison
Casey Alexander
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Secret Santa is the 24th episode of Uncle Grandpa season 2, and the 76th episode overall of the series. This is the second Christmas episode of the series.


When Uncle Grandpa and the crew all have the same popular and hard-to-find gift in mind for their Secret Santa, their nice Christmas shopping trip to the mall turns into a crazy competition.

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Uncle Grandpa starts the episode as he tells a story how that Christmas is a special time, to celebrate good cheer. Excuse me while I light this candle, made of wax fold from my ear. And now it's time to hang the Christmas doughnut on the door, lets peek inside to spy on stupidity galore.

Uncle Grandpa pops out from the Christmas tree and yells out WHO'S READY FOR SECRET SANTA! The rest of the gang all yell that they're ready. Uncle Grandpa lifts his head and tells them that they know the rules, he flips his head upside down and tells everyone to pick their Secret Santa Buddy. He tells them to pick a name and everyone does so, and he tells them to not let anyone see it as he proceeds to get his own Secret Santa Buddy. Uncle Grandpa is ready to see who's holiday happiness he's responsible for this year, he sees his paper and he tells Tiny Miracle that he has a good one, another Uncle Grandpa tells him to keep it a secret. Uncle Grandpa proceeds to shred the paper and eat it. He then asks WHO'S READY TO DO SOME CHRISTMAS SHOPPING AT THE MALL! and everyone says that they're ready. The RV bounces off the street and lands on top of the mall, Adam and another boy both runs for their lives as the RV crashes through the glass celling and on to the ground floor. Everyone gets out of the RV with the help of the Zebra Head, Frankenstein bursts through the door instead of going out the same way as everyone else and it angers the Zebra Head.

Everyone gathers together and Uncle Grandpa asks if they know what they're going to get for their Secret Santa, and they all get confused. Pizza Steve runs off and then a commercial for a toy called the "HoverGator" comes on, it's states that their Christmas will fail without it. The Turquoise Shirt Boy was watching with them and he goes crazy for a HoverGator as he rips of his skin in excitement, Uncle Grandpa already has an idea for his Secret Santa, as well as Mr. Gus, even Tiny Miracle and he won't need a Tiny Miracle to help him. Pizza Steve comes back and tells them that he already bought his Secret Santa gift but everyone left without him.

Uncle Grandpa is walking towards the store to get a HoverGator until Mr. Gus passes him up, Uncle Grandpa asks him that if he's going for a HoverGator too and Mr. Gus won't tell him, everyone else follows behind and Tiny Miracle figured out that they all are going for the same gift. Everyone runs to the store entrance but they all get stuck, Tiny Miracle opens the store as if they were a door and he enters, once inside they all see that there aren't anymore HoverGators left in this location. A store cleaner states that they have a few HoverGators left at Toy Kingdom on the other side of the mall. Uncle Grandpa sarcasticly states that he'll have to get something else, as well as Tiny Miracle, and Mr. Gus too.

Everyone runs out of the store and they all race to the other end of the mall, they all pass Pizza Steve as he gets a massage. Uncle Grandpa walks up to a gumball machine and he hopes he has a quarter, he does and he puts it in the machine and then he throws the gumball machine on the ground. Mr. Gus slips on some gumballs and falls down, now he knows how Uncle Grandpa is playing. Tiny Miracle wants to increase his odds for obtaining that gift, he notices a tire shop and he drives out with a monster truck wheel, he then tells Frankenstein to not tread on him as he runs him over. Tiger flies in and out of a ball shop with a bowling ball, Uncle Grandpa is running up the escalator the wrong way and Tiger drops the bowling ball on his head, Uncle Grandpa falls down the escalator and tells Tiger she's a bad kitty, Mr. Gus pushes Uncle Grandpa to the side and calls him "Pinhead". As Mr. Gus runs to the escalator, a kid stops him and calls him a big scary green monster guy, Mr. Gus thought he was talking about him, and then Frankenstein pushes Mr. Gus to the side and scares the people, Frankenstein runs up the escalator and detaches it from the second floor.

