Sketchy Stanley
Sketchy Stanley
"Anything in particular you lookin' for?"
Species: Human
Hair color: Bald
Eye color: Black
Personal Information
  Being Shady,

Selling Things to People

Production Information
First Appearance:
  "What's the Big Idea?"
Voiced by:
Jason Spisak

Sketchy Stanley is a shady salesman who tired to sell ideas to the guys as seen in the episode What's the Big Idea?. He is voiced by Jason Spisak.


Sketchy Stanley wears a huge trench coat that holds most of the things that he sells and it covers most of his body, he also wears a pear of brown boots, and under his coat, he wears red wool pajamas. He wears a fedora that keeps his face hidden in darkness, and when he lifts it, it's shown that his face is not fully drawn yet and sketched out, his skin is white and he has a big nose and is bald.


Sketchy Stanley would normally like to called as just Stanley and he charges people extra for any puns that they use while trying to browse for an item. He's shown to be very sneaky as he managed to steal the guy's ideas from the RV without their knowledge and he's shown to be smart as he was able to use their ideas against them and help him get away. He tends to show a variety of items to sell like hamster milk, watches, or even bootleg DVDs and he even offers sales for some of the things he sells.


  • When Stanley stole Uncle Grandpa's ideas, he had the power to use cartoon magic and disappear.


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