Sun UG
Species: Star
Hair color: Yellow
Eye color: Yellow
Personal Information

Scorching Temperatures

Production Information
First Appearance:
  "New Kid" (Unofficial)

"Super Cloud" (Official)

Voiced by:
Kevin Michael Richardson

Sun is a anthropomorphic star in the sky that gives off tremendous amounts of heat as seen in the short Super Cloud. He is voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson.


The Sun is a round yellow ball that is usually seen in the sky, it has several rays of light that point away from it most of the time. The Sun wears a pair of sunglasses and usually has a big mouth and has a angry expression. The Sun is able to manifest itself to have arms as seen in Super Cloud.


The Sun is a real angry star that shows a lot of determination when in the sky, it doesn't take to kindly to people name calling it and vows to seek revenge on people who do. The Sun is also smart as it can find the gang easily through the RV and is able to corner them. The Sun is shown to be very hot and is able to make anyone's day worse by giving them more heat and having them sit through scorching sunbaked temperatures.


  • The Sun's angry expression could be a reference to the "Super Mario Bros. 3" enemy Angry Sun.


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