The escalator almost lands on Uncle Grandpa and Mr. Gus, they both dodge it and Uncle Grandpa states that it was a close one, Uncle Grandpa then notices Pizza Steve getting a tan and he asks him where the elevator is and Pizza Steve points it out for him. Tiger flies into a punk/goth store and she grabs three spike studded belts and places them in front of Tiny Miracle and he pops his tire, he flies everywhere and lands in the fountain, Tiny Miracle is yelling for help since his circuit board is shorting out and Uncle Grandpa pushes him back into the water. Uncle Grandpa runs into the elevator before a woman and her baby and he states it's a Christmas emergency, the door closes and the baby cries, Frankenstein is running and he sees a hardware store, he runs inside to get a chainsaw and he places it in front on the elevator door, the door opens and Uncle Grandpa fall through the hole.

Uncle Grandpa is back on the ground floor and Pizza Steve is getting his shoes shined and recommends the guy to Uncle Grandpa if he wants his shoes done, Uncle Grandpa says that he can't and that he has to get the gift of a life time, he gets up and Pizza Steve cheers him on.

Tiger is the first one to get to Toy Kingdom, inside a boy takes the second to last HoverGator, another store cleaner states that they're down to the last HoverGator in the entire mall and probably the whole country by now and he goes back to pretend to work. Tiger races inside and is about to purchase the HoverGator, Mr. Gus stops her with a net from Nets Galore and he takes the last HoverGator, Frankenstein punches Mr. Gus in the face and takes the HoverGator, Tiny Miracle shoots him down with a plunger and takes it, Uncle Grandpa shoots him down with water and grabs the HoverGator and he runs out the store. This is Belly Bag's chance to get the HoverGator, Uncle Grandpa tells him to let go of his gift, and Belly Bag states that it's not his gift anymore, they both fight as Uncle Grandpa runs to the edge of the floor. On the floor below a man is trying to sell people a wood chipper for their homes and the HoverGator falls in the chipper and it's torn to shreds, the salesman asks if anyone has any questions.

Everyone is looking over the edge in disappointment as they saw the destruction, Mr. Gus states that there goes any chance at scoring the season's hottest gift and tells everyone that they should just think of something to get their Secret Santa. Uncle Grandpa has the idea to ask his brother Santa for the perfect gift and tells them that he's probably at the mall, Uncle Grandpa notices that everyone is racing to see Santa so he joins them. Pizza Steve is getting ultimate data for his phone but he's not going to sign any contract without his agent or lawyer present, he notices everyone running to see Santa and wonders what is the rush about.

They all get to the place to see Santa and notices that there's a long line, Tiny Miracle calculates and he says by the time they reach Santa it'll already be Easter and this angers Frankenstein, Uncle Grandpa then stops Frankenstein from pushing the kids out of line and he tries to think of a less extrusive way to get to the front of the line. Uncle Grandpa tells the kid in front of them that his shoe is untied, the kid bends down to tie his shoe and Uncle Grandpa runs on top of the children's heads to get to the front. Uncle Grandpa wonders how the rest of the gang get to the front of the line, Mr. Gus tells him they rode on Tiger's back and that they have another problem, Santa is on his dinner break, Uncle Grandpa tells Frankenstein to go show Santa what they think about his break, Frankenstein lifts up the little house revealing an imposter.

Uncle Grandpa tells the Mall Santa that he's not his brother and the Mall Santa knows and tells them that he's one of his many helpers because it gets real busy for him this time of year and Uncle Grandpa thinks that makes sense. The Mall Santa asks them what's so important that they had to ruin his 2 minute dinner break, Uncle Grandpa tells the Mall Santa their problem and tells him that he's their only hope from holiday gift disappointment. The Mall Santa is telling them that they stormed in here, sabotaging each other, tearing apart the mall, and cutting in front of all the nice kids in line just to get their hands on some new toy? and Uncle Grandpa replies with the answer "Yeah". The Mall Santa tells them that Santa doesn't reward that kind of despicable behavior whether he's Uncle Grandpa's brother or not, he then tells them that they should all take a long look at themselves and think about their actions.

Uncle Grandpa breaks down and questions what have they become, he wanted to get the coolest gift in the world for the coolest dude in the world, Pizza Steve. Belly Bag says that Pizza Steve would've really wanted that toy, Tiny Miracle says that he had let Pizza Steve down and hopes that it's the thought that really counts, Mr. Gus says that he has Pizza Steve too and he notices that everyone had Pizza Steve as their Secret Santa and this angers Mr. Gus, the Mall Santa states that they all got played like fiddle by a greedy slice of pizza.

