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The Little Mer-Tiger
Season 3, Episode 1
The Little Mer-Tiger Title Card.png
Premiered: December 16, 2015
Short: "Body Swap"
Written and Storyboarded by:
  Myke Chilian
Story by:
  Kelsy Abbott
Wade Randolph
Pete Browngardt
Audie Harrison
Casey Alexander
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The Little Mer-Tiger is the 1st episode of Uncle Grandpa season 3, and the 79th episode overall of the series.


The origin of Tiger is told as a flashback. As the legend goes, Tiger used to be a mermaid. One day the evil ruler of the sea, Bubble Grandpa, demanded a hamburger and picked Tiger to retrieve it. He used his magic sea powers to give Tiger legs and send her ashore. But Tiger grew to love the land, and with the help of her new friend, Uncle Grandpa, defeated the evil sea ruler and got to keep her legs.

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The gang is sitting in the living room watching Disney's "The Little Mermaid", they're watching a scene in the movie where Ariel is singing a song.

Where am I now?

What is this thing?

What am I doing?!

Uncle Grandpa thinks that The Little Mermaid has a lot of problems, Pizza Steve agrees, Mr. Gus doesn't care as long as there's a happy ending. Tiger's watch alarm goes off and she heads towards the refrigerator and takes a burger out, she walks out the RV leaving Mr. Gus and Pizza Steve confused, and she proceeds to throw the burger into the water. Pizza Steve asks Uncle Grandpa why does Tiger throw a hamburger into the ocean every night before midnight, Uncle Grandpa is surprised that he waited 42 years to ask him that question. Uncle Grandpa tells the guys to gather around and begins to tell the unabridged tale of Tiger's origin.

The story begins as people walking over a sewer gate, Tiger watches as people walk by and by and decides to swim away with sadness. Tiger returns to the bottom of the ocean where many sea creatures are dancing happily, she swims by her friends Mr. Crustaceous and Pacific Cod Steve, Pacific Cod Steve asks Tiger if she's going to join the party, he then asks Mr. Crustaceous why Giant Realistic Mermaid Tiger always so gloomy because it's starting to bum him out, Mr. Crustaceous is surprised that he waited 42 years for him to ask him that and answers to because cats hate water. Pacific Cod Steve tells him that she's not an ordinary cat and that she's a mermaid Tiger and it's not like she some lame sea snail, it then cuts to a sea snail leaving in sadness. Mr. Crustaceous tells him that he just doesn't get it, she wishes that she was a normal Tiger, a Tiger with legs.

A loud crackling comes out from an underwater cave that looks like the RV, the sea animals coward in fear as Bubble Grandpa comes out in anger questioning if he heard someone say legs, Eelly Bag swims up to Bubble Grandpa's ear saying that's what he heard. Bubble Grandpa then rants to the sea animals that if there's one thing he can't stand, it's fish who wished they had legs! He continues to say what's wrong with living under the water!?! Do you have a problem with the way things are down here!?! Now which of you pathetic parasites wished that they had legs? Mr. Crustaceous tells Pacific Cod Steve to keep his mouth shut until he snitches out Mr. Crustaceous, Bubble Grandpa swims over to Mr. Crustaceous telling him that he's going to wish that he kept his little slimy mouth shut and begins to aim his lightning hammer at him. Tiger swims in front of him trying to protect him from getting blasted, Bubble Grandpa finally figures out that it's really Tiger who wants legs and Tiger gets ashamed, Bubble Grandpa sees an opportunity to make her a deal, he tells her that he may have overreacted and decides to make a deal, since she wants a pair of legs, he wants a hamburger. Since Bubble Grandpa can't get hamburgers in the ocean because they only exist on land, if he gives Tiger legs then she can get him a hamburger, Bubble Grandpa asks her if it sounds fair and she agrees. All Tiger must do is sign a contract to get her legs, she does and Bubble Grandpa gives the contract to Eelly Bag to have it notarized, and he gives Tiger a pair of legs.

Tiger is extremely happy, Bubble Grandpa shows Tiger what a hamburger looks like and tells her that it needs to be in his mouth before midnight tonight or else he'll take back the legs and turn her into a sea snail a.k.a the scum of the ocean, a sea snail leaves in sadness. Tiger swims to land in search of a hamburger, Eelly Bag tells Bubble Grandpa that where she's going, there isn't a hamburger place for miles and that she can't possibly find one before midnight, Bubble Grandpa tells him that's the whole point and that he'll teach that dumb Tiger to wish for legs, they both laugh manically. Mr. Crustaceous tells Pacific Cod Steve that they have to warn Tiger.

At a fish Market, Tiger is looking for a hamburger. Tiger then sees a figure in the distance which she believes to be Bubble Grandpa, but really it's Uncle Grandpa trying to mount an octopus. Uncle Grandpa is struggling to mount the octopus and Belly Bag is questioning why he's doing it, Uncle Grandpa states that while the RV is in the shop he's going to need something for transportation, Belly Bag still believes that they should explore other options, Uncle Grandpa believes he's right and throws the octopus at a guy on a jet ski. Uncle Grandpa questions what's the use and that he always wanted something powerful and majestic to ride, Belly Bag questions why is there a Tiger staring at them. Tiger tries to jump out of sight but Uncle Grandpa is hiding with her, Tiger gets surprised and jumps out, the man they were hiding behind asks Uncle Grandpa if he can help him and Uncle Grandpa says he can start by wearing some deodorant.

