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The Land of the Lost Shadows
Season 3, Episode 11
The Land of the Lost Shadows Title Card HD.png
Premiered: April 9, 2016
Short: "Waiting for Coffee"
Written and Storyboarded by:
  Jason Reicher
Jon Vermilyea
Story by:
  Kelsy Abbott
Wade Randolph
Pete Browngardt
Audie Harrison
Casey Alexander
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"Relaxation Land"
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The Land of the Lost Shadows is the 11th episode of Uncle Grandpa Season 3, and the 89th episode overall of the series.


When pieces of their shadows are stolen by a shadow demon, Uncle Grandpa and the gang must travel to the Land of Lost Shadows in order to retrieve them.

Character Appearances

Major Characters

Minor Characters


The guys are in the campfire room where Uncle Grandpa is telling of story of how Dracula forgot to take lint out of the dryer and because of that is why you can get pizza delivered to your door in 25 minutes or less, the guys aren't really phased by his story. The door bell rings and Uncle Grandpa is excited that the pizza is here, he decides to go get it by inflating himself and retrieve the pizza. After Uncle Grandpa leaves, Pizza Steve starts to make a shadow puppet on the wall and Mr. Gus finds this entertaining and decides to join in, the two then have fun until Uncle Grandpa walks back in with the pizza singing:



Grandpas got a pizza!

Uncle Grandpa walks in on the guys making shadow puppets and this alerts him as he throws the pizza on a nearby tree, Uncle Grandpa rushes towards the two and forces them to stop, this makes Pizza Steve confused as he tries t explain that they're just making shadow puppets, Uncle Grandpa tries to tell Pizza Steve that making shadow puppets could attract the Shadow Demon. Mr. Gus asks him if he's sure that this isn't another one of his "tall tales", Uncle Grandpa warns Mr. Gus by telling him that he doesn't want the Shadow Demon to take away his shadow and that if their shadow disappears, then they disappears, and that how Uncle Grandpa lost his legs. Mr. Gus collects himself and tells Uncle Grandpa that he's not missing his legs, Uncle Grandpa looks down and back at Mr. Gus and yells YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND, YOU HAVE TO STOP! Pizza Steve tells Uncle Grandpa to relax and that they stopped, he looks over at the wall and sees a rabbit shadow puppet that he believes that Mr. Gus is doing, Mr. Gus tells him that it isn't him doing it and when Uncle Grandpa hears this, he looks back at the wall and notices that it's the shadow demon. The Shadow Demon shows it's true form and laughs diabolically, Uncle Grandpa tells the guys to run, the Shadow Demon strikes at Mr. Gus first and Uncle Grandpa warns him to not let it take his shadow, Mr. Gus backs up gently as the Shadow Demon takes the upper half of his head. The Shadow Demon then goes for Pizza Steve and it takes his arms, Uncle Grandpa rushes towards the light switch and turns it on.

Uncle Grandpa is relieved that it's over as he walks back to the dismembered guys and noticed that they're missing body parts, Mr. Gus tells Uncle Grandpa that he was right about the Shadow Demon as Pizza Steve cries as he believes that his weight lifting days are over. Uncle Grandpa sees that this is a "shadow emergency" and he flies over to MC Hammer and asks for his help, MC Hammer states that it's Hammer Time and he walks to grab a hammer to break a glass box so Uncle Grandpa can get a flashlight, Uncle Grandpa thanks him. Uncle Grandpa tells the guys that they're going to the Shadow World so they can get their shadows back, Uncle Grandpa pulls out a door and flashes the flashlight at it, he then pushes the door away to only leave the shadow and he pulls the shadow door open revealing the Shadow World. Uncle Grandpa explains that this is The Land of the Lost Shadows and that every shadow that the Shadow Demon steals goes here, Pizza Steve thinks it's cool while Mr. Gus doesn't know what's happening, Uncle Grandpa also explains that once they find their lost shadows then they'll be back to their good old selves. Uncle Grandpa notices something in The Land of the Lost Shadows and pulls out a partial duck shadow, he takes down the duck head from the fireplace and places the shadow back on Gladys' head, Gladys regains consciousness and Uncle Grandpa lets her free as she waddles off, Uncle Grandpa then asks WHO WANTS TO COLLECT SOME SHADOWS?!

