Shower Party
Season 2, Episode 4
Shower Party Title Card
Premiered: March 26, 2015
Short: "Dirtbag"
Written and Storyboarded by:
  Andy Gonsalves
Jason Reicher
Story by:
  Kelsy Abbott
Tom Kauffman
Pete Browngardt
Audie Harrison
Casey Alexander
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Shower Party is the 4th episode of season 2 of Uncle Grandpa, and the 56th episode overall of the series. There is a guest appearance by American song writer Andrew W.K. in the episode.


While Uncle Grandpa is in the shower, Andrew W.K. helps Pizza Steve and Mr. Gus throw a party.

Character Appearances

Major Characters

Minor Characters


Pizza Steve walks into the living room and he gets bored. Mr. Gus suggests the idea to read a book but Pizza Steve wants to watch the music video channel on TV. When Pizza Steve turns on the TV, it's on the rainy channel and he then notices it's on every other channel. Mr. Gus tells him that Uncle Grandpa changed the RV cable package and that the Rainy Network is the only channel they get now. Pizza Steve then screams in agony and tells Mr. Gus to call a cemetery because he'll die of boredom, some lightning hits the satellite dish, and the TV turns to a party advertisement hosted by Andrew W.K. Mr. Gus stops Pizza Steve from calling Andrew because they can't throw a party when Uncle Grandpa is in the RV due to his last party fowl. Uncle Grandpa enters the room saying "Oh Yeah!" and informing the guys that he'll be taking his weekly 10 minute shower and he'll be completely out of their hair for the next 10 minutes, he then leaves to take his shower. Pizza Steve then calls Andrew's party hotline requesting a 10 minute party, Andrew then gives Pizza Steve a contract to sign, he signs, and Andrew says he'll be over there very shortly.

Andrew then smashes to RV door in and starts the party with a lot of punk people, Mr. Gus has a bad feeling that he's going to have a really good time, Andrew then proceeds to sing:


Andrew W.K:

Ten minute Party!

Ten minute party!

We're going to have a party,

It's a ten minute party!

Uncle Grandpa is in the shower and pulls out a checklist to see what he has to wash, he first washes behind his moustache with his nose. The party outside is continuing with Pizza Steve chugging smoothies, Mr. Gus lifting and throwing two guys into the air, some punk guy on the disco ball, Belly Bag trying to pick up some chicks (purses), Frankenstein riding Tiger with a random teenager, and then Andrew smashes the arcade game saying "Party tip #3: Everybody deserves to party!" and the video game characters proceed to party along with Pizza Steve. Uncle Grandpa is in the shower with his surfing instructor Chad and thanks him for the lesson and to see him next week, Uncle Grandpa goes through the list to see what he has to do next and he decided to wax his legs later. In the party, everything is falling apart and Mr. Gus believes that the party has gotten out of hand but Pizza Steve says that those people look like they're partying responsibly such as the rocking horse running out of the RV. Mr. Gus then goes to talk to Andrew about the party and Andrew turns around with red stuff all over his face but it was just from the berry pie he was eating, Mr. Gus tells him that he has to stop the party but Andrew says that he only knows how to start a party and not stop one "Party tip #65" and proceeds to tell them that they still have plenty of time to party and he literally raises the roof of the RV.

Mr. Gus and Pizza Steve need an idea to stop the party. Mr. Gus says they only have 5 minutes left but Pizza Steve says the RV will be destroyed in 2 minutes, Andrew then releases some monkeys, the two then flashback about Uncle Grandpa's party fowl. They need to get Uncle Grandpa out of the shower to commit one of his party fowls. Uncle Grandpa is in the shower and now he has to wash his hare Alfonzo, then he shampoos his eyes, Mr. Gus and Pizza Steve try to go into the bathroom and Andrew throws the sofa into the bathroom's door. Mr. Gus then tells Uncle Grandpa that he has to get out of there but he says he'll be out in 4 minutes, Pizza Steve flushes the toilet but that doesn't work, so Mr. Gus throws the bubble bath bottle into the shower and the RV overflows. Uncle Grandpa surfs out of the bathroom and he says "Good Morning!" in front of the party people, and the shower curtain censoring him falls to the floor. Someone yelled "PARTY FOWL!" and everyone runs out of the RV. Andrew then says "Party tip #19: Never party in your birthday suit" and he dashes out of the window. Uncle Grandpa clears his eyes and sees the RV destroyed, Mr. Gus says that they can explain and the walls of the RV fall, lightning hits the satellite dish and it continues to rain. Uncle Grandpa says that they don't need to explain and he sees what's going on, he sees that the Rainy Network is on, proceeds to watch the broken TV, and laughs at it.


  • Uncle Grandpa changed the RV cable channel and they only get to watch The Rainy Network.
  • In Andrew W K's party commercial, there was a reference to his previous show "Destory Build Destroy" where he uses an explosive to blow up a car.
  • This is the 3rd episode to have a celebrity make a guest appearance on the show (Not including voice actors). The first two were Shaquille O'Neal in Perfect Kid, and Ric Flair in The History of Wrestling.
  • Andrew's ridiculous phone number is 555-5555-5555555-5555555555555-55-5-5-55555-555-55555555-55555-55-55, that is 56 5s.
  • Uncle Grandpa takes a 10 minute shower every week.
    • 10 Minutes is the duration of the episode.
  • When turned around and showing berry pie on his face, it referenced Andrew's major-label debut album "I Get Wet" with him on the cover with actual blood.
  • When Mr. Gus stated they had 5 minutes left, that was when there was 5 minutes left for the episode.
    • Pizza Steve saying the RV will be destroyed in 2 minutes, he meant that the episode will end, (excluding the short).
      • Uncle Grandpa points out the rest of the time for the episode when he said he'll be out in 4 minutes.
  • Pizza Steve breaks the fourth wall by saying that the flashback would be significant to the story.
  • Andrew singing about partying could reference a song he sang for the "Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie for Theaters" called "Party Party Party", though the song wasn't heard in the movie it's available on the movie's soundtrack. The song was first introduced in an "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" episode titled "Party All the Time" where Andrew W.K makes a guest appearance actually singing the song. The song has been heard in other various episodes.
  • When Uncle Grandpa exits the elevator says "Oh Yeah!" three times that means the catchphrases like "Macho Man" Randy Savage.
  • Running Gags:
    • Pizza Steve flickering through the rainy day channels.
    • Andrew's long phone number.
    • Uncle Grandpa throwing a party fowl.
    • Uncle Grandpa's silly a shower checklist.
    • Things breaking in the party.
    • Mr. Gus and Pizza Steve flashbacking.
  • Errors:
    • The bathroom in this episode is in the same place as the one in Pizza Steve's Diary, but it has a different door and interior.
    • Uncle Grandpa went down a chute to go to the bathroom, when the bathroom was right to the elevator door.
    • Uncle Grandpa was supposedly seen without any suds around his waist by the partiers, when everyone leaves there are suds around him.
    • After everyone leaves there isn't any significant damage showing, when Uncle Grandpa clears his eyes there is total damage.
      • The RV cockpit is missing when the walls fall off.




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