The History of Wrestling
Season 1, Episode 31
The History of Wrestling Titlecard
Premiered: Sept. 11, 2014
Short: "New Experience with Beary Nice and Hot Dog Person: Imaginations"
Written and Storyboarded by:
  Audie Harrison
Story by:
  Dave Tennant
Peter Browngardt
Audie Harrison
Casey Alexander
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The History of Wrestling is the 5th episode of Uncle Grandpa season 2, and the 31st overall episode of the series. There is a guest appearance by former WWE Wrestler Ric Flair in the episode.


A look back on The Nuttiest Match Ever, a historic wrestling event revolving around legends Chicken Man, The Best, and Mysterious Gus.

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The episode starts off like a documentary saying "it was the nuttiest match ever, all because of these two nuts (Chicken Man, and The Best) and roasted nuts", then Ric Flair also says that the match was nuts. Then it cuts to Mysterious Gus saying, "some people wonder if professional wrestling is real, well I'll tell this, what happened that night is as real as this talking dinosaur". Next it cuts to the narrator saying, "It all began as a simple grudge match between the Chicken Man and the Best, in the long history of this sport, perhaps no has ruffled as much feathers than Chicken Man", then is shows Chicken man fighting off the other wrestling contestants. Chicken man began his wrestling career like most wrestlers do, he demanded he wanted to be a wrestler, McDimple said "What are you crazy or something ?!", then Chicken Man said "yeah", McDimple hires Chicken Man and says to the camera, "see you have to be crazy to be a wrestler", then Chicken Man and McDimple shake hands for a while, the narrator then says, "but his illustrious career would come to an end the night of the nuttiest match ever".

The Narrator goes on about how a lot of wrestlers are prideful, some are overconfident, or just plain in love with themselves , but only one in the history of this sport was presumptuous enough to call himself  The Best. The Best demands 10 of the best bologna pockets from a fancy restaurant, nothing for the best because I'm The Best. The Best then talks about how Chicken Man vs. The Best was the match that ended his carrer in professional wrestling, the he says to go ask Mysterious Gus about that one. All of Mysterious Gus' life he dreamed of becoming a professional wrestler, then the Narrator talks about how Mysterious Gus got to where he is today, a roasted nuts sales guy. It then cuts to how the match was becoming such a buzz with interviews with The Best and Chicken Man. And what would become the nuttiest match ever began like any other. The fight began with Chicken Man tossing The Best and ended with a body slam, the fans were hungry for roasted nuts and The Best claims to be the owner of Ric Flair's mansion. The best had got the best idea ever to get the fans' roasted nuts, while Chicken Man was pecking on Turnbuckle Bag.

The Best makes a deal with the Chicken Man, if he stops winning so much then he'll have all the roasted nuts. Then Ric Flair catches The Best on his property then chases him down. When the Gorilla asked for some more nuts he starts to get suspicious that there aren't anymore nuts, The Best and Chicken Man couldn't give back the nuts because they ate them all. The narrator says since the dawn of time fans have sat politely in their seats and eating roasted nuts from a safe distance, the Gorilla starts to say that those lousy wrestler took all of our nuts, some other fans start to get mad and say "how are we suppose to enjoy a nice wrestling match without any nuts?!!?", "What are we savages!?!", The wrestling fans start to rebel against those who done them wrong and go into battle with the wrestlers. Chicken Man and The Best bailed out on Mysterious Gus and left him with a crowd of 10,000 angry fans to fight but they also let him become the wrestling professional he wasn't, and Mysterious Gus won the nuttiest match ever. McDimple had fired all three of them because with no fans comes no money. So the wrestlers talk about how it was fun while it lasted, and Ric Flair said that eating The Best was the best slice of pizza he ever had.


  • This was the first time Pizza Steve was actually eaten.
  • Apparently, the way most wrestlers become wrestlers is that they have to be crazy.
  • The Best is trying to portray Ric Flair with the same hair style and same way of life.
  • Mysterious Gus was shown to be born from crawling out of a tar lake.
  • This is the third episode featuring an actual celebrity.
  • This episode was presented like a documentary.
  • Chin McDimple breaks the 4th wall by saying how this wasn't a really good storyline.
  • The gorilla in this episode lives in the same zoo exhibit as the gorilla in Brain Game.
  • Throughout time, wrestling fans had sat politely watching their favorite pastime from a safe distance eating nuts.
  • Ric Flair does his famous "WHOOOO!".
  • Mysterious Gus' new outfit resembles "Xavier: Renegade Angel".
  • Mysterious Gus was up against 10,000 wrestling fans.
  • Chin McDimple points out that wrestling is all scripted when he was being interviewed.
  • Remo's Dad makes the same evil face he made in Driver's Test.
  • Mysterious Gus ate Hot Dog Person.
  • The black and white images of Mysterious Gus shows Dirtbag without his sunglasses.
  • Music from Slice of Life with Pizza Steve:Radio Stations is heard at the end of the episode.
  • Running Gags:
    • Someone saying nuts.
    • Chicken Man beating people up.
    • Chicken Man and McDimple shaking hands for a long time.
    • Mention of the nuttiest match ever.
    • Mysterious Gus training through time to become a professional wrestler.
    • The Best getting wrecked by Chicken Man.
    • The Best saying "Nothing but the best for the best, because I'm the best!".
    • Fans getting angry.
    • Chicken Man laying eggs.
  • Errors:
    • The whole stadium of fans get angry when Mysterious Gus didn't have nuts, while he was serving the one area of fans for the entirety of the episode.
    • Fans eating the whole peanuts, and not cracking open the shell.
    • Despite being eaten, Hot Dog Person was seen lying on the ground in the posters for Mysterious Gus.
    • Cab Guy's hair is grey in the pile of people when earlier his hair was brown.
    • Remo's Dad was shown on two different sides of the pile of people.




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