Gladys looks down at The Land of the Lost Shadows as Uncle Grandpa is looking for the guy's lost shadows, Mr. Gus asks Uncle Grandpa what do they do now and Uncle Grandpa tells them that he'll find their shadows licitly split and wonders how hard could it be. Uncle Grandpa is looking behind a rock and throwing away shadows until another Uncle Grandpa rises with what he believes is Mr. Gus' head, he places it on Mr. Gus' shadow and it turns out to be a fire hydrant, he then breaks a banana shadow in half and gives it to Pizza Steve claiming to be his arms, the guys aren't happy and Uncle Grandpa tells the guys that he promises that he won't give up.

Uncle Grandpa places a baseball on Mr. Gus, giving Pizza Steve balloons for arms, a horse leg for Mr. Gus, a computer and keyboard for Pizza Steve, a toilet for Mr. Gus, lobster arms for Pizza Steve and he likes this change, a chainsaw for Mr. Gus, sticks of dynamite for Pizza Steve, and a fish head for Mr. Gus. Mr. Gus praises Uncle Grandpa for his fish head because he can see again, Uncle Grandpa tells him he looks great, Pizza Steve gives him a mirror so he can check himself out, once Mr. Gus finds out he has a fish head he scolds Uncle Grandpa telling him that does this look like his head to him and Uncle Grandpa takes a good look at the stupid fish head and confusingly says yes, Mr. Gus demands him to change his head back and Uncle Grandpa didn't like that Mr. Gus didn't like his help.

The guys continue to walk through The Land of the Lost Shadows, Pizza Steve believes that this is impossible and wonders that if they're ever going to get their body parts back, Uncle Grandpa apologizes to the guys as he tells them that he's not doing a good job finding their shadows. Mr. Gus tells him it's alright and that they know he's doing his best, Pizza Steve tells him he was right the first time as he's doing a horrible job, Uncle Grandpa thanks the guys as he believes that they always know what to say. Uncle Grandpa believes that if they find the Shadow Demon, they'll have a better chance at finding their shadows and something tells him that he's at the top of this mountain, Mr. Gus wonders why it would make him say that, Uncle Grandpa tells him that you'd have to develop a sense for this stuff and tells Mr. Gus he'll get it someday as they pass a sign pointing to the shadow demon.

Uncle Grandpa is climbing the mountain side as he throws more heads to the top, once Mr. Gus catches up, Uncle Grandpa tells Mr. Gus that this is harder than he thought and that he doesn't know if they're going to make it and if they don't make it and if they don't make it he wants to let them know he loves them, Mr. Gus tells him he loves him too and apologizes that he's always so grumpy and it's because he doesn't know how to express himself sometimes, Pizza Steve apologizes because they'll never know just how awesome he really is, Uncle Grandpa tells him that he never wants to not know and they all cry together. Uncle Grandpa yells out for Mr. Gus and he wants to know what is it, Uncle Grandpa wants to know if he'd rather take the escalator, Mr. Gus wants to know what escalator and Uncle Grandpa points to the one nearby, Mr. Gus can't believe that there was an escalator all this time. The guys ride the escalator to the top and Uncle Grandpa proclaims that he got stuck on one of these and Mr. Gus tells him he knows. The guys make it to the top, Uncle Grandpa goes to the wall and points out the guy's missing shadows, Mr. Gus tells him that HALF OF MY HEAD IS MISSING! and Uncle Grandpa tells him that it's right here as well as Pizza Steve's arms too, Mr. Gus wants to get their shadows and get out of there, Uncle grandpa believes that he's being sneaky and then the Shadow Demon grabs hold of him and lifts him midair squeezes him to a pulp, the Shadow Demon throws him down and laughs. Pizza Steve asks Uncle Grandpa how's he doing and he's moaning in pain and Pizza Steve steps forward to fight, Pizza Steve begins to do shadow puppets with his feet and he makes a bunny shadow puppet, the Shadow Demon forms into a bigger and scarier bunny and takes down Pizza Steve. Mr. Gus believes that Pizza Steve didn't beat him and Pizza Steve tells him he did, Mr. Gus suggests to give it a try, but he gets taken down as well.

