The Package
Season 2, Episode 8
The Package Title Card
Premiered: May 7, 2015
Short: "New Experience with Beary Nice and Hot Dog Person:Computer"
Written and Storyboarded by:
  Marc Ceccarelli
Ryan Kramer
Story by:
  Kelsey Abbot
Tom Kauffman
Pete Browngardt
Audie Harrison
Casey Alexander
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The Package is the 8th episode of Uncle Grandpa season 2, and the 60th episode overall of the series.


The gang gets nutty after repeatedly failing to open a mysterious package.

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Major Characters

Minor Characters


Pizza Steve is getting a tan on the satellite dish while Mr. Gus is about to watch some TV and when he turns on the TV, all he sees is Pizza Steve's butt blocking the view, this enrages Mr. Gus causing him to go up and yell at Pizza Steve to get off the satellite dish. Uncle Grandpa rises from the sewer with Frankenstein's head then he kicks it back down, Uncle Grandpa falls over a package and inspects it to find a name and return address. Uncle Grandpa informs the guys about the package, Mr. Gus doesn't know anything about it and Pizza Steve goes straight to opening it. Mr. Gus says they should just leave it where they found it and Pizza Steve says finders keepers, losers etc. Uncle Grandpa believes that there's a cow that likes to race cars and go bowling inside the package, Mr. Gus believes that there's a whole set of easy listening vintage records, Pizza Steve believes that there's diamonds and diamonds on a high definition television, Belly Bag hopes that there's foreign knock off purses who'll do anything for an American visa and Uncle Grandpa tells Belly Bag that he has to get out more often. Uncle Grandpa guesses again at what could be inside and he imagines a cardboard box he always wanted. Uncle Grandpa and Pizza Steve both vote on opening the box but Mr. Gus doesn't, Uncle Grandpa decides to flip for it, heads they open it and tails they don't and Uncle Grandpa proceeds to flip himself and he lands on tails, Pizza Steve then distracts Mr. Gus and flips Uncle Grandpa over so it looks like he landed on heads.

Pizza Steve goes ahead to try to and open it but he fails, Uncle Grandpa pulls out a butter knife and Mr. Gus reminds him that he's on a kid's show, Uncle Grandpa gets a sword and tries to slice it open but he fails, Mr. Gus can't open the box either, Belly Bag tries to open it with his teeth but he fails too, then Uncle Grandpa gives it a shot (literally). Tiger awakes from her cat nap and she tries to fart the box open, that didn't work and it used up all her color. Uncle Grandpa then tries to open it with his laser hammer but it failed miserably, the guys go to a piranha infested lake to get the box open but the piranhas ate through the guy's boat instead of the package. Uncle Grandpa brings the package to an operating room to get the doctor to open it, the asks if it has insurance and then he kicks Uncle Grandpa out. Mr. Gus beats it with a club like a piñata, Uncle Grandpa and Belly Bag tries to saw through it, and Pizza Steve tries some Italian Karate. Uncle Grandpa brings the package to a therapy session to try and get it to open up, the therapist says that some things are better left unopened, Uncle Grandpa asks if the therapist can open it up and the therapist says that their time is up, Uncle Grandpa wonders if he still has to pay for the session and the therapists asks Uncle Grandpa if he has insurance and then she kicks him out. Mr. Gus rolls over the package with a steamroller, Belly Bag uses a chainsaw, Uncle Grandpa uses a saw to cut through a box to get a shark tooth out to use to cut through the package but it fails.

They try to drill at it, throw a knife at it, using a swordfish, set fire to it, throwing shurikens at it, using acid, using a mace, cat scratching, using a magnifying glass to burn it, shoot at it with a ray gun, tickle it, use bad breath, snake strangle it, blow dry it, shoot a torpedo but none of it works. The guys are getting angry that they can't get the package to open and they go to their last resort and go all nuts trying to open the package. Tiny Miracle walks in the room and searches for some tape and he grabs the tape on the package and it finally opens, Tiny Miracle leaves for the sake of the other guys acting rabid nuts, and they discover that it was themselves in the package all along. The angry guys are mad that there's nothing else in the package and the calm Uncle Grandpa pushes the angry guys into the package so they can calm down. As the guys go out for ice cream, Uncle Grandpa goes back to get his wallet and notices the package.


  • Pizza Steve and Mr. Gus break the fourth wall where they talk about that the package could be from one of their fans.
  • Mr. Gus likes to eat vinyl records as he thinks about eating them.
  • 101 Harmonicas is a reference to Disney's 101 Dalmatians.
  • Mr. Gus breaks the 4th wall again when he reminds Uncle Grandpa that he's on a kid's show when using the butter knife.
  • When Mr. Gus was using a club to whack at the package like a piñata, it was similar like it the episode Uncle Grandpa Shorts, when Uncle Grandpa used the same club to whack a piñata.
  • Tiger can run out of color.
  • The Doctor from Pizza Steve's memory in Charlie Burgers makes an appearance.
  • When Uncle Grandpa got mad his voice changed and it sounded similar to Festro from Secret Mountain Fort Awesome.
  • The ending to this episode was similar to the ending in Locked Out, the guys found out it was them in the box, just like they found out they had mystery dates with themselves.
  • In every episode after this, the clones may be in role instead of the real group.
  • Belly Bag mentions the 24 hour ice cream shop from Bad Morning.
  • Running Gags:
    • Pizza Steve showing his butt on a TV.
    • The guys trying to figure out what could be inside the box.
    • The guys trying to open the box.
    • A doctor asking Uncle Grandpa if the box has insurance, and Uncle Grandpa getting kicked out afterwards.
    • The guys using all kinds of impractical methods to open the box.
    • The guys going insane from the box.
  • Errors:
    • Upon receiving the package for the first time outside, Pizza Steve kicks open the door to enter the RV, where in the scene before outside, the RV is already opened.
    • When Tiger was trying to open the box, the outside of the RV was showing with rainbows filling the RV, in the next scene there are no rainbows.
    • Tiny Miracle spotted the loose end of tape, it wasn't like that anytime before he peeled it off.




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