Uncle Grandpa apologizes to Tiger for getting off on the wrong foot, Uncle Grandpa introduces himself and then compliments Tiger on her set of legs, this makes Tiger blush. Uncle Grandpa asks Tiger what is she doing around Fisherman Warf, she shows Uncle Grandpa a picture of a hamburger and Uncle Grandpa examines it, once Uncle Grandpa realized what it was he put the picture in his mouth and became upset when he found out it was only paper. Tiger points to her watch and explains he dilemma, Uncle Grandpa thinks it's good that Tiger knows what a watch is, Belly Bag translates what Tiger said and explains to Uncle Grandpa that Tiger needs a burger before midnight or she'll be turned back into a mermaid. Uncle Grandpa is not surprised as he has heard this story before, he'd love to help her but he doesn't have any transportation at the moment, Tiger gets the idea to let Uncle Grandpa ride on her back, Uncle Grandpa is glad he gets to help now and they begin the journey to find a hamburger.

Uncle Grandpa is surprised that Tiger knows how to use her legs for the very first time, this makes Tiger happy, Uncle Grandpa says that he knows that feeling when he got his rainbow suspenders and that they really boosted his confidence. Uncle Grandpa tells Tiger to watch out for the open manhole cover and Tiger jumps over it, he then tells Tiger to watch out for the tires and Tiger steps through the tires, then he warns her for the break dancers and Tiger dances through, then through a roller disco, and finally through the Himalayas. Belly Bag asks Uncle Grandpa how many obstacles before they reach a burger joint, Uncle Grandpa tells Belly Bag good call and tells Tiger to stop here.

Back at the Fish Market, Uncle Grandpa says he's been having so much fun that he completely forgot that he had motion sickness, he excuses himself from Tiger and goes be sick somewhere else. Mr. Crustaceous and Pacific Cod Steve jump out from the ocean, they tell Tiger that Bubble Grandpa is setting her up and tells her that there's now way she's going to find a burger before midnight and that Bubble Grandpa just wants to turn her into an underachieving sea slug. Bubble Grandpa rises from the ocean and sees that Mr. Crustaceous and Pacific Cod Steve are a couple of traitors, he jumps onto the deck and Pacific Cod Steve blames it all on Mr. Crustaceous, Bubble Grandpa tells them to shut it and that they just made things a little more interesting. Bubble Grandpa states that if Tiger doesn't hold up her end of the bargain, she won't just lose her legs, he then proceeds to trap the two in a lightning orb, and continues to say that she'll lose her friends too. Tiger gets mad and pounces at Bubble Grandpa, Bubble Grandpa stops her by showing her the contract, he also shows her the time as it's 10 minutes till midnight, he's states that he's getting hungry and jumps back into the ocean.

Uncle Grandpa comes back and asks Tiger what are they looking for again, Tiger roars and Belly Bag translates it and says that she has to rescue her friends, this grabs Uncle Grandpa's attention and tells Tiger to count him in. Uncle Grandpa tells Tiger that her new land legs aren't going to be so good in the water and lucky for her, he's an excellent swimmer, and they don't call him Aqua Grandpa for nothing, he admits that no one calls him that, Uncle Grandpa then jumps into the ocean with Tiger on his chin.

Bubble Grandpa states that Tiger might not make it after all, Mr. Crustaceous says that she still has time, Bubble Grandpa says they'll see about that and asks them what do they think this is, some animated musical with a happy ending? Uncle Grandpa and Tiger both bursts through the roof of the cave, her friends are happy to see Tiger back, Uncle Grandpa is amazed that Tiger didn't tell her that the villain was extremely handsome. Bubble Grandpa demands to know who Uncle Grandpa is and Uncle Grandpa states that he's just a random guy who decided to spontaneously get involved in an adventure with someone he just met and that's who. Bubble Grandpa asks Uncle Grandpa that if his friend tell him about their little deal because he doesn't see any hamburgers around, Tiger suggests something and Uncle Grandpa thinks it's a swell idea. Uncle Grandpa reaches into Belly Bag and throws a drive through window at the wall, at the window an Uncle Grandpa employee welcomes them to Uncle Grandpa's Soggy Burger Buns and asks for their order, Uncle Grandpa asks for a hamburger, the employee tells them to pull up to the next window, at the next window, they receive their order and Tiger kicks the burger into Bubble Grandpa's mouth.