At the food court, Pizza Steve had finished eating his garlic pizza balls and sees that his breath stinks, he grabs breath mints from "his" Secret Santa Gift. Frankenstein smashes the table, and Uncle Grandpa tells him it'll do, Uncle Grandpa asks Pizza Steve if he wrote his name on all the Secret Santa papers and he lies and says "no", Uncle Grandpa gives up and asks the others who did it, Mr. Gus tells him that Pizza Steve is obviously lying. Pizza Steve states that he may have altered the game a little bit, and before they can condemn him with a trembling index finger, he asks them to hear him out. Although his actions my appear selfish on the surface, but beneath the attempt to gain more gifts was his way of giving something to them, Mr. Gus isn't impressed. Pizza Steve tells them that Christmas is more than getting cool gifts for friends, Uncle Grandpa believes that Pizza Steve is trying to say that Christmas is less about aggressive consumer greed and materialistic gratification but more so an opportunity to share quality time with family and friends. Pizza Steve goes along with what Uncle Grandpa said and tells them that's why he did what he did, to show them that valuable Christmas lesson.

Uncle Grandpa tells Pizza Steve that what he said was beautiful, and that they're so lucky to have him as a friend, Mr. Gus get angry until a delivery man asks for the guy who owns the RV crashed on level one, and Uncle Grandpa states it's him. The Delivery Man says that he has an order he placed online a few weeks ago, he shows them and tells them to count the six HoverGators, everyone is astonished and Uncle Grandpa said he forgot he did that. Pizza Steve states that it's a Christmas miracle.

The Mall Santa is suggesting a board game and a videogame to a little nerdy boy, and he doesn't like those ideas, the nerdy boy points out that he wants a HoverGator, the Mall Santa is amazed that they got their Christmas wish. Belly Bag tells Uncle Grandpa that they learned a very valuable lesson about the true meaning of Christmas, he agrees with him and the lesson is to do your holiday shopping online weeks before to avoid sold out toys at the mall. They all fly out of the mall and Uncle Grandpa wishes the viewers a MERRY CHRISTMAS!


  • This is the second christmas special. The first was "Christmas Special".
    • This is also the fifth holiday special.
  • Uncle Grandpa now celebrates Christmas, likely as a result of the events of "Christmas Special".
  • The music from Christmas Special is used again in the episode.
  • Tiny Miracle has a visible neck in the episode, other episodes his head is attached to his shirt.
  • Uncle Grandpa is using the escalator incorrectly, just like in Escalator, he could've walked down to begin with.
  • When Mr. Gus pushed Uncle Grandpa when he had a pin shaped head, he said "Move it Pinhead". This could reference an episode from SpongeBob called "Hibernation", SpongeBob and Patrick were choosing names, SpongeBob wanted to be "Dirty Dan" and he called Patrick "Pinhead", and Patrick's response to this was "Who You Callin' Pinhead?".
  • In the Punk store there was a poster with Uncle Grandpa when he looked like GG Allin, this was from the short Uncle Grandpa Sings the Classics.
  • Scorch City Tanning Salon makes another appearance since Tiger Trails.
    • As well as the Emergency Grappling Hook Store and 31 Ketchups stores from Escalator and Hundred Dollar Gus.
  • Santa's only appearances in the episode was the Title Card and Uncle Grandpa's poster.
  • When Tiny Miracle said that by the time they reach Santa in the line of children, it'll already be Easter. This is probably referencing Christmas Special when they failed to deliver the presents in time and it was already Spring.
  • The Mall Santa said that he was one of Santa's many helpers, he most likely means other Mall Santa's across America.
  • Keith David voices the Mall Santa.
  • Everyone received Pizza Steve for their Secret Santa Buddy.
  • Pizza Steve was trying to come up with a valuable Christmas lesson as he went along with the story, and went along with what Uncle Grandpa said to avoid being told he was selfish.

Running Gags:

  • Frankenstein destroying things.
  • Everyone racing to a certain part of the mall.
  • Pizza Steve pampering himself.
  • The gang sabotaging themselves.
  • Uncle Grandpa using water against Tiny Miracle.


  • In the beginning of the episode the RV crashes through a sky window on the left hand side of the mall, but at the end of the episode there's no sky window.




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