Sick Bag
Season 1, Episode 32
Sick Bag Title Card
Premiered: September 18, 2014
Short: "Scary Cyborg Guy"
Written and Storyboarded by:
  Marc Ceccarelli
Ryan Kramer
Story by:
  Dave Tennant
Peter Browngardt
Audie Harrison
Casey Alexander
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Sick Bag is the 6th episode of Uncle Grandpa season 2, and the 32nd overall episode of the series.


Uncle Grandpa journeys inside Belly Bag to cure his friend of a mysterious illness.

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Mr. Gus tries to hurry Uncle Grandpa out of the bathroom but he's too busy brushing his teeth, once Uncle Grandpa comes out of the bathroom Mr. Gus warns him about the huge monster outside that is terrorizing the city and the RV. Uncle Grandpa has decided to battle the huge monster and asks Belly Bag for his laser hammer, Belly bag gives Uncle Grandpa a cheese sandwich and Uncle thinks that he shouldn't fight on an empty stomach. Belly Bag tries again to give Uncle Grandpa his laser hammer but instead he gives him a goldfish, Uncle Grandpa is thinking that this isn't like Belly Bag to keep giving him the wrong items. One more attempt at giving Uncle Grandpa his laser hammer, but another failed attempt, Belly Bag gives Uncle Grandpa a boot with wings, and Uncle GRandpa states that its not even in style. Belly Bag finally came to the conlusion that he is sick, so Uncle Grandpa jumps back into the RV and drives away from the giant monster so he could find out why Belly Bag isn't feeling so hot.

Belly Bag and Uncle Grandpa are in bed and Belly Bag says that he thinks he caught some sort of Belly Bug, Uncle Grandpa thinks he actually caught a Belly Bug for real, so Pizza Steve supervises from a safe distance while Mr. Gus cooks up some noodle soup. Uncle Grandpa goes inside Belly Bag and notices all the creatures are sick, and that its should be more weirder in there. Uncle Grandpa found out that the Belly Bug took his emergency laser hammer and thinks he's hidding in Belly Bag's Belly, so Uncle Grandpa follows Belly Bag's tounge to his belly. Uncle Grandpa makes it to Frankenstien's castle and finds that Frankenstien is sick too, and when Frankenstien sneezes each time, he turns into a different monster. So Uncle Grandpa tells Frankenstien that he'll stop all of this madness and he continues on the trail to Belly Bag's Belly, and while on the trail Belly Bag's skin turns into different colorful patterns. On the outside of Belly Bag, Mr. Gus is making a nice bowl of Grandma's Chickendactyl Soup, Pizza Steve then tells Belly Bag what he does when he's not feeling so good, he gives him a healty dose of vitiamin me, Belly Bag then wonders how Uncle Grandpa is doing inside of hime and wishes that he could give him a hand. Uncle Grandpa then encounters a group of hands that slaps him and gives him a wet willie, so Uncle Grandpa traps the hands in a cat's cradle.

Uncle Grandpa finally reaches the belly and acts out what he'll do if he sees the bug, so the Belly Bug knocks Uncle Grandpa out with his laser hammer. Uncle Grandpa then wakes up and finds himself cocooned by the Belly Bug, Uncle Grandpa wonders how the bug got in Belly Bag's belly, the bug says to Uncle Grandpa that if he remembers the gas station, Uncle Grandpa flashes back to the moment when he bought some expired sushi from the gas station. The Belly Bug asks why Uncle Grandpa is in Belly Bag's Belly, Uncle Grandpa says that he's here to stop him from buging Belly Bag and he wants his laser hammer back, the bug says that the laser hammer is not his anymore and that its his and he calls it Belinda and they're getting married, Uncle Grandpa says he can't marry that hammer he needs it to destroy a giant monster in the city and that her name isn't Belinda, its Samantha. The bug wonders how Uncle Grandpa is going to stop him, Uncle Grandpa says the only way he knows how, and he asks Belly Bag for his laser hammer, and Belly Bag says that he's still inside him, the bug shoots Uncle Grandpa and misses him, the blast goes outside, hits a mirror, and shoots back inside freeing Uncle Grandpa, but the bug shoots him again and shocks him. Right when the bug was about to squish Uncle Grandpa a wave of Mr. Gus' noodle soup washes the two, giving Uncle Grandpa his laser hammer, but the bug says to give it back and Uncle Grandpa does. So in Uncle Grandpa final retaliation he whips the bugs arms off and he deflates, while Belly bag is rebooting like a computer would, Uncle Grandpa goes back and sees that everything is turning back to normal, even Frankenstien. Belly Bag is feeling better and Uncle Grandpa remembers that he still needs to fight the giant monster outside, Uncle Grandpa points Samantha to the monster, but she then sneezes on him and then on Uncle Grandpa, Mr. Gus, and Pizza Steve. Belly Bag then makes his famous noodle soup for the three guys and then he makes an extra bowl for the giant monster.


  • A miniature Hot Dog Person is found on the title card
  • The inside of Belly Bag is different in this episode than seen in Belly Bros.
  • If Belly Bag is sick, then everything living inside him is also sick.
  • Belly Bag has a extrodinarly long tongue that spans for a long time.
  • Uncle Grandpa swinging from Belly Bag's tongue is a possible refrence to "Tarzan or "George of the Jungle".
  • Frankenstein is able to change monster shape when sick, he turns into a werewolf and Dracula.
  • When Belly Bag is extremely sick, his color starts to change into various patterns.
  • The only way Uncle Grandpa knows how to stop something is to ask Belly Bag for his laser hammer.
  • When Uncle Grandpa cured Belly Bag, Belly bag rebooted like how a computer would, even the word Belly resembled the "Dell" logo.
  • Belly Bag is version 2.1.6
  • When Uncle Grandpa is going down Belly Bag's tongue, Belly Bag can be seen on Uncle Grandpa belly's for a few seconds.
  • Uncle Grandpa's Laser Hammer is able to get sick.
  • Running Gags:
    • Belly Bag giving Uncle Grandpa the wrong items.
    • Creatures and things getting sick.
    • Someone making noodle soup.
  • Errors:
    • The giant monster was punching the front end of the RV and it appeared shattered, when it goes back to Uncle Grandpa and Mr. Gus, the RV is in tact.
    • The RV changes size in the giant monster's tentacle.
    • The lining of the roof of the RV goes vertical, while the lining in the front goes horizontal.
    • Uncle Grandpa appears way to big driving the RV when he tells the monster he'll be back.
    • The heart monitor is not connected to anything.
    • When Uncle Grandpa is swinging form Belly Bag's tongue, the tongue is much smaller than when Uncle Grandpa started following it.
    • Belly Bag's tongue connects to the stomach through the side and not through the esophagus.
    • When the giant monster comes back, it's head doesn't come to a point and it looks like he has purple hair.
    • Although Pizza Steve wasn't present when Samantha sneezed on everyone, he still managed to get sick.




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