The Great Spaghetti Western
Season 2, Episode 14
The Great Spaghetti Western Title Card
Premiered: June 10, 2015
Short: "None"
Written and Storyboarded by:
  Andy Gonsalves
Jason Reicher
Story by:
  Andy Gonsalves
Jason Reicher
Pete Browngardt
Audie Harrison
Casey Alexander
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The Great Spaghetti Western is the 14th episode of Uncle Grandpa season 2, and the 66th episode overall.


Mr. Gus repeatedly runs afoul of a crooked mayor while winning the hears of the townsfolk.

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The narrator introduces Uncle Grandpa as a hero to make things right and has the courage of a rattle snake, Uncle Grandpa thanks the mysterious voice for the snazzy intro and decides to take over. Belly Bag is starving and hopes that this restaurant that Uncle Grandpa is talking about better be worth the 10 day journey, Uncle Grandpa says that the place they're headed has the best old fashioned spaghetti on this side of the Alabamas or at least it was 20 years ago. Uncle grandpa flashes back to the time when he had a meal at Augustus Spaghetti and he can't wait until they try the food there. They arrive at the place only to see that it has changed to Pizza the Kid's Spaghetti, Uncle Grandpa doesn't care if the place has changed, he only cares if they're still serving the classic spaghetti dish. Uncle Grandpa and Belly Bag are sitting at a booth and eating a dish of spaghetti burgers until a waitress comes and asks how are they enjoying the spaghetti sliders, Uncle Grandpa says they're awful and runs out crying. Belly Bag and Tiger tries to cheer Uncle grandpa up and he apologizes for not showing them the original restaurant and he doesn't know how any of this could've possibly had happened.

Augustus comes out from the shadows and tells them what had happened 20 years ago, Augustus says he owned the restaurant and that business 20 years ago was going good until Pizza the Kid showed up, Pizza the Kid stole the deed to the restaurant and completely changed the establishment by lowering the quality and raising the price. That restaurant was Augustus' entire life and now it's gone, Uncle Grandpa wonders why doesn't he track down Pizza The Kid and take the deed back, Augustus said he tried back in the day but Pizza the Kid took his leg and now he has a wood stub. Uncle Grandpa decides to help Augustus get his restaurant back with the help of Belly Bag and Tiger and they all ride off until Uncle Grandpa walks back and asks to where can they find the deed, Augustus says to meet them at Canyon Peak.

At Canyon Peak Uncle Grandpa is waiting for Augustus as he climbs his way to the top, Uncle Grandpa asks him what took him so long, Augustus not looking happy said it was traffic, Uncle Grandpa then asks where can they find Pizza the Kid's hideout and Augustus points out a little shack on the horizon. Gus also points out that today is Friday and Pizza the Kid rides into town every Friday to collect his restaurant money, Gus also states that if they get the deed before sundown they shouldn't have any trouble. Augustus gives them three sticks of dynamite to blow up the safe and collect the deed, then they all ride off to the shack.

Once at the shack Uncle Grandpa encounters a simple fence latch and decides to blow it up, Uncle Grandpa tells Tiger they're going in and proceeds to use the second tick of dynamite to blow up the front door. Once inside Uncle Grandpa decides to blow up the safe until Belly Bag states that it's only the ice box and points out the real safe, Uncle Grandpa wonders if there is any fried chicken in the ice box and he proceeds to blow it up. Uncle Grandpa comes back with a bucket of chicken saying that it was one of the best decoctions he ever made, Belly Bag then states they don't have any more dynamite to use because Uncle Grandpa wasted it, Uncle Grandpa says that it wasn't wasted since he had gotten his chicken, Belly Bag yells at him and says that they were supposed to use that dynamite to blow up the safe and get the deed. Belly Bag wonders what they do now, Uncle Grandpa states the only thing they can do is to use the process of elimination and to try all the possible combinations until the safe opens.

Meanwhile at the restaurant, Pizza the Kid is yelling at the waitress for handing him all the restaurant's earnings which doesn't satisfy him, Pizza the Kid then say that if the waitress wants to keep her job there better be a bigger haul next week and he proceeds to leave the restaurant. The waitress then heads to a man eating cheesy garlic fries, the man states that the fries are a crime against humanity. Pizza the Kid heard what the man said and becomes enraged, he asks the man what did he just say and pulls out two cactus guns and threatens the man for trash talking about the fries, he tells the man to head to the cactus wall where he shoots three cactus balls at the man's butt and leaves him running out the restaurant. Pizza the Kid asks the other customers how are they enjoying their fries and they all grab handfuls and begin eating. Pizza the Kid leaves the restaurant and rides away on his black stallion.

Meanwhile at the shack, Uncle Grandpa is still trying combinations and asks Belly Bag how many more combinations are left to try, Belly Bag says about 10,000,000. Uncle Grandpa wishes that he still had some dynamite and Bell Bag slaps himself, Uncle Grandpa states that he has another idea.

