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Smile Juice is a short that occurs after Ballin'.

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The whole cast of Uncle Grandpa sings a happy song about smiling referred to smile juice.



Smile, Smile Juice,

Smile, Smile Juice,

There's plenty in us all

If you want to let it loose!

Smile, Smile Juice,

Smile, Smile Juice,

If you need a happy boost,

Then show your smile juice!

Mr. Gus:

As you all may know, I'm a grumpy dinosaur,

Most days I want to bury my head into the floor.

But negativity

Doesn't get the best of me,

Because I let the smile juices flow.

Pizza Steve:

Take it from me,

Your beloved Pizza Steve,

I'm drippin' with more than your average pizza grease.

My crust be stuffed with the smoothest flow,

Waiting to explode!

So I discharge and let my smile juices show!


Smile, Smile Juice, 

Smile, Smile Juice,

Let your lips leak joyful drips

of Smile, Smile Juice!

Smile, Smile Juice,

Let me see that juice.

Uncle Grandpa:




Uncle Grandpa:




Smile, Smile Juice!

Belly Bag:

When you need to smile, just come to Belly Bag!

I can smile cross a mile, though I don't like to brag!

A smirk, a quirk, a grin, a wink,

I got what you need!

Just reach inside and you'll find a smile jubilee!

Uncle Grandpa:

Hope you all are ready for some healthy smile juice,

I've got so much to spare there's enough for both of us!

You say you have forgotten how to look when having fun,

That's okay, a smile a day can roll right off your tongue!

Of all the things I like to do, like skip and bounce and bike!

The thing I like to do the most is show my smile pride!


Smile, Smile Juice,

Smile, Smile Juice,

Won't you please allow me to kindly introduce,

All the fruitful uses when you stop making excuses,

And you let your smile juice flow!



  • Pizza Steve plays a Super Mario Bros 2 parody called Pizza Bros 2. However, the part Pizza Steve was playing, was actually the ending of level 1-1 from Super Mario Bros.

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