Mr. Crustaceous and Pacific Cod Steve are happy to see that Tiger made it just in time, Bubble Grandpa tries to make something up by saying that he specifically said no onions and this burger has onions on it so it doesn't count and they lose anyway. Uncle Grandpa believes that's not fair and Bubble Grandpa is prepared to turn Tiger back into a mermaid, Uncle Grandpa jumps in front of the lightning and his legs turn into a mermaid tail. Uncle Grandpa is disappointed because he practiced potty training for nothing now, Bubble Grandpa tells him to not get used to that provocative mermaid body because now he's going to turn him into a boring old sea snail, Uncle Grandpa dodges another lightning bolt and tells him to make up his mind already. Tiger tells Uncle Grandpa to hold onto her tail as she swims away from Bubble Grandpa, Uncle Grandpa tells her that she needs to swim faster and that he's gaining on them. Uncle Grandpa gets an idea and feeds some of his rainbow suspenders to Tiger and now Tiger can fart rainbows, Bubble Grandpa doesn't know how that can make sense and prepares to zap them with more lightning, Uncle Grandpa states that he doesn't want to be turned into a sea snail and complains how they're the worst. Tiger gets an idea and makes a U-turn, Bubble Grandpa shoots lightning at the rainbow and he turns himself into a sea snail, he cries when he sees another sea snail and Uncle Grandpa is happy to see someone deserve karma.

Uncle Grandpa and Tiger celebrate for their victory and Uncle Grandpa states that with her new rainbow rocket power, she'll never have to use her crummy legs ever again. Uncle Grandpa tells her that he needs someone like her on land and asks her if she cares to join his team of misfits, Tiger agrees and realizes that she would have to leave her friends behind. Mr. Crustaceous tells Tiger that it's okay, they understand how much she wants to be on land with her new legs, Tiger then gets the idea to send them burgers every night before midnight to remember her, Pacific Cod Steve doesn't know what that'll symbolize since it was Bubble Grandpa who asked for the burger, he tells her sure why not! If there's one thing that Uncle Grandpa likes about his underwater adventures, is a happy ending, he then tells Tiger to fly them out if this filthy ocean and they do.

Back into the RV, Uncle Grandpa finishes telling the guys Tiger's official origin story, Mr. Gus doesn't know if he'll buy it because he thinks it sounds made up, Pizza Steve comments if what he's saying is true then how come he doesn't have a mermaid tail, Uncle Grandpa says he actually does and pulls off his legs revealing his tail, he tells the guys that they never saw him with his pants off, the guys are in shock at what they just witnessed.


  • This is a parody of Disney's The Little Mermaid.
  • Characters, Episode vs. Movie:
    • Tiger - Ariel
    • Bubble Grandpa - Ursula
    • Mr. Crustaceous - Sebastian
    • Pacific Cod Steve - Flounder
    • Eelly Bag - Flotsam and Jetsam
    • Uncle Grandpa - Prince Eric
  • This episode reveals that Uncle Grandpa is a merman, and that Giant Realistic Flying Tiger used to be a mermaid.
  • When the gang is watching The Little Mermaid on TV, the song playing doesn't really exist in the actual movie, (This is most likely a parody of "Part of That World") but Ariel's voice sounds very similar.
  • It can probably be inferred that this episode took place in 1973, as it aired in 2015 and Uncle Grandpa stated that he waited 42 years.
    • It could also be inferred that all the events in the Pacific Ocean had been going on since 1931 since Mr. Crustaceous stated he waited 42 years.
  • Bubble Grandpa breaks the fourth wall by asking if Pacific Cod Steve and Mr. Crustaceous if they think they're in an animated musical with a happy ending.
  • The tropical music playing in the ocean sounds similar to the song in The Little Mermaid, "Under the Sea".
  • There is a blue and yellow fish that resembles Flounder from the movie.
  • In the Fish Market, you can see dead variations of Pacific Cod Steve, Mr. Crustaceous and Eelly Bag.
  • When Belly Bag translates Tiger's problem, Uncle Grandpa says "That old story again". This means he watched The Little Mermaid before all this or he helped someone with this type of problem before.
  • The burgers used in the episode are the ones from Escalator.
    • Bubble Grandpa states that he doesn't like onions on his burgers, just like Pizza Steve did in Escalator.
  • Bubble Grandpa rising from the ocean, he posed in such a way that he looked like "The Birth of Venus" painting.
  • Bubble Grandpa has his own laser hammer, but it shoots lightning instead of lasers.
  • The ocean that the episode takes place in is most-likely the Pacific Ocean, based off of Pacific Cod Steve's name.
  • Running Gags:
    • Someone waiting 42 years for someone to ask them something.
    • Someone comparing someone to a sea snail.
    • Pacific Cod Steve blaming Mr. Crustaceous.
  • Errors:
    • When Uncle Grandpa was riding Tiger all over the world, they should've hit a burger place at some point.
    • Pacific Cod Steve said "Sea Slug" instead of "Sea Snail".
    • Uncle Grandpa states that he felt more confident when he got his rainbow suspenders, in Uncle Grandpa No. 1, he got his suspenders from snipping off Tiger's rainbow. In the episode he had his suspenders on before he met Tiger, and he gave Tiger the power of flight, that's impossible considering the fact that they barely knew each other in the story and Uncle Grandpa receiving his suspenders from somewhere else.
    • This episode doesn't match the timeline with Uncle Caveman, although sabretooth tigers went extinct and that was a different Tiger Uncle Grandpa had from the dinosaur times.


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