Uncle Grandpa pushes the safe outside and yells at Belly Bag to drop a boulder down, the boulder hits Uncle Grandpa on the head and he starts seeing stars and birds, he talks to the bird Rochester and asks to have his blow torch back, Rochester says sure thing and Uncle Grandpa yells at Belly Bag to throw another rock down, The rock lands on Rochester's head and Uncle Grandpa gets his blow torch back. Uncle Grandpa opens the safe and throws the blow torch at the shack causing a fire, he collects the deed and decided to head back into town.

Uncle Grandpa yells out that they have the deed until they run into Pizza the kid along the way, Pizza the Kid is suspicious about the paper Uncle Grandpa has and once he finds out it's the deed to the restaurant he pulls out a gun and threatens Uncle Grandpa until Belly Bag jumps onto his face, letting the gun hit the ground, shooting the stallion in the rear, causing Pizza the Kid to escape with the deed. Uncle Grandpa and Tiger decide to chase after Pizza the Kid and to do it in wide screen format. Pizza the Kid is trying to get Belly Bag off of his face and when he does he throws him on the ground, Uncle Grandpa picks him up and they all continue to chase after Pizza the Kid. Pizza the kid pulls out his gun and shoots Uncle Grandpa on the nose, he falls off of Tiger and Pizza the Kid tells them to meet him at the Canyon Bridge as he rides away. Uncle Grandpa tries to get it together until he touches his nose and hurts his hand, he's convinced that Pizza the Kid really means business, Belly Bag tells Uncle Grandpa to forget about that deed and Uncle Grandpa says that they've come too far and he pulls out a cactus from the ground and carries it as a bazooka, he gets back on Tiger and they go to Canyon Bridge.

Pizza the Kid tells them to hold it right there and tells them that it all ends there, Uncle Grandpa says that he's not going to get away with the deed this time, Pizza the Kid tells them that he rigged the Canyon Bridge with TNT and threatens to blow it up and he goes along with it. Once the smoke cleared up, Pizza the Kid didn't realize that Tiger could fly and Uncle Grandpa shoots Pizza the Kid with a cactus ball, causing him to fall down into the mineshaft never to be seen again. Uncle Grandpa obtains the deed yet again and says that he could go for a big plate of old fashioned spaghetti. The Narrator talks again saying that our hero got to taste his spaghetti again, Gus got his restaurant back and also his leg but that's another story for another time, Uncle Grandpa wonders who the Narrator is talking to, he then proceeds to say that everything is back to normal and it's all thanks to that spaghetti loving stranger who wondered into town.


  • This episode is a parody of the Spaghetti Western subgenre and Eddsworld's Saloonatics was similar to this.
  • The background to this episode is extremely detailed.
  • Uncle Grandpa breaks the 4th wall when he thanks the Narrator for the sanzy intro and that he'll take it from here and the Narrator replies with "Okay".
    • Uncle Grandpa breaks the 4th wall again as he states he'll chase after Pizza the Kid in "Wide Screen Format" and proceeds to shorten the screen.
      • Uncle Grandpa wonders who the Narrator is talking to.
  • Uncle Grandpa states that this episode takes place in Alabama.
    • Uncle Grandpa then states that he remembered having the best plate of spaghetti in old El Pasto, This references El Paso, Texas.
  • Augustus' restaurant is handicap accessible.
  • This episode references old Tex Avery cartoons like "Wile E. Coyote" and "Yosemite Sam" since Uncle Grandpa had used explosives like in the cartoons and the settings all take place in a desert area.
  • This episode uses the chase music from Uncle Caveman.
  • Pizza the Kid has a punishment set up in his restaurant that allows him to shoot cactus balls at people's behinds if they disrespect him or his food.
  • Ironically, Pizza the Kid states that he doesn't take kindly to kidding around.
  • Uncle Grandpa realizes his irony when he wished he still had dynamite to blow up the safe.
  • When Uncle Grandpa meets up with Rochester, the classic melody of old Spaghetti Western music is heard.
  • When Uncle grandpa had picked up the cactus bazooka, he should've felt pain, like when he touched his nose seconds before.
  • Even though Tiger's legs aren't moving, galloping can be heard.
  • The Narrator describes that Augustus had gotten his restaurant back along with his leg, he states that the story of how Augustus gets his leg back is a story for another time, probably hinting a second Spaghetti Western episode.
  • The episode ends like how many Spaghetti Western movie ends, with the hero riding into the sunset.
  • Running Gags:
    • Someone using a cactus based weapon.
    • Uncle Grandpa using dynamite.
    • Pizza the Kid threatening the townsfolk.
    • Uncle Grandpa yelling that he has the deed.
  • Errors:
    • Since Uncle Grandpa states that this episode takes place in Alabama, this would be inaccurate since the state of Alabama doesn't have known deserts.
      • The place the gang is headed for references a city in Texas which would make more sense for the setting, but Texas and Alabama are separated by Louisiana, and Mississippi.
    • when Pizza the Kid had shot the cactus balls at the cowboy, the cactus balls were shot in the way of a triangle facing up. When the cowboy runs out the restaurant, the formation of the cactus balls are different.
    • When Uncle grandpa had picked up the cactus bazooka, he should've felt pain, like when he touched his nose seconds before.
    • Uncle Grandpa should've known who the Narrator was talking to since he was talking to him in the beginning of the episode.


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