Uncle Grandpa tells the guys that their only chance is to work together to stop him, Pizza Steve doesn't know how because they don't have their body parts back, Uncle Grandpa tells him that he won't hear it as he tells him that they can do it with teamwork and tells them to remember that there's no I in teamwork, Uncle Grandpa then asks Mr. Gus that there isn't an I in teamwork and Mr. Gus tells him there's not, Uncle Grandpa then asks him if he's still motivated by what he just said even though he can't spell teamwork and he tells him he is. The guys get up and Uncle Grandpa is ready to do this with teamwork, his head rockets off and lands, he tells the guys to finish this off and that it's hammer time, Uncle Grandpa's body, Pizza Steve, and Mr. Gus pile on his head and their shadow forms a hammer. MC Hammer tells the guys nice teamwork and that he believes in them and asks Gladys if she thinks the same and she quacks. The guys launch into the air and as they fall down, their shadow slams on the Shadow Demon as he screams NOOOO!!! The Shadow Demon fades away and the guys celebrate. Uncle Grandpa gives Mr. Gus his head and Pizza Steve's arms, and Uncle Grandpa got his legs back, the guys are shocked to see Uncle Grandpa have more legs as they look at each other.


  • This is the third episode to contain the word "land" in the episode title, the first two were Uncle Grandpa Land and Relaxation Land.
  • Uncle Grandpa states that because of Dracula forgetting to take lint of the dryer in 1972 is the reason why you can get fresh hot pizza delivered to you in 25 minutes or less.
  • Uncle Grandpa claims that he had lost his legs in the episode due to the Shadow Demon. Later at the end of the episode, Uncle Grandpa had four more legs which led him having up to a total of six legs.
  • In this episode, Uncle Grandpa's character design changes. At first, his head seems bigger than usual than in other episodes. Then in The Land of the Lost Shadows, his head is smaller, his eyes and nose appear bigger, chin is smaller and visible at the back of his head, and his body appears bigger.
    • Mr. Gus' appearance also varies than in other episodes as he seems to be bigger than in other episodes.
      • These new designs aren't the usual different designs that are present in episodes story boarded by Nick Edwards.
  • The story behind the Shadow Demon is that he has the power to take portions of anything or anyone's shadow, portions of other shadows can be pieced together to form something completely different.
    • The Shadow Demon can usually be summoned by performing shadow puppets.
    • This would make sense since shadow puppets are usually done with hands and that's the appearance of the Shadow Demon.
  • MC Hammer makes a guest appearance in the episode.
    • His appearance is referencing his 1990 song "U Can't Touch This" as the clothing strongly resembles the original clothing.
      • The famous line from the song "It's Hammer Time" is referenced by MC Hammer when he grabbed a hammer and broke the glass, and at the end of the episode when the guys formed a giant hammer shadow and Uncle Grandpa said the song verse.
  • This episode is similar to Internet Troll as Uncle Grandpa used a Ethernet cable to enter the internet. And in this episode, Uncle Grandpa used a shadow to enter The Land of the Lost Shadows.
  • It is shown that Gladys had her body stolen by the Shadow Demon.
  • It is shown that the Shadow Demon is capable of stealing very large quantities of shadows such as U.F.Os, buildings, and Planets
    • It is also shown that that Shadow Demon had stolen shadows through time as there are shadows of dinosaurs present.
  • This episode is similar to Body Trouble, as Uncle Grandpa gives Mr. Gus new head substitutes just like Belly Bag finding new head substitutes.
  • Mr. Gus and Pizza Steve should've kept the fish head and lobster arms until they found their real body parts to make fighting the Shadow Demon much easier.
  • It is shown that one of the pepperonis on Pizza Steve serves as a portable mirror.
  • Uncle Grandpa takes Pizza Steve's rude comment as something nice he'd say to cheer him up.
  • When the guys were climbing the mountain, this was the most serious part of the episode.
  • Mr. Gus states that the reason why he's so grumpy sometimes is that he doesn't know how to express himself sometimes.
  • Uncle Grandpa references Escalator when they were riding the escalator to the top of the mountain as he states he "got stuck on one of these before" and Mr. Gus stated they know.
  • When Uncle Grandpa said the Shadow Demon was going to put the squeeze on him, he meant it literally as that term is usually used figuratively.
  • Uncle Grandpa didn't know how to spell "Teamwork" despite spelling it in Afraid of the Dark.
  • Running Gags:
    • Someone saying "It's Hammer Time!"
    • The Shadow Demon stealing shadows.
    • Uncle Grandpa giving Mr. Gus and Pizza Steve different substitute body parts.
    • Uncle Grandpa using heads to climb the mountain side.
    • The Shadow Demon beating up the guys.
  • Errors:
    • In the beginning of the episode, the campfire room only had two walls and the floor was made of grass. Later on the room has all four walls and the grass turned to carpet.
    • Uncle Grandpa called The Land of the Lost Shadows the "Shadow World".
    • Uncle Grandpa's design varies through